2D Game Development in Unity 5.6

2D Game Development in Unity 5.6

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This course will teach you what you need to know in order to make a 2D sprite based game in Unity editor version 5.6 (Latest Beta version at this time). The techniques used in this series are the same ones I used to make my own game Heart Battle for PC and mobile devices. Currently the course in in progress, it will be completed in the coming month and should be updated from time to time with new relevant content after that as well. The rough finished course list should look something like this when done.


2D Sprite Game Development in Unity 5.6 Understanding the Scene and Game Interface 


Scene Hierachy 

What kinds of assets will you need to make a game (PNG Sprites, MP3 / WAV Audio) 

Organizing Your Project 

GameObjects and Transforms 

Tags and Layers 


Canvas Box / Circle / Polygon Colliders & Rigid Bodies (in action too) 

Controlling Canvas Positioning (Anchors etc) Text Components Buttons Sliders Menu Screens Canvas Groups and Scalers

Audio Sources and Audio Listeners



Cutting Sprites for Use in Game Animations

Animation Controllers

Override Animation Controllers 

Player Animation (Animation / Animator) Animation Trees) 



Setting Up Scripter of Choice for Unity (Visual Studio etc)

MonoBehaviours and Unity Lifecycl

Player Control Scripting 

Instantiating Game Objects through Script 

Raycasts and Collision Detection 

Send / Broadcast Message 

Building a Screen Fader (probably include my script) 

Save / Load System (Check Asset Store for Example) 


Defining and Activating Events 

UnityEvents and Reorderable Event Lists 

Editor Menu Items Changing Scenes



Adding Ads to Game 

Enabling Collaboration 

Cloud Build

Configuring for Export


Building Project Settings

Mobile / Other Exports

 Extra Scripts


OpenGameArt and Using Creative Commons Assets

Importing Materials through the Asset Store

Pixel Perfect Camera Scripts 

Vexe Package 

Pause Button 


Unity IAP

External Tools that May Help 


Pyxel Edit

Sprite Illuminator

GIMP / Photoshop


Script Source Code Downloads


Platformer Jumper http://bit.ly/2mcH1SK

Spawn Enemies http://bit.ly/2lNlwvu

Raycast Collisions Testing http://bit.ly/2lNw2mR

Send and Broadcast Messages http://bit.ly/2ncejW7

Screen Fader (Fade in and Fade Out) http://bit.ly/2mW0bjs


Homepage: https://skl.sh/2UENOpl


2D Game Development in Unity 5.6

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