Web & UI Design Using Figma & Webflow


Part 1: Fundamentals of Good Design

Part 2: Design Practice

Part 3: Webflow Development

Part 4: Client Project

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AI-Powered UX Mastery: From Prompts to Figma Prototypes
As a designer, you want to create great user experiences by testing your ideas with screens, user flows and prototypes. But sometimes it is difficult to start from scratch and create user flows for your application, even if you are an experienced UX designer. And for new and junior designers, it is hard to make fast prototypes without getting distracted by UI details and keep your focus on the initial concepts for testing. In this class, you'll learn how to use AI to create user flows and use Figma to turn them into wireframes with just a few easy prompts. You will explore different AI tools to get a clear explanation of the UX design concept.

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Learn Figma: UI/UX Design Masterclass From Beginner to Pro
Mobile App UI/UX Design in Figma: From Concept to Prototype


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Figma: Designing with Variables and Conditionals

Digital designers often face unforeseen circumstances, which makes it difficult to control the experience. In this course, join instructor Joseph Labrecque as he shows how to create variables for your design elements in Figma and specify the conditions in which those variables are used. Along the way, get quick, easy-to-apply tips on setting modes in your design strategy, using conditional logic to fork actions with your variables, and leveraging boolean operators to control visibility. By the end of this course, you’ll also be prepared to start adding and removing products and quantities throughout the prototyping process.


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Udemy - Service design - Complete user research guide & techniques

Udemy - Service design - Complete user research guide & techniques


Gain in-depth insights in how to conduct user research (incl. theory, techniques, cases, frameworks, and more).


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Learn Essential User Interface and User Experience UIUX With Figma

Hello everyone, welcome to our class of Figma for learning user interface and user experience UI UX design so if you are planning to learn about it from the beginning then you are in the right place because we will cover in this class from the basic to advanced. This is a beginner level class so if you have no previous experience then you can join this class.

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Using AI Tools for UX Design
While professionals across virtually every industry and field may be curious—or nervous—about the increasing influence of artificial intelligence, there are many tools now available that can help you streamline your processes and work more efficiently. In this course, explore how AI-powered tools can help improve the process of UX design with expert Eric Nordquist. Eric examines tools like Midourney, DALL-E 2, Jasper AI, and more, and explains how they can be used across the user experience design project lifecycle.

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Udemy - UX Writing from 0 for beginners - Become a great UX writer

Udemy - UX Writing from 0 for beginners - Become a great UX writer

Language: English (US)

Learn how to write great microcopy and optimal text for online products through UX Writing


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Level Up Your UI/UX: Interactive Design & Prototyping in Figma

Take your UI/UX skills to the next level with this comprehensive course on interactive design and prototyping in Figma.

No prior Figma experience is needed! Whether you're a beginner designer or looking to refine your skillset, this course will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to create stunning and engaging user interfaces.

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UX Research Logistics



UX research isn’t getting any less popular! It’s important to not only understand the basics but also grasp some crucial steps that often get missed. In this course, Stockwell Strategy president Amanda Stockwell explains that small details often make the biggest changes, and carefully considering small logistical details can help ensure your overall research effort goes much smoother. Go over different types of UX research efforts and their timelines. Explore topics you must consider in choosing participants, like how many, what kind, where will you look for them, how hard is going to be to find them, and more. Learn about recruiting and screening, as well as incentives you could offer. Find out how to manage day-of logistics. Plus, get practical tips on keeping track of participants and their feedback, as well as ways to jumpstart the analysis and insights process.


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Figma for UX Design (2024)
Do you use Figma for review and collaboration, use it for interaction design, or just need a quick introduction to this tool? In this course, instructor Eric Nordquist steps through creating projects in Figma, then shows you how to use prototyping, collaborate with other designers, and export your files. Eric begins by introducing you to Figma, explaining the differences between the online and desktop versions, as well as how to design a file. Then he covers all the main steps in creating a project, such as creating the hero section, applying Auto Layout, using masks, and more. Eric explains prototyping and how to use interactions and Smart Animate. After going over how to use Figma to work with other designers, he finishes up with useful tips on how to export your files.


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UI Design Handoff to Development. A course for UX/UI Designer (Sketch & Figma)

I remember handing off my first web design for development. I was super excited and spent hours getting everything perfect.

Discussing details back and forth with my client, and then sent it off and thought I was done.

And then I saw it in the browser. It did not look like what I imagined AT ALL!

I did not understand why the real thing looked so different from my designs.

I did not know why images were blurry on some screens and crisp on others.

I did not understand why my typography stuck together like chewing gum

I did not understand why everything was just a bit all over the place.

And I don't even want to mention what happened on different screen sizes.

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User Experience Design - Learn UI UX App Design with Figma
Design User-Centered Mobile Apps and Solve Real Problems : User Interface, User Experience design, UX Design with Figma


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Learning ServiceNow (Next Experience UI)

ServiceNow takes the guesswork out of complex IT procedures by allowing professionals to leverage automation and digital workflows. In this course, join process architecture expert and instructor Kevin Recio as he shows you how to use the ServiceNow Next Experience UI to manage IT tasks more effectively and efficiently for your organization.

Explore the basics of ServiceNow, including tasks, incidents, and requests. Discover how to get up and running with the Navigator, lists and how to get organized, data output, managing your work, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to use the Next Experience UI to optimize productivity, engagement, and insights across your platform.


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Deep Learning , Data Analytics , Ui Ux Complete Course

Published 1/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.74 GB | Duration: 3h 1m

Learn Deep Learning , Data Analytics , UI UX Complete Course: From Noob To Expert


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Data Analytics , Ui Ux , Machine Learning Complete Course

Published 1/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.32 GB | Duration: 3h 24m

Learn Data Analytics , UI UX , Machine Learning Complete Course


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Digital Product Design: Create a Compelling UX Portfolio | Learn with Figma



Looking to power up your product design career? It all starts with a compelling, curated portfolio.
In product design, your portfolio is your secret weapon, helping you communicate your strengths, go after the work you want, and land your next role. Whether you're new to to the field or have been working in UI/UX for years, learn how to amp up your portfolio so your work jumps off the page and stands out from the crowd.


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Leading and Managing Successful UX Teams

Moving up from a user research or design role into team leadership and management can feel like a huge change for those of us more used to hands-on work. Instead of working on projects, you need to step back and manage people and workload, define strategy and creative process, and get to grips with explaining UX in terms business leaders are familiar with.

As a new or aspiring UX manager, you need to learn the best way to run your team. In this course, design director Matt Corrall explains how he moved from a hands-on UX role to UX leadership and management. He covers the role and responsibilities, strategy and planning, what a typical week is like, and how to work effectively with both your team and others around you. Matt offers expert advice and examples from his own experiences as a UX manager in both in-house and agency environments.

If you’re in UX and want to lead a team or secure a managerial role, then this course will give you the knowledge you need to make the best start possible.


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Revolutionize UX/UI: AI-Design Strategies with ChatGPT
In an era where user experience stands at the forefront of digital product success, this course offers a unique opportunity to blend traditional design principles with cutting-edge AI applications.  You will embark on a comprehensive journey through the realm of AI in design, with a special emphasis on the capabilities of ChatGPT. You will gain an understanding of how this cutting-edge technology can not only enhance user experiences but also streamline your design processes. The course provides hands-on experience with popular design tools such as Figma, FigJam and Miro. You'll discover how to effectively use ChatGPT and Miro for AI-driven productive collaboration within a digital workspace.  The curriculum includes an in-depth exploration of AI-driven prototyping and testing. Here, you will learn to employ AI for rapid prototyping, gaining valuable insights into user behavior, and refining user interfaces with the aid of real-time feedback. A significant portion of the course is dedicated to utilizing AI for analyzing user data. This analysis will aid you in creating detailed user personas and journey maps, ensuring that your designs deeply resonate with your target audiences.  Understanding the ethical implications of AI in design is crucial. The course covers essential topics such as user privacy, data security, and strategies to avoid bias in AI-driven design decisions. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to examine real-world case studies that highlight successful integrations of AI in UX/UI design. These case studies are designed to provide practical insights and serve as a source of inspiration for your projects.

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Domestika - Portfolio Design with Figma: Self-Promotion for Creatives





Build a digital portfolio with Figma that showcases your creative work and attracts your dream projects Creating an online portfolio that you’re proud of is the best way to develop your design skills and grow confident in your abilities. Digital designer Andrea Jelić specializes in branding, web presentation, and mobile web design. Throughout her career, she’s collaborated with Pitch, Pexels, Canva, Kady Creative, and more.


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Domestika - Introduction to Adobe XD for Cell Phone Apps
A successful app must solve a problem in a simple and pleasant way, and design is the key to achieving this. In this five-course Domestika Basics, learn how to use Adobe XD from scratch, Adobe CC's software for prototyping website interfaces and applications, and design an app like a pro. Alongside graphic designer, web design expert, and Adobe Certified Instructor Arturo Servín, get to know everything you need to master the program without any previous experience.  First, understand the workflow of a document in Adobe XD, learn about the different modules of its interface, how to use the properties window and the work tables, and create your first document in this software and start structuring the design of your application.  Learn to use the tools to order, align, and distribute elements within the artboards. Create simple shapes to turn into icons to be integrated into your app and see how you can develop and integrate font styles.

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Figma UI UX Design Essentials Training
Learn how to use Figma to design beautiful mobile & web apps that make users feel amazing


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Full-Stack Mobile Development: Flutter, Figma, And Firebase

Published 1/2024

Mobile App Mastery: Flutter, Figma, Firebase, Riverpod, Stripe Integration, Building a Multi-shop App - [2024 Edition]

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Pivoting Your Career to User Experience
Are you interested in user experience design, and thinking about it as a possible career? In this course, Monika Khanna, product design lead at Google, teaches you what you need to know about UX design and how to explore a career in the field. Monika starts with an overview of the UX disciplines, various job roles in UX, and how to get more details on them. Learn how to choose a field that matches your strengths and passions, create a compelling portfolio for yourself, and get an in-depth look at UX design and design project best practices. Plus, learn how to effectively share and communicate your design ideas with project stakeholders.


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SermonBox - The Series Pack Collection

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