Master Figma Ui/Ux Prototyping: Basic To Advanced Level

Published 3/2024

Learn Figma Prototyping: Explore Different Types of Figma UI/UX Prototyping, Master Advanced Figma UI/UX Prototyping

What you'll learn

Figma Prototyping Basic to Advanced Level

Uses of Prototyping in Real world App

Zooming Hover Prototyping

Different type of prototype

Accordion Prototyping

Advance Prototyping Techniques

Real Time Typing Keyboard Prototyping

How On Drag Trigger Works


Students don't need to have prior knowledge; they will learn everything from this course.


With the help of our extensive online course, which will take you from prototype novice to expert, you can fully utilize Figma. This course includes all the information you need to produce polished and interactive prototypes, regardless of your experience level. You will get an understanding of how to create smooth transitions, animations, and interactions in your designs by learning everything from the fundamentals of Figma's interface to more complex methods. Through practical exercises and real-world scenarios, you will acquire the competence and self-assurance necessary to take on any prototyping task.Types of Prototypes That You Will Learn in This Course:Discussing the Types of UI Animation.Destination, Trigger, Action and animation.Prototype Settings,Testing & Sharing Prototypes.How On Drag Trigger Works.How On Click Trigger Works.How While Hovering Trigger Works.How After Delay Trigger Works.Prototype Action-Navigate to and Change to.Open overlay.Toggle, Checkbox, Eye off on, radio.Accordion Prototyping.Tab Bar Prototyping.Video interaction Prototyping.Zooming Hover Prototyping.Card Carosel Drag animation prototyping.Sticky Scroll animation.Range Slider Prototyping.Text Animation Prototyping.Notification Effects Prototyping.animated card effect.Switch and Toggle Button.Conditional and set-variable.Delete Prototyping using set variable.Hide Show using Boolean.App Screen Advance Prototyping.Advance Prototyping Techniques.Advance  prototype using Button Variants.Animated Slider.Real Time Typing Keyboard Prototyping.


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Section 2: Getting Started Figma Files (Resource)

Section 3: Prototyping Theory

Lecture 3 What is Prototype Part-1

Lecture 4 Why Prototype Important Part-2

Lecture 5 Types of Prototypes in UX/UI Design Part-3

Section 4: Prototyping Basic-Level

Lecture 6 Discuss About Types of UI Animation Part-1

Lecture 7 Destination Trigger Action and Animation Part-2

Lecture 8 Prototype Settings Testing Sharing Prototypes Part-3

Lecture 9 How On Drag Trigger Works Part-4

Lecture 10 How On Click Trigger Works Part-5

Lecture 11 How While Hovering Trigger Works Part-6

Lecture 12 How After Delay Trigger Works Part-7

Lecture 13 Prototype Action-Navigate to and Change to Part-8

Section 5: Prototyping Mid-Level

Lecture 14 Open Overlay Part-1

Lecture 15 Toggle Checkbox Eye off on Radio Part-2

Lecture 16 Accordion Prototyping Part-3

Lecture 17 Tab Bar Prototyping Part-4

Lecture 18 Video Interaction Prototyping Part-5

Lecture 19 Zooming Hover Prototyping Part-6

Lecture 20 Card Carousel Drag Animation Prototyping Part-7

Lecture 21 Sticky Scroll Animation Part-8

Lecture 22 Range Slider Prototyping Part-9

Lecture 23 Text Animation Prototyping Part-10

Lecture 24 Notification Effects Prototyping Part-11

Lecture 25 Animated Card Effect Part-12

Lecture 26 Switch and Toggle Button Part-13

Section 6: Prototyping Advanced-Level

Lecture 27 Conditional and Set Variable Part-1

Lecture 28 Delete Prototyping Using Set Variable Part-2

Lecture 29 Hide and Show Using Boolean Part-3

Lecture 30 App Screen Advance Prototyping Part-4

Lecture 31 Advance Prototyping Techniques Part-5

Lecture 32 Advance Prototype Using Button Variants Part-6

Lecture 33 Animated Slider Part-7

Lecture 34 Real Time Typing Keyboard Prototyping Part-8

Lecture 35 Interactive Drop Down Menu Prototyping Part-9

Lecture 36 Interactive Drop Down Menu Prototyping Part-10

If you're a Figma UI/UX designer looking to enhance your prototyping skills,If you want to master Figma prototyping,If you want to learn about different types of prototypes with real-world examples


Master Figma Ui/Ux Prototyping: Basic To Advanced Level

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