Learn Tamil through English - Beginner Crash Course | 2024


4-week Spoken Tamil course for beginners | Learn to Speak, Read & Write Tamil | Conversations, Stories, Grammar, Vocab

What you'll learn:
Learn to speak Tamil with conversational fluency, taught in English.
Well-structured course, delivered by a native Tamil speaker with full English proficiency
Build a Vocabulary of 1000+ Tamil words which are commonly used in everyday conversations
Lessons have practice exercises, quizzes and downloadable resources for reference
Become comfortable in having basic conversations in Tamil with native speakers while traveling or working in Telugu speaking states
Be able to watch Tamil movies and Tamil TV Shows without Subtitles
Gain cultural insights and fun tid-bits about the language and nuances of politeness, formality and other cultural insights
Course is designed by passionate polyglots with an expertise in the best practices of new language acquisition
Learn Tamil grammar and effective pronunciation techniques to speak like a native Tamil speaker
Structured course design to help you learn in a step-by-step method in a simple way
Learn in a fun way using stories, famous Tamil movie dialogues and songs
Learn practical relevant examples which are applicable to real life - e.g., Learn to introduce yourself in Tamil, have conversations, shop or travel etc.
Learn by Comprehensible Input Method for an immersive learning with fun visuals, stories, conversations
Learn Tamil Script and learn to form and read Tamil words using the Tamil alphabet

No prior knowledge of Tamil is required. Anyone can join this course.
No prior knowledge of reading the Tamil script is required

If you are looking for a well-structured approach to learning Tamil, along with immersion into the language & culture, this is the course for you! This Tamil language course focuses on real-world Tamil conversations and Tamil usage, through rich contextual examples, and stories. All of this is delivered through engaging and interactive video lessons, that are easy to digest and visually immersive. The concepts are explained step by step with sufficient background for an absolute beginner. So whether you are a foreigner looking to visit India, or a person of Indian-origin connecting back with your heritage language, or an Indian from a non-Tamil state living in or visiting a Tamil speaking region, you will easily be able to pick up the subtler nuances of grammar, pronunciation, and cultural mannerisms associated with the language.Our goal is to provide you with the toolkit to enter into the world of Tamil, because the most effective language learning happens when you immerse yourself into the language.This is a 4-week complete Tamil course for absolute beginners, that starts from Spoken Tamil basics to intermediate conversational fluency in Tamil and finally you learn the Tamil alphabet / Tamil Script. The spoken Tamil section is taught completely using English/ Latin alphabet, and the Tamil alphabet is taught separately. Hence, no prior knowledge of reading Tamil is required. We at Bhashafy teach by incorporating 'Comprehensible Input' into our Tamil lessons, with high-quality visual input, context-based examples, immersion, and interactive lessons. The course is designed such that you can start forming simple Tamil sentences from Day 1, and progress to full Tamil conversations by the end of a month. We give special importance to having relevant examples & practice exercises so that you can first build a Tamil vocabulary that's relevant to your own life & aspirations. That way the language learning is more sticky and memorable!We focus on spoken Tamil and primarily use the English/Latin alphabet to write the Tamil parts. So it is not mandatory to learn the Tamil script for this course. There are support resources provided in the Tamil script (Tamil alphabet) , and there are lessons to learn the Tamil script. So it is your choice if you want to learn to read Tamil, or concentrate only on spoken Tamil.Why buy this course to learn Tamil?· This Tamil language course is delivered by a native Tamil speaker with full proficiency in English· Beginner level to Advanced. We start from complete basics and advance to compound sentences and formats· High-quality Audio/Video. Visually immersive Input, images, and Interactive lessons· We use the English alphabet to write Tamil for easy readability for English-speaking learners. Learning to read Tamil is not mandatory· Focused lessons on learning Tamil script (Tamil alphabet)· Fun Practice Exercises and Relevant Examples from Day to Day life· Examples on learning Tamil through Kollywood/ Tamil movies and TV shows, Fun examples to immerse yourself in Tamil culture· Focus on Pronunciation with innovative tips and techniques to improve pronunciation· Hundreds of basic Tamil words and Tamil phrases are covered in dedicated vocabulary building lessons· Every lesson ends with a goal of applying the concept to speak about your own life. You will hence learn to introduce yourself in Tamil, talk about your family/friends, talk about your career and life, ask questions to others while traveling or shopping or ordering at a restaurant and talk about numerous other relevant situations in Tamil· Both formal Tamil as well as colloquial Tamil language are covered. You can use this course to speak to both elders & youngsters, or understand Tamil movies, or start new friendships.If you have ever wondered how to learn Tamil quickly or how to learn Tamil easily or how to improve your Tamil (in case you have already studied Tamil in the past), this is the most comprehensive Tamil learning Course to learn Tamil effectively. Tamil Speaking is made easy through relevant and effective examples, delivered with a high focus on quality as well as audio/video clarity. The course also contains multiple Tamil Vocabulary builder lessons to learn Tamil words and learn Tamil phrases for travel in India or learn enough Tamil speaking to interact with native Tamil speakers.We at Bhashafy love languages! The word "Bhasha" means "language" in many Indian languages including Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Sanskrit among others. Bhashafy is run by polyglots with a know-how in the mechanism of effectively learning a language from scratch.We have two key mantras:1. Language education through the life story of the learner - Our examples always start with YOU, not arbitrary sentences.2. Learn through comprehensible input - Your beautiful human brain is a language learning machine - we unlock its potential to learn language through context and visualizations.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to learn Tamil from scratch
Foreigners who plan to travel or work in Chennai or anywhere in Tamil Nadu
Students or Professionals who plan on moving to Tamil speaking regions
Persons of Indian origin who want to learn Tamil to connect back with their roots & heritage language
Movie buffs who want to watch Tamil Movies and Songs
For those who want to improve their Tamil pronunciation and grammar

Learn Tamil through English - Beginner Crash Course | 2024

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