Let\'S Get Talking With Baby Sign Language!


Unlock Your Baby’s First Words with Signs and Gestures, Boost Communication, Deepen Bonds with Engaging Songs and Games.

What you'll learn

Understand baby sign basics, its developmental benefits for bonding and easing infant frustration. Grasp how it aids before speech.

Master essential signs for needs, feelings, and daily items, ensuring clear daily communication with your baby.

Learn to weave sign language into daily life, finding optimal moments for teaching and reinforcing signs naturally.

Develop the skills to observe, interpret, and respond to baby's sign attempts, ensuring you both grow more confident in your sign language journey together.



As you embark on this beautiful journey of learning baby sign language, it’s essential to remember that your role as a parent, guardian, or caregiver is central. You are the bridge to your baby’s world of communication. This course is designed to weave seamlessly into your daily life, but it does ask for your commitment. Dedicating time to practice regularly, to gently introduce and reinforce signs during your everyday moments together, will make all the difference. Please, be patient with yourself and your little one as you both navigate this new way of communicating. Every baby has their own pace of learning, and there’s no rush. The magic is in the connection you’re building and the doors to understanding you’re opening, one sign at a time. Your positivity and encouragement are the keys to this adventure. Remember, this is a journey of love, and each sign is a step closer to hearing your baby’s voice before they even speak.



Welcome to Our Baby Sign Language Course with Chantal NortonEmbark on a transformative journey with Chantal Norton, a dedicated educator with over 30 years of experience in teaching young children and their families. This course invites parents, guardians, and caregivers to discover the powerful benefits of using signs and gestures with their babies to foster early communication. Widely know as 'baby sign language' or 'baby signing', this a powerful early communication technique that Chantal has passionately taught for more than five years both in-person and online.In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to communicate with your baby long before they can speak. Chantal's unique approach integrates traditional sign language signs with engaging elements like music, songs, games, and puppets, making learning enjoyable and interactive for the whole family. These fun-filled sessions are designed not only to teach you effective signing but also to enhance bonding and create lasting memories with your child.From recognising your baby's first attempts at signing to integrating playful activities into your daily routine, Chantal will guide you through each step. Her teaching goes beyond learning basic signs and gestures; it's about empowering you to give your child a voice and witnessing them express their thoughts and feelings.Join us to unlock the many benefits of early communication, where you will:Learn practical and simple sign language signs to communicate with your infant.Engage in interactive sessions that bring learning to life with songs and games.Gain insights into recognising and encouraging your baby’s attempts to sign.Find more joy in parenting by deepening the bond with your child.Chantal’s ultimate hope is that by the end of this course, not only will you have mastered the signs, but you'll also carry forward the playful and loving spirit of the sessions into everyday interactions with your baby. Sign up today to give your baby the gift of being heard and discover a richer, more connected form of parenting.Understanding Baby Sign Language"Baby Sign Language" refers to the practice of teaching babies specific signs derived from established Sign Languages, such as American Sign Language (ASL) and symbolic gestures, to facilitate early language access and communication before they can speak. While the term 'Baby Sign Language' commonly used, it is technically inaccurate as it is not a unique language specific to babies but a refers to the act of communicating with babies using a select number of signs and gestures to help babies communicate their needs and feelings.In this course, the signs we teach are primarily derived from ASL. These signs are selected to represent the key words and concepts typically among the first few hundred words babies use to communicate their needs and observations. While this course provides a foundation in using Sign Language for early communication, it covers only a limited subset of signs tailored to young children's immediate needs. Around the world, Deaf communities use over 300 distinct Sign Languages as part of their rich cultural and linguistic heritage. For those interested in a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Sign Language, we strongly recommend learning from a native signer of the specific Sign Language you wish to master. Learning directly from an expert will provide a more complete and culturally enriched experience of the language.Through this course, you gain essential tools to start communicating with your baby effectively, paving the way for enriched interactions and deeper bonds.


Let'S Get Talking With Baby Sign Language!

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