Excel for Business
Excel for Business
Unleash the power to use Microsoft Office Excel to efficiently handle your business, studies and life generally..


The brilliant Microsoft Office Excel is one of the most useful tools.. it can really make your business and life easier.. it helps you save time and get things done right..

In this course, you will learn and see how to do the following tasks with confidence.. it explains what does each of the main functions of Excel offer, how to use it and demonstrates that visually with illustration pictures as well as a video with an explanation voice..

Course structure:

  1. 1. Introduction

  2. 2. Summation (Adding numbers)

  3. 3. Basic mathematics (Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

  4. 4. Charts

  5. 5. Freeze or lock panes

  6. 6. Fill

  7. 7. Add and Subtract time

  8. 8. Numbers Average

  9. 9. Headers and Footers

  10. 10. Sort and Filter

  11. 11. Conditional Formatting

  12. 12. VLOOKUP

Whether you are a business professional, home user or even a student; the course is going to give you the tools you need to how to handle your daily tasks efficiently using the wonderful powers of Microsoft Office Excel..

Workers in functions like finance, asset management, accounting, human resources, administration, information technology, engineering, business development, marketing, communications.. etc. would definitely handle their daily tasks way better after this course empowers them with the means to do so using the magnificent capabilities of Microsoft Office Excel..

Excel for Business

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