From Social Anxiety to Social Confidence
From Social Anxiety to Social Confidence
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How To Deal With Social Anxiety, Social Phobia and Shyness (Including My Story of How I Overcame Social Anxiety)

What you'll learn

Learn exactly what it takes to overcome social anxiety and build rock solid confidence & self-esteem from a person who has had similar life experiences.
Implement tried and tested strategies and methods to eliminate negative thinking patterns.
Uncover how your brain and mind work in relation to social anxiety, fear and phobias.


This is not theory. You need a willing mind and an open attitude to implement.
Ability to use a writing gadget, be it a notepad or a note app.


Having had social anxiety for well over 20 years, fearful and encountered phobias of many sorts in my life, I embarked on the journey of freedom. I was on a quest to free myself from the pangs of anxiety, and the limitations created by my fears.

I remember at one point in my life, I was nursing suicidal thoughts because I felt no one understood me. It was so bad that I began to engage in a lot of dysfunctional habits and behaviors which caused my life to spiral down negatively, all in the name of curbing my fears and anxieties.

It wasn't until I learned some of what I am about to share with you, that my life began to change.

Imagine. I was this cool, handsome dude, but I was so shy that I couldn't ask out the lady I admired. I was so tongue-tied in the office whenever I was meant to speak up or share an idea I have been nursing, so my salary could be increased. I eventually quit the job. Bad of me, I know.

With the benefit of a little over 5 years of freedom and hindsight, this course is not theory! It is an uncommon fusion of the best of Psychology, and the latest in the field of Neuroscience broken down into simple everyday terms so you can immediately apply it and reap the massive benefits of becoming socially confident.

I know how social anxiety feels like. Imagine being invited over by your friends, but the thought of walking into a group of people I didn’t know and making small talk was overwhelming. Many people get excited when they receive an invitation to an event; I get nauseous. Not because of the people involved (usually), but because there are people involved. Although I didn’t learn to identify it as such until the past several years, I have suffered from social anxiety my entire life.

Packed with emotionally engaging and enlightening exercises and action points, by the time you complete this course, and with the tools and knowledge you would have gained, you will have more confidence and advantage to follow your dreams, goals, motivation for success, drive for achievement and most importantly new powerful awareness of your self, your mind, your brain and other unique abilities you already possess.

As the author of the groundbreaking book, Limitless Courage And Confidence: Evidence-based Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Living Free From Anxiety, and the beloved Creator of The Fear Resolve Process, it is with excitingly new pleasure that I invite you into my world.

With what you will learn in this course, you will:

Heal old emotional traumas.

Control what you pay attention to.

Stand up and perform on any stage - whether it's your life, your job, or you're proposing to your girlfriend.

Overcome 7 identified fears.

Recognise where fear comes from, and why fear can be a useful power/energy.

You'll learn exactly what anxiety is, what anxiety is not (and why you are not your anxiety) and how to break down anxiety at it's core!

Heal emotional attachments.

Understand how your life's journey has shaped your fears and anxiety.

How to transform your fearful or anxious behavior into a more powerful, confident one.

Who this course is for:

For anyone with a fear that may interfere significantly with their life.
For you if you have an intense, persistent fear of being watched or judged by others.
It is ideal for you if you are ready to take charge of your mental health and life without having to pay for unending, expensive therapy sessions.
Men and women who want to succeed professionally by strengthening their mindset and maximising their effectiveness.
Parents or guardians of young people who are affected by the common anxieties of everyday life.
Great fit for those who want to experience The Fear Resolve Process before jumping in fully.



From Social Anxiety to Social Confidence

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