ChatGPT: A Practical Guide to Enhancing Your AI Skills
Boosting Your Workflow with Generative AI: A Practical, Example-Driven Approach


Welcome to ChatGPT: A Practical Guide to AI Capabilities

AI is disrupting how we work and granting us extraordinary power to accomplish what we once thought impossible. Learn to use AI by practising real world examples, and open a world of opportunities. This comprehensive course focuses on practical applications of OpenAI's ChatGPT. Designed for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and developers, this course offers an in-depth understanding of leveraging AI tools to enhance productivity, analyse data, create custom solutions, and understand AI's limitations. Each lecture builds on the previous one, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience.


Running AI Models Locally

Learn how to set up and configure AI models on your own hardware to enhance data privacy and customization. Explore Nvidia’s ChatRTX and Jan ai for local AI solutions. Understand the benefits and practical applications of running AI models locally.

Intro to ChatGPT

Get acquainted with OpenAI's ChatGPT, including navigation and utilization of the platform. Learn about different pricing plans, key features, and customization options. This session covers the basics of setting up and using ChatGPT effectively, including managing settings, using suggested prompts, and creating custom GPTs for tailored AI interactions.

Effective Prompt Engineering

Master the art of crafting clear, specific, and effective prompts to get precise and relevant answers from AI. Utilize context and assign roles in prompts to improve AI responses. Explore advanced strategies for creating high-quality prompts for various applications.


Understand the importance of context in conversations with ChatGPT. Learn how context helps maintain the relevance and coherence of responses by remembering the flow of conversation and linking related topics. This lecture emphasizes effective communication techniques with ChatGPT to enhance the accuracy and usefulness of its responses.

Understanding Tokenization and Limits

Gain an understanding of tokenization and how AI models process text inputs. Learn to manage token limits and context windows to maintain the continuity and relevance of conversations. Use OpenAI’s tokenizer tool to optimize text inputs for AI interactions.

Limitations of AI

Examine the inherent limitations of AI systems, including biases, bad training data, and developer influences. Learn about the importance of verifying AI-generated information and understand the potential ethical implications. This session highlights the need for a critical perspective when using AI tools.

Data Analysis and Decision Making

Learn to analyse and visualize financial data using ChatGPT. Understand the supported document formats and token limitations. This lecture provides a practical example of comparing financial metrics from Tesla's quarterly reports, demonstrating how to extract, analyse, and visualize data using AI tools to make informed decisions.

AI for Search

Explore the use of AI technologies in revolutionizing search engines. Understand how AI can tailor search results to user preferences, perform visual and natural language searches, and provide precise answers. This session contrasts traditional search engines with AI-enhanced search capabilities, demonstrating their effectiveness in finding and processing information.

Image Creation

Discover the capabilities of OpenAI’s DALL-E model in generating images from textual descriptions. Learn how to create detailed and specific prompts to achieve desired visual outcomes, such as character designs, logos, and sketches. This lecture emphasizes the importance of precise descriptions in enhancing the quality of AI-generated images.


Utilize ChatGPT to assist in coding tasks, from suggesting lines of code to entire functions. This session provides examples of generating Python programs and Blender scripts, highlighting the importance of reviewing and testing AI-generated code. Learn how AI can improve productivity and reduce errors in software development.

Customer Service Bot

Create a custom customer service bot using ChatGPT. Learn to configure the bot, integrate specific knowledge bases, and refine its responses. This lecture covers the practical steps of setting up a chatbot to answer FAQs and provide accurate, relevant information based on a predefined knowledge base.


Explore ChatGPT’s capabilities in translating text across multiple languages. Learn how to use AI for translating documents, scripts, and real-time communication. Understand the limitations of machine translation and the importance of human verification for professional purposes. This lecture includes practical examples of translating text and creating language learning tools like flashcards.

File Conversions

Explore the file conversion capabilities of ChatGPT, including text, images, audio, video, programming files, and compression. This session demonstrates practical examples, such as compressing files and transcribing handwritten notes, showcasing how AI can streamline various file conversion tasks and enhance productivity.

Marketing & SEO

Learn to leverage AI for strategic marketing initiatives using a fictitious company, Kitchen Canvas, as a case study. Develop a customer identification strategy, design effective lead magnets, construct high-converting landing pages, and create engaging promotional materials.


Utilize AI to improve your writing, from grammar corrections and style suggestions to generating content based on prompts. This session covers various applications, including email templates, blog posts, and creative writing. Learn how to refine AI-generated content for readability, engagement, and professional appeal. Understand the importance of detailed prompts in achieving high-quality writing outputs.


ChatGPT: A Practical Guide to Enhancing Your AI Skills

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