Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT Plus: Beginner to Pro in Go

Published 12/2023

"AI Genesis: Crafting the Future of Content Creation with ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Generative Intelligence"


What you'll learn
What is an AI in this world?
How AI tools work and why we need them?
How to use prompt engineering to build applications with LLMs, such as chatbots and text generators
What is Generative AI and why now?
Understand the Fundamentals of ChatGPT-4: Gain a solid understanding of how ChatGPT-4 works, including its language model architecture and training process.
Stay Updated with AI Trends: Gain insights into the future developments in AI and how to stay updated with emerging trends.

No prior experience is needed, just your attention will be appreciated

Are you ready to harness the limitless potential of artificial intelligence in your digital projects? Curious about how ChatGPT Plus can elevate your conversational designs? Wondering how Adobe Firefly AI can infuse creativity into your AI endeavors? Interested in transforming text into stunning visuals with DALL-E, or integrating powerful GPT-4 plugins like Canar AI and EdX into your workflow? Looking for the ultimate tool to craft impactful ads with the Best Ad Maker for GPT-4?

Welcome to the "Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT Plus: Beginner to Pro in Go," a transformative course that guides you from the basics to the advanced techniques of prompt crafting. This curriculum is thoughtfully designed to empower you with the skills to fine-tune your prompts, maximizing the potential of AI tools and creating content that captivates.

ChatGPT Plus – Supercharging Conversation Delve deep into the advanced features of ChatGPT Plus. This segment teaches you to refine prompts for more dynamic and intelligent responses, elevating your AI interaction to professional standards. You'll gain expertise in personalizing user interactions and ensuring your AI projects are both engaging and innovative.

Adobe Firefly AI – Unleashing Artistic Potential Explore the artistic possibilities with Adobe Firefly AI. This course module opens up a world where creativity meets AI, offering practical knowledge in automating design tasks, enhancing digital art, and generating unique patterns. Embrace the AI artist within and discover new horizons in digital creativity.

DALL-E – Bridging Text and Image Master the art of visual generation with DALL-E. Learn to convert detailed text descriptions into vivid images. Our exercises focus on the intricacies of creating visuals that tell a story, spark an idea, or present a concept, providing you with a solid foundation in the emerging field of AI-generated art.

Canar AI Plugin – Unlocking GPT-4 The Canar AI plugin is your entrance to the expansive functionalities offered by GPT-4. Our hands-on approach in this module equips you with the understanding to enhance your tech projects with smart, AI-driven features. Discover the full scope of GPT-4 and become proficient in deploying AI solutions that revolutionize user interaction.

EdX GPT-4 Plugin – Educational Excellence The EdX GPT-4 plugin part of our course focuses on infusing AI into education. Learn to create adaptive learning platforms, provide instant feedback, and tailor educational content to individual learning styles. With GPT-4, educational content is not just personalized but also more engaging.

Best Ad Maker – GPT-4 Plugin In the digital era, advertising needs to be impactful and resonant. The Best Ad Maker GPT-4 plugin module is all about leveraging AI to generate ad content that stands out. Develop the knack for creating advertisements that not only capture attention but also drive meaningful engagement.


Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT Plus: Beginner to Pro in Go

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