Chatgpt In Translation: How To Use Chatgpt Ai In Translation

Chatgpt In Translation: How To Use Chatgpt Ai In Translation

Published 8/2023

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Ultimate Guide to using the AI ChatGPT for Translation. Anyone can be a Freelance Translator. Start with zero capital.


What you'll learn

Anyone can become a translator

Start freelance translation with zero capital

Make money translating in more than 100 languages using ChatGPT

Learn and master automatic translation techniques

With your smartphone, internet connection & ChatGPT you can start your translation business.

You do not need expensive gadgets to start your freelance translation career.



No Requirements.



Hi, Welcome to "ChatGPT in Translation: How to Use ChatGPT AI in Translation"The course is loaded with all the keys you need to become a Freelance Translator in any language of your choice. For many years now, translators have been making use of Machine assisted translation tools such as CAT but the inception of AI has totally transformed how the translation business is done these days. ChatGPT can translate more than 100 languages. It means you can specialize in as many languages as you wish in your translation business. With this, you earn a lot of money doing freelance translation in freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour, and other freelancing websites.There are paid AI translation tools out there but the sweetest of all is that the AI tool (ChatGPT) we used in this course is completely free.You do not need any sophisticated device to start your freelance translation business. You can start with just your smartphone and an internet connection. Even if you have a low-end laptop, it can do the job perfectly. The use of interpreters in interpreting a piece of translated output is also not needed as this AI tool is able to do far more than that. This makes becoming a freelance translator very easy as all the hurdles involved have been taken care of by this ChatGPT AI.The launch of ChatGPT and it's subscription-based plan ChatGPT plus and other AI like Midjourney & DALL·E has brought innovations such as AI arts, AI videos, prompt engineering, AI translation, etc. In as much as Chat GPT was seen as the biggest thing in the AI world, far bigger AI innovations are fastly entering the AI space.Through step-by-step tutorials, real-life case studies, and practical exercises, you'll learn how to leverage the super power of the AI ChatGPT for fast, efficient, and accurate translation. Explore proven strategies to attract high-paying clients, deliver top-notch translations, and build a thriving freelance business from scratch.



Section 1: Welcome and Introduction


Lecture 1 Introduction


Lecture 2 Use of AI in Translation


Lecture 3 AI Translation tool


Section 2: Setting up a free ChatGPT Account


Lecture 4 ChatGPT account set up


Section 3: Introducing the Translation Prompts


Lecture 5 Translation Prompt


Section 4: Live Translation Session 1


Lecture 6 French to Spanish Translation


Lecture 7 French to German Translation


Lecture 8 French to English Translation


Section 5: Live Translation Session 2


Lecture 9 German to French Translation


Lecture 10 German to Spanish Translation


Lecture 11 German to English Translation


Section 6: Live Translation Session 3


Lecture 12 Spanish to French Translation


Lecture 13 Spanish to German Translation


Lecture 14 Spanish to English Translation


Section 7: Live Translation Session 4


Lecture 15 English to German Translation


Lecture 16 English to Spanish Translation


Lecture 17 English to French Translation


Section 8: Freelancing Websites to make Money as a Translator


Lecture 18 Monetize what you have learnt


Lecture 19 Fiverr


Lecture 20 UpWork


Lecture 21 People Per Hour


Section 9: Secrets to winning Upwork Proposals as a Translator


Lecture 22 Secret to winning proposals on Upwork



Anyone looking for a way to make money online.,Translators who want to leverage the power of AI for fast and accurate translation.,For all Freelance Translators.,For Students.,For stay at home moms.,Anyone looking to make passive income online.

Chatgpt In Translation: How To Use Chatgpt Ai In Translation

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