Learn How To Incorporate Your Business

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Start your business by incorporating online now

What you'll learn

Learn how to incorporate your business online

Verify if your business name is already used by someone else

Learn how to purchase a domain name specific to your business

Complete and submit your business name for approval with the state in which you are incorporating

Request and receive an "Employer Identification Number" for filing taxes from the IRS

Open a business bank account with your EIN and articles of incorporation

Legally conduct business


You will access to a computer or smart phone

You will need access to internet

You will need to know what name you want to give your business

You will need to know what address to associate with your business


Learning to incorporate your business is a great and intelligent decision that will save you and money. Businesses that incorporate can officially start doing business and can obtain a Federal tax ID number. Learn to protect your personal assets by incorporating!In this modern course, you'll learn all of the necessary steps to incorporate your business online and will be able to do this immediately after finishing the course. You don't need any specific skills or any past experience doing so to be able to get your business incorporated. You'll go from learning how to register your business to obtaining an EIN number to be able to open a business bank account and declare taxes. Besides that you will learn how to find and choose a website domain name for you business and create a website on your own without any help at all. With real world examples demonstrating exactly how to complete each step of the filing process and deteing who the registered agent will be.Main benefits of this course and of incorporating your business are:- Create business credibility.- Protect your personal assets.- Gain tax breaks.- Easier access to financing.- Sell your business and retire when your business is large and profitable enough.If you already know how to start a business and incorporate it or are just starting out and want to learn the basics, this course is for you. Successfully incorporating your business with the knowledge you will gain in this course will allow you to start making money, hiring employees, paying yourself a salary, deducting expenses, obtaining business loans and lines of credit, and much more. The first section of this course will take you through costs and benefits of incorporating and what your options are. In addition, you will learn the importance of choosing a business name that can easily be found online and that is catchy enough to attract potential customers so they know what you're offering or what your business does.In the second section of this course you will learn every step in the process of incorporating online from making sure your name has not been used yet to choosing the amount of corporate shares you will have. You will also learn how to choose business owners and what titles they will have.In the end, you'll have the knowledge to incorporate and start your own business in a matter of days and start making profits. This course will show you how to incorporate in the state of Florida but the process is very similar for all other states.Your instructorJoe Correa is the founder and CEO of several businesses and has successfully taught others how to successfully run a business through his courses. The first and most important step of the process is to find someone who has already done this many s and can teach you the process in an easy and practical way.Congratulations on starting your own business. Please contact me if have any questions. Remember this course is 100% refundable so their is zero risk on your part. Don't forget that you will receive your certificate of completion when you finish this course.


Section 1: Introduction to How to Incorporate Your Business

Lecture 1 Benefits of incorporating your business

Lecture 2 The importance of choosing a business name

Lecture 3 Incorporating costs


Lecture 4 Making Sure Your Business Name is Available for Use

Lecture 5 Incorporating Online: Intro to State Website

Lecture 6 New For Profit Corporation

Lecture 7 File Articles of Incorporation

Lecture 8 Effective Date of Filing

Lecture 9 Filing Fees

Lecture 10 Corporate Name

Lecture 11 Corporate Stock Shares

Lecture 12 Incorporator Name and Address

Lecture 13 Place of Business and Registered Agent

Lecture 14 Corporate Purpose

Lecture 15 Correspondence: Name and Email

Lecture 16 Officer Name and Address

Lecture 17 Review Your Information

Lecture 18 Document Tracking Number and Payment Information

Lecture 19 Payment Process

Lecture 20 Articles of Incorporation

Lecture 21 Articles of Correction

Lecture 22 Important website links to remember


Lecture 23 Applying for an Employer Identification Number

Lecture 24 Applying for an S Corporation EIN

Lecture 25 Config S Corp Status

Lecture 26 Purpose and Owners of S Corp

Lecture 27 IRS EIN Confirmation Letter


Lecture 28 Business Bank Account Perks

Lecture 29 Applying for Business Credit Card

Lecture 30 Credit Card: Business Information

Lecture 31 Credit Card: Additional Business Information

Lecture 32 Credit Card: Business Income

Lecture 33 Credit Card: Personal Information

Lecture 34 Important Business Credit Card Disclosures


Lecture 35 Choosing a Domain Name

Lecture 36 Alternative Domain Names and Endings

Lecture 37 Finding an Available Domain


Lecture 38 Choosing a Website Template

Lecture 39 Build Your Initial Website Page

Lecture 40 Website Navigation, Page Names, and Settings

Anyone who is interested in starting their own business,If you want to fire your boss and become your own boss,Anyone who wants to save money and incorporate




Learn How To Incorporate Your Business



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