150 Premium Logos - Branding Edition

150 Premium Logos - Branding Edition
150 PSD 150 Ai 100 EPS | RAR
You will find 3 different ways to use your logo, so you can choose your favorite! Then you just need to replace the text with your name (or your brand) and that's it! Now you can use it everywhere!
  • PSD + AI + EPS included (All items, shapes, logos, etc)
  • Everything is editable
  • Everything is resizable
  • Free fonts
  • Help File with links to download all fonts
  • Files well organized
  • Change colors with one click
  • Logo Design for your brand
  • Logo Design with your clients
  • Label Design
  • Badge Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Typography Design
  • Web and Banners
  • Stamps & Stickers
  • T-shirts
  • Print t-shirts, cups, etc and sell them anywhere!

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80\'s Press - Illustrator

80's Press - Illustrator

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60 Men&Women Profession Flat Designs

60 Men&Women Profession Flat Designs
60 Men & Women Profession Flat Designs contains 30 couple of men and women version of one profession; in total, there are 60 set of flat designs.
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Vet
  • Midwife
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse
  • Psychiatrist
  • Philosopher [modeled on Plato and Hypatia]
  • Writer/Author [modeled on Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf]
  • Journalist and reporter
  • Photographer
  • Film director
  • Conductor [or composer]
  • Musician and singer
  • Ballerino and ballerina
  • Balinese dancer
  • Mambo dancer
  • Magician
  • Acrobat performer
  • Clown
  • Painter
  • Wood carver
  • Graphic designer
  • Architect
  • Tailor
  • Barber and stylist
  • Florist
  • Fruit seller
  • Butcher
  • Cook

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Feminine Logo Kit + BONUS

Feminine Logo Kit + BONUS
The Feminine Logo Kit along with the Beta Edition of Gaeta Font Family. You can create your own original Logo Design with over 200 elements, or you can use one of the premade Logo templates. Everything is really simple to edit, vectors are available in EPS, AI, PSD and PDF formats.
Over 200 vector elements All elements are in AI, EPS. PSD and PDF formats The logos are included as AI, EPS. PSD and PDF formats Only free fonts used and the font links are included.

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Feminine Logo Creator

Feminine Logo Creator
here we are introducing our exclusively packed items into Feminine Logo Creator. Perfectly perfect to start your project! Create some logo for your client, business, or even for your friend. Commercial or personal use. Unlimited print runs in unlimited ways. Business card, merchandise, poster, T-Shirt, mug, paperbag and etc
What makes our package special? the package not only include the basic offer as PSD, PNG, JPEG, AI, EPS and PDF files but we also make it much easier for you to combine all the possible logo variations by providing you CSH and PAT files.

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Awesome Logo  Design Creation Kit

Awesome Logo & Design Creation Kit
This is an awesome logo and design creator for male, female, shop names, product names quotes and more. You will be able to create more than 15,000 logos both in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • 170 HANDMADE VECTOR ITEMS: You will get 170 handmade vector items for making your own logo or designs using adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. They are amazingly handcrafted, scanned and 100% editable vectors.
  • 110 CIRCLE SHAPES WITH HANDCRAFTED ELEMENTS: All the circles are made using the handmade vector items. So you will test the touch of handcraft in every circles and shapes. You will be able to use them as logo elements, logo base shape or as any design elements.
  • 100 LOGO TYPOGRAPHY USING FREE FONTS: Actually more than 100 typography you can use with circles or without circles, they are all ready. Just download the FREE Fonts, and you are ready to add you own text with any vector item or circle.
  • 40 INSPIRING LOGOS WITH AMAZING COLORS: Yes these 40 logos are 100% ready with circles, type combinations, and amazing colors to save your time. Just install the fonts and edit. These 40 logos also have black and white versions.
  • 10 QUOTE TEXT COMBINATIONS: Who don’t love quotes? For this reason we have made 10 quote text combinations using free fonts, colors, and decorative elements. Just open your favorite style, edit it and use it. All elements are included.
  • WEDDING CARDS, BIRTHDAY CARDS & CHRISTMAS CARDS: We have made Photoshop templates for Wedding cards, Birthday cards and Christmas cards using free fonts, doodles and colors. With all the creativeness you will say wow!
  • 30 MOST POPULAR WATERCOLOR TEXTURES: Yes handmade watercolor textures in high quality .png files. You can use those textures in any program as you want. You know colors are pretty amazing, adding watercolor in your logo will make everyone wow!
  • 8 HIGH QUALITY FOIL GLITTER PAPER TEXTURES: With the foil paper textures you will be able to use them both as text layer style, logo design or any design project.
  • 100+ HANDMADE DOODLES: Doodles are also handmade for any logo, typography or any design asset. They are also available in Photoshop vector shape and illustrator vector shape.
  • 3 FILE FORMATS, PHOTOSHOP & ILLUSTRATOR READY: You will get all files in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC & EPS formats. We have also included .png files for all items for your quick access and navigation.

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    EPS | RAR
    Cosmos vector bundle contains 18 high quality vectors featuring cosmos, stars, planets and vortex portals explorations.
    Gradient is not a part of an artworks, it has to be applied manually in Illustrator or Photoshop.

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    Ladyboss Premade Branding Logo Pack

    Ladyboss Premade Branding Logo Pack
    38 EPS 38 PSD 38 Ai | 71 MB RAR
    114 premade logo pack in girly style with quick and easy editing possibilities and a best way to get a stylish brand identity that you were waiting for. Buy now and edit them just using Photoshop or Illustrator. A basic knowledge of Photoshop or illustrator is enough to edit any logo.
    Every single element of each logo is editable. No matter you want to edit any shape, text, color or texture.
    All files are high resolution 300dpi in Photoshop and Illustrator. So make as large as you want.
    Each of the logo pack has two alternatives that fits your all needs as a brand. You don’t need to purchase any font for the logo pack all are free.
    • 114 Premade Logos in Photoshop and Illustrator files
    • 20 girly textures in 3000x3000 pixels
    • Free font download links
    • Help files for texture application
    • 57 business logo and 57 personal name logo

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    100 Minimalistic Logos 1424240

    100 Minimalistic Logos
    300 PNG Ai EPS | 3.2 GB RAR

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    Glitter Brushes

    Glitter Brushes
    EPS Ai | 205 MB ZIP
    Each brush stroke of this comprehensive vector brush pack was made from real glitter, which was photographed, cleaned up, converted to a vector and then adjusted to get the right level of sparkle. The Artifex Forge took hours experimenting in order to get the look just right but, as you can see from the preview images, this process has resulted in a super-authentic look that will make your designs twinkle and shine like the real thing!
    I've included a broad range of strokes, from loose and scattered to thick and clumped, to give you the flexibility to create dazzling designs. I've also supplied a variety of lengths so you don't need to worry about over or under-stretching.
    To use the brushes is really easy. There is no complex system here, simply select one from the brush tab and draw with the brush tool. You can then adjust the width, re-pose and re-color to get that perfect look.

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    Coloring Book Pro - Garden Edition

    Coloring Book Pro - Garden Edition
    Ai AiA | RAR
    Coloring Book Pro is an addon for Adobe Illustrator that allows you to quickly create intricate line illustrations.
    Over 270 garden themed shapes and 29 vine and stem brushes are included along with templates, Actions, and tutorial videos. Using these elements along with the included templates and actions will enable you to create detailed mandalas and other illustrations in just a few minutes. The illustrations you create are yours with exclusive rights for distribution - great for making and selling coloring books, logos, stock images, ect.

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    Her - Branding logo templates
    Her - Branding logo templates
    120 Ai 60 PSD | RAR
    Her is a collection of premium feminine logo templates. Including 60 carefully designed branding logos compatible with both Photoshop & Illustrator and a bonus of 10 high quality textures.
    Each logo includes editable text and fully scalable vector shapes. It's really easy to create your brand new logo in just few steps following one of the 2 tutorials contained in the pack.

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    Ink Brushes for Illustrator


    Ink Brushes for Illustrator
    Ai | RAR
    The library contains 36 Vector brushes and is perfect for hobbyists, cartoonists, comic artist, concepts artists and any creative or designer looking for a highly detailed, realistic paint / ink feel to their work.

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    Huge Trending Logos Bundle

    Huge Trending Logos Bundle
    Ai PSD | RAR
    1. Her | Feminine Branding Logos
    2. Feminine Branding Logos
    3. Trendy Branding Logos
    4. Geometric Logos vol. 3
    5. Geometric Logos vol. 2
    6. Geometric Logos vol. 1

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    Illustrators Ultimate Brush Pack 1605065

    Illustrator's Ultimate Brush Pack 
    Ai | RAR
    This huge pack of brushes includes a versatile collection that'll be essential to any illustrator's arsenal. It includes charcoal, paint brush, pencil, marker, watercolor, calligraphy pen and other decorative brushes. All of them were hand drawn onto paper, scanned, traced and cleaned to get the final result. The final screenshot is actually a photo of the original paper.

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    Cosmetic vector mockup bottle

    Cosmetic vector mockup bottle
    EPS | RAR
    Realistic cosmetic products and elements vector mockup pack. Different packages and flask that fit great with each other. Completely customizable bottles, sprays, dispenser bottles and many more different types of packages all in one. Presentation in front views. You can create unlimited presentations with different views of the same label design. Also include design template labels light version and a dark.
    • cosmetics set / grayscale / color / with design label
    • container for cream
    • spray
    • dropper-bottle
    • tube
    • bottle for gel
    • soap pump
    • pistol

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    Business cards bundle

    Business cards bundle
    253 EPS | RAR
    Great business cards bundle for your company in 2 different front and back sides.This template carefully created in Adobe Illustrator with layers, that provide a possibility to easy edit file. EPS files contain only vector objects, without raster effects. Euro standard dimensions - 85х55 mm (3,35х2,17 inches).

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    134 Illustrator Crayon Brushes

    134 Adobe Illustrator crayon brushes

    Give your vector artwork a hand-drawn look!

    You'll get a library of 134 pressure sensitivecrayon brushes for Adobe Illustrator CS5 or higher. These brushes are based on actual crayon strokes, as such they have varying degrees of texture and thickness. You will find several kinds of crayon stroke brushes, from cleaner to messier, wackier lines. They are also thought and crafted to suit different path lengths.

    Brush library:

    • 134 crayon brushes
    • Pessure sensitive
    • Easy to change color and weight
    • Fully editable

    cheat sheet (as seen above). It's an .eps file.

    • It contains 134 vector objects, crayon strokes of different lenghts. These objects match the crayon brushes on the brush library you're receiving

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    Feminine Logo Creator Square Edition

    Feminine Logo Creator Square Edition
    350 PSD 60 Ai  | RAR
    This logo creator is a continuation to my best selling product, Feminine Logo Creator Circle Edition. Thanks for everyone who has supported it, there's a ton of you! This product has been on my to-do-list for a very long and few weeks ago I decided to make it happen. I hope you love it!
    240 square shaped decorative vector elements + 60 name based text combinations makes it total of 14,400+ possible logo variations! All shapes and fonts are made with the latest feminine trends in mind. Just choose your favorites, mix them up and add your own perfect textures to make a glamorous logos for yourself or your customers!
    Make thousands of modern, glittery and glamorous logos for women's businesses like photography, blogging, food business, graphic design, hair stylist, cosmetology, recipes and for any feminine business! This is the first and the last logo pack you'll ever need to create a feminine logo!
    You will get all the graphics (shown in 2th & 9th preview image + updates) in AI and PSD files. AI files are 100% vectors, PSD files are as shapes and in high quality (4,167 x 4,167 pixels). You can easily change color with a double-click. All text areas are fully editable and only free for commercial use fonts used! Total of 32 different fonts used :)
    SQUARE SHAPES - 240 circle shaped decorative vector graphics (AI & PSD). PSD files are in shapes and in high quality (4,167 x 4,167 pixels. You can easily change color with double-click.
    PREMADE FONT COMBINATIONS - 60 premade text combinations (AI & PSD) with the latest trends in mind!
    32 FREE FONTS USED - Download package contains font download links. Only free for personal and commercial use fonts used. Total of 32 fonts used!!!
    50 PREMADE LOGO TEMPLATES - Easily recreate the logos used in mockups. With these premade logo templates you'll get you logo ready in minutes! You can see them all in 10th preview image
    50 BONUS TEXTURES - 50 bonus textures included. Gold, silver, rose gold, copper and black textures in hires images. Most of them are photographed from real textures and glitters. You can see them all in 11th preview image. Just click the image and scroll.
    EASY SEARCHING - Preview images to easily search through circle graphics and text combinations. Everything is perfectly layered in folders.
    FOR ILLUSTRATOR & PHOTOSHOP - Works with both of your favorite editing programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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    Fat & Fabulous: Graphic Brush Script

    Fat & Fabulous: Graphic Brush Script
    235 PNG Ai | RAR
    This is a graphic font, and it includes a full set of characters in high-res, transparent PNG format, which you can use in the graphic editing program of your choice! The PNG files are 300 DPI and BIG! Most capital letters are between 5-8 inches, and lowercase between 3-7 inches! Totally big enough to fit all your needs! Remember, since this is a graphic script, you don't load it in your font program obviously, you use it like clip art in whatever program you use!
    The script contains both upper and lower case characters, and all letters have between TWO AND FOUR different character options! There is all punctuation and accent characters.

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    Brushes of The Silver Age

    Brushes of The Silver Age
    4 Ai | RAR
    This is a HUGE 50 custom brush set covering stylized linework, funky feathering brushes, shading brushes and (of course) inks. This is not a set of scanned "IP" artwork. Each and every brush in this set was drawn from scratch and tries to capture the flavor of the original artist. We're really proud of these brushes 'cause they can give you that "Silver Age" look and so much more!

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    Cartoon Graphic Styles and Logo Kit

    Cartoon Graphic Styles and Logo Kit
    Ai | RAR
    These styles are perfect for making logos or typographic designs for use in video games, toy and food packaging, web banners and so much more! Each style is pre-scaled for 3 different text sizes, so you'll find a version to work with most font sizes. Each style with one click to any text field, shape, or group, but they are designed to work best with text.
    To make your typographic designs even better, also included are all the illustrated logo accessories seen above, including everything from flowers and sparkles to circuits and wires. Use these accessories in combination with the text styles of your choice to create custom beautiful logos quickly and easily, by using text styles as is or making tweaks to the graphic styles to create your own custom looks.
    Then use the extra glows and shines effects found in the text style enhancement layer to take your logo to the next level!

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    EPS Ai | RAR
    • Realistic Vector neon metal brushes in main file Ai file
    • You can change and edit all lines of each word in Ai file
    • High quality of illustrations, each line were drawn carefuly with love =)
    • Garmony and balance in each metal color
    • All layers are grouped for easy use

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    154 Vintage Logos Bundle Vol.3

    154 Vintage Logos Bundle Vol.3
    94 Ai 47 PSD | RAR
    This is our latest logo bundle and it is our best so far! A lot of work went into it and it contains a mix of vintage logos, badges, labels and crests. So if you are looking for a elegant logo, a grunge looking badge or a simple typography logo then this is the set you need!
    These logos can also be mixed and you can get tons of results to create different typography illustration that you can use on digital products, on the web or for prints such as t-shirts, labels and many other items!

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    Telegram GFXTRA Group
    Udemy - Turkce Gorsel Ogrenme Setleri - Part 2
    Videohive Wow Pack Series