Denton Serif SuperfamilyDenton Serif Superfamily

Denton Serif Superfamily

Denton is a typeface full of warmth, bringing expressive 70s era design into the 21st century. Inspired by the bold, tightly set headline serif titling from this liberated era, Denton encompasses the style into a modern superfamily that can meet all the needs of todays brands. Tight kerning, the uniform rhythm & carefully designed letter interaction give Denton a warm, refined personality.

Denton comes in 86 styles, including weight and width variables, display and text subfamilies and true italic counterparts.

Type design was liberated in the 1950s, with the birth of phototypesetting.

The evolution signalled the end of the limitations of traditional physical lead or metal type handling - allowing designers to shake off the restraints of unyielding metal letters and their standard lead sizes. Type could be any size, with any spacing leading to a rush of new creative opportunities.

This was a golden era, it was full of energy as designers revelled in the freedom brought by new technology.

A new design aesthetic emerged, super-tight kerning, overlapping serifs and carefully refined letter interactions became commonplace throughout the following decades. This warm, free, distinct feeling gave us the core from which Denton is built.​

Denton Serif Superfamily

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