Editor's Note: Clean Editorial SerifEditor's Note: Clean Editorial Serif


Introducing Editor's Note – a brand new editorial serif with all the clean lines, tight curves, and trendy minimalist vibes! I've been loving the clean, editorial type trend happening in design right now. Editor's Note is a stunningly crisp upper and lowercase typeface that looks incredible in both large settings as a display text (think big headers, pretty quotes, calls to action, etc.).

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Hegsro Font Family


Hegsro is a apropos modernist linear sans apt for headline, editorial, branding, packaging, printed materials and typographic applications. 240+ glyphs with ligatures and fractions available.

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Leaner Font FamilyLeaner Font Family


Leaner is uppercase sans-serif typeface. It’s clean and universal. Best for logos and heading.

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HU The Game Font


HU The Game is a typeface appropriate for titles or headlines that need to be stressed out. We got motif from cruel games and reflected scary and horrifying impression in it. The edge of strokes are sharp, which makes you remind of the design of Black Letter of Middle Age. It especially goes well with special festivals like Halloween, so it would be helpful for you to make any images related to them.

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Super League Font Family


Super League is a display typeface created for the sports industry. The typeface itself doesn't lean too much in a particular sports category direction which makes it versatile in use across various sporting categories. Super League has loads of. options to make use of including; small caps, stylistic alternates, ligatures for vs, st, nd, rd and th that are very useful when handling typography for sports in particular. Use Super League in all your printed material or on screen. Create badges or print names and numbers sports kits. All weights come with an oblique version which makes the total number of 16 fonts in this typeface.

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Beround Font Family


Beround is a modern family based on Willgray font family with redesigned and improved glyphs for the rounded font. It comes in 16 weights, 8 uprights, and matching italics. Beround have softly rounded corners. This family is ideally suited for packaging, headlines, advertising, and corporate identities.

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Peskia Font FamilyPeskia Font Family


Peskia is a modern typeface with lots of elegance and originality. The Peskia typeface is a creative take on the bold old-style serifs, commonly known as soft-serve. The tall and slim nature of the Peskia typeface give it a sophisticated yet contemporary nostalgic look. The Peskia typeface has unique and interesting characters which gives the typeface a hint of the Art Nouveau style. Peskia comes in three weights, regular, semi bold and bold. Each weight has an oblique version.

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HU Wind Sans Font Family


HU Wind Sans is a sans serif typeface with long body of characters and light weight appropriate for text. It is named as 'Wind Sans' for the shape of some alphabets that remind of blowing breeze, such as descender of 'g' and median of 't'.

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Morning Memories Font FamilyMorning Memories Font Family


Introducing the Morning Memories Serif & Script. It's a nostalgic nod to those cherished memories of golden years gone by, but also a revived hope in creating new moments to treasure.

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Authentica Bethany Font


This font was born with a sweet touch of hand lettering technique, with a unique and beautiful shape that makes this font very authentic. This font include uppercase and lowercase, number and punctuation, have more than 80 ligature, and beginning and ending swash in lowercase.

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Lagom Grotesk Font FamilyLagom Grotesk Font Family


Lagom Grotesk is a contemporary neo-grotesque sans serif typeface with strong stylistic geometric contrasts. Its distinctive wide-open stance was designed to give the right visual consistency for branding and communications, representing the shifting contemporary aesthetics. The distinctive stance gives the right visual consistency for branding and communications. Lagom Grotesk is perfectly suited for headlines, large-format prints, brand identities, social media, advertising, editorial design, posters, magazines, logos, headings, body copy, digital and more.

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Nitrous Script and Serif TypefaceNitrous Script and Serif Typeface


Nitrous is a script and serif typeface with elegance and vintage looks. This font has some of alternate characters, swashes and ligatures. You can design beautiful, elegant and diverse typographic elements with it. This font duo is effective on product packaging, particularly for wares that prefer a handcrafted, artisan approach to their finished presentation. Nitrous is ideal for strong branding, identity, and logo design, as its letter forms effortlessly express a tone of familiarity, reliability, and timelessness.

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TT Interphases Pro Font Family


Introducing the updated interface font TT Interphases Pro! Many are familiar with TT Interphases: convenient and modern, it was created specifically for working in interfaces. It's time to get to know the extended version of the popular font—TT Interphases Pro, improved and even more relevant. We have preserved the neutrality and main characteristics of TT Interphases, but the new font differs from its predecessor in greater functionality and aesthetics.

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Esprit Chanson Font FamilyEsprit Chanson Font Family


Trendy, bold & modern style serif font for your fancy projects. Elegant, fashion and classic style on Esprit Chanson font will be great for any branding project. Lot of alternates and ligatures will help you to create unique and original logo design or website header!

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Roundica Font Family


Roundica is a modern geometric typeface inspired by both classic typefaces of the 20th century like Avantgarde, Bauhaus, Futura, Helvetica and some modern fonts such as Abeat By Kai, Comfortaa, Gotham. Started in 2018 Roundica is the main reason for the appearance of Fontease Type Foundry. With its 834 glyphs Roundica includes extended Latin language support, but also Cyrillic and Greek. Designed with OpenType features like ligatures, fractions, small capitals etc., Roundica is perfectly suited for graphic design and any display use.

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Perfectly Nostalgic Font FamilyPerfectly Nostalgic Font Family


Introducing Perfectly Nostalgia is an elegant serif + font family. Perfect Nostalgia a great choice for stylish designs This font is perfect for branding, logos, social media, prints, stickers, shirts, books, magazines, and Font family includes 12 different weights, uppercase, lowercase, punctuation and multilingual support.

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Lto.Unicore Font FamilyLto.Unicore Font Family


Lto.Unicore™ is a geometric sans serif typeface inspired the 19th century sans serif typeface like Futura, Gill Sans, Avenir combining it with contemporary elements of a harmonization of width and height especially in the lowercase letters to support legibility. Unicore Tekst, optimized for body text, and even a futurist stylistic set of Unicore for an alternative display look. Unicore Tekst and Lab is available as a variable font and also comes with 18 matching italics preset instances from Thin to Black and is equipped with a wide range of opentype features.

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Georgiano Modern Serif FontGeorgiano Modern Serif Font


Proudly present GEORGIANO Typeface , created by Storytype, A serif modern and classic typeface that has own unique style & modern look. This typeface is perfect for an elegant & luxury logo, book or movie title design, fashion brand, magazine, clothes, lettering, quotes, and so much more.

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Street NorthStreet North


Street North this is a modern serif font, which is very elegant, and also looks very luxurious, make this the choice of your large project, it is suitable for all titles, or large writing, there are several alternates that you can use and combine, and supported by PUA encode , meaning you can easily access all the letters with a glyph, perfect for e-mail, magazines, book titles, movies, notes, brands, logos, and much more.

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VU Milwaukee Font Family


This is a listing of all glyphs contained in the font, including OpenType variants that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications. Each basic character (“A”) is followed by Unicode variants of the same character (Á, Ä…), then OpenType variants (small caps, alternates, ligatures…). This way you can see all the variations on a single character in one place.

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Maron Barista Modern Sans SerifMaron Barista Modern Sans Serif


Maron Barista is a beautiful and smooth sans serif font created by a romantic and lovely look. It is perfect for greeting cards, wedding invitations, posters, logotypes, product branding, and much more. This font is PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

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Sagu Exora Font FamilySagu Exora Font Family


Sagu Exora is an sans serif display font, and with a style that is very different from the others. Sagu Exora is well-suited for posters, social media, headlines, magazine titles, clothing, large print formats - and wherever you want to be seen. Inspired by the style of design that is currently popular, and this is the answer to all the needs of every idea that you will pour in this modern era.

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Jemina Font FamilyJemina Font Family


Jemina is a modern, unique serif font. The dynamic curve of each letter looks elegant and charismatic and will be the center of attention for the eye which sees it. The abstract feel of its characters strikes a balance between modern and classic typography. Perfect for branding, logo, and fashion-related concepts.

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Vorthmirq Display FontVorthmirq Display Font


Vorthmirq is a script display font with a texture brush, a font that is basically made from digital calligraphy, so it feels very thick with the calligraphy style using a brush on this font. Fonts that are suitable for modern designs such as youth fashion, skateboard brands, quotes, etc. This script font with a texture brush makes this font flexible because it doesn't look feminine, making it easy to apply to non-feminine designs.

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