Boudoir & Portrait Retouching for Photographers

 Boudoir & Portrait Retouching for Photographers


Learn how to retouch skin from a professional retoucher, color grade and create impactful atmospheric portraits!

Retouching adds personal touch and breathes life into photos, and it doesn't have to be a slow and tedious grind. This course aims to save you time, spark your passion, and help you create outstanding portraits, by showing you an entire retouching workflow, perfected over 10 years of active work both as a professional boudoir photographer and retoucher.



Complete start-to-finish retouching guide will teach you:


  • RAW Photo Editing - Color Stylisation & Grading, Color Contrast

  • Efficient Skin Retouch Basics & Tools - Smooth Skin and Preserve Detail

  • Advanced Frequency Separation & Mixer Brush Made Simple!

  • Thinking Outside the Box and Creative Ways of Using Tools and Techniques

  • Finding the Most Time Efficient Methods

  • Adding Depth and Dimension using 3 Types of Dodge and Burn

  • Master Subject Separation, Guiding Attention, Boosting Detail

  • Create Atmosphere and Ambience in Your Photos!

  • Learn to Analyze Photos, and Squeeze the Last Drop of Color Contrast

  • Sharpen and Optimize Your Photo for Publishing!


Having spent most of my recent years offering private education, I've noticed a growing trend of photographers reaching out to me with some basic knowledge, that's more often than not, a confusing mess of 'half baked' information, techniques and advice picked up from various Youtube channels. All this in most cases causes total confusion, stress, wasted time, poorly retouched photos, eventually leading to loss of passion and love for this beautiful art and craft.


This course is my best effort to date, to demystify retouching, bring clarity, simplicity and fun into the process many photographers struggle with, allowing you to explore what truly matters - your creativity, efficiently and stress free.


By the end of this course, you will understand where color harmonies are being created, how to post process your RAW file and pull the most out of the RAW data, how to retouch skin for any kind of professional publication or commercial work, adding depth to your photos, and making them appear '3D'

 Boudoir & Portrait Retouching for Photographers

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