Real Estate Photography Business Bootcamp

Real Estate Photography Business Bootcamp
Build a sustainable, profitable, scalable real estate photography business to be your primary source of income.

Do you love photography but can't seem to generate enough business? Are you sick and tired of making someone else money as an employee or contractor?

Do you want to build a sustainable, profitable, and scalable real estate photography business?

That's why I built this class.

Let me show you all of the ins and outs I learned when starting and running 2 multi-million dollar real estate photography businesses. I want to pay it forward and give you a "business-in-a-box" so you can begin to reap the rewards of owning your own business. Over the course of the past 10 years my companies have generated tens of millions of dollars - and I want to share everything we learned so you can replicate our success.

This class is all about the business of real estate photography. It is NOT a how-to-photograph-a-house class. There are plenty of tools out there to teach you how to do that. I wanted to focus solely on the business side so that you can build a business that has value and can be as big or profitable as you want.

This Bootcamp will teach you how to:

Create a real estate photography business that is actually profitable

Build all of the "gears" you need for a complete "machine" of a business

Choose the correct business entity

Decide if you want to work with a co-founder

Understand your accounting, insurance, and legal needs

Build a fully automated work flow for increased efficiency

Choose the best product offering and select the right pricing model

Decide to start outsourcing post processing

Optimize each step in the order management process

Easily build your first website or enhance your existing website

Build an automated sales funnel to market while you sleep

Engage with your potential clients on social media

Use multiple channels to find and convert new leads

Keep your clients using a CRM

Create a memorable brand

Along with the 50+ videos, you get a ton of additional resources and bonuses.


Downloadable resources and guides including:

Facebook budget planner

Social media content planner

Competitive analysis supplement

Risk management assessment guide

Build a brand worksheet


Marketing campaign complete case study (with dollar amounts)

Marketing campaign planning template

Founder interview

Order workflow pdf

Recommended Facebook courses

Sales email templates

Sales presentation templates

Lead research guide

Products guide

Assignments that guide you step by step to forming your successful business

Real Estate Photography Business Bootcamp

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