Introduction to Sports Photography

 Introduction to Sports Photography

Learn how to get started in sports photography with this easy-to-follow introductory-level class. Whether you’re looking to capture your favourite athletes making the big plays or you’re simply out to take some snaps of your kids’ or friends’ games, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to take better sports photos.



We’ll cover cameras, lenses and other gear, how to find a sport to shoot, what and how to shoot when you’re there, techniques and settings for capturing emotionally powerful action and behind-the-scenes images, things you can do to improve your photos after the game, and even some ways to build relationships and make a little money from your work.

Think of this class as a beginner’s guide to sports photography; ideal for anyone who is interested in taking pictures of sports and action, or who has just begun doing so. Each lesson is short, focused and filled with practical examples.

It’s helpful if you already know your way around a camera, but not necessary. You don’t even have to own a camera to begin the course, but you will need one to complete our class project: find a sport, photograph it, and display a small album of your best action and atmosphere shots.

By the end of the class, you’ll be ready to capture all the intensity and excitement of your favourite sports.

My name is Neil Gunner and I’ve been a sports photographer for over ten years. At the time of writing, I’m an official photographer for several roller derby leagues in Toronto and the surrounding area. I’m also the author of Canada’s only coffee table book on the sport of roller derby, called Into Battle.

 Introduction to Sports Photography


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