How To Nail Weight Loss Once And For All [Complete Course]

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Weight loss method based on flexible diet - no food is off limits, no binges, no regrets

What you'll learn

How to lose weight without starving, banning delicious foods, or working out like crazy

How to get in great shape despite your age, health issues, genetics and busy schedule

How to take the first steps on your way to long-term weight loss results

How to handle holidays/business trips/office parties and avoid losing results.


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Hi! My name is Oleg Zingilevskiy.I’ve created this course to clarify things for those who want to improve their own body.There I talk about every single aspect of effective weight loss and weight maintenance process. Once you complete this course, everything will be crystal clear. I tried to cram into this course the very basics I learned during years of studies and practice using the format that is easy to follow even by those who know nothing about dietology and nutrition.Let me guess:You tried losing weight many s but always gained it back and occasionally with a few extra pounds.You’ve followed the classic dieter’s pattern: “strict diet - slip-up - woke up with a burger in one hand and a box of donuts in the other - 10 extra pounds on the scale”.You believe that “you just aren’t meant for this”: “slow metabolism”, “too late at my age”, “I have no will power”, family history, health issues, kids, work, always on the road.You are confident that weight loss is about bland food, excruciating hunger pangs, extraordinary willpower and long hours in the gym.You tried keto diet, veganism, raw food diet, healthy eating, clean eating, and a dozen other popular diets, cardio on empty stomach and magic powders from distributors, which made you lose your money, health and instead of extra pounds.You can do it differently: Eat everything whenever you want (even before bed) and continue losing weight;No bans on sweets, fatty and starchy foods and other small delights on the diet;Plan your diet in such a way that it stays yummy, filling, enjoyable and socially acceptable (without food containers);Effortlessly maintain results in the long run.What you can expect from the course? There will be three main sections:1. HOW TO TELL A GOOD DIET FROM A LAME ONE?In this part I will:cover the basics and clarify why we gain weight and how any diet worksexplain how to set a realistic goal and which steps to take first in order to achieve ittell you how to track the progress in a smart way and what to do if you get derailed2. MISCONCEPTIONS, SLIP-UPS AND HUNGER PANGSIn this part I will:go over 5 main concerns (aka irrational beliefs) of all dietersteach you to curb appetite and arm you with three tools that will help you control hunger pangs and satiation on a diettell you how to build your meal plan that will ensure effective, yummy, satiating and healthy weight loss3. LONG-TERM WEIGHT LOSS MAINTENANCEIn this part we'll talk about:5 main obstacles that any dieter comes across and how to overcome themmaintenance of results in the long run: what authors of weight loss marathons aren’t telling youand how to maintain achieved results for many years to come (and even improve them)After lectures you’ll receive bonus materials and short tasks that will help you take your first simple steps on the way to your dream body.Feel free to complete homework, share your feedback and ask questions in the Q&A section on the same page with videos.See you!


Section 1: How to tell a good diet from a lame one?

Lecture 1 Who am I?

Lecture 2 Physical Transformation. Dieting smart

Lecture 3 What does ensure the Project's success?

Lecture 4 Participants' results

Lecture 5 How any diet works

Lecture 6 Tool #1 is a calorie counting

Lecture 7 Step-by-step plan

Lecture 8 How to use FatSecret and MyFitnessPal

Lecture 9 How to identify your starting point

Lecture 10 How to create a calorie deficit

Lecture 11 Let's recap

Lecture 12 Homework #1

Section 2: Misconceptions, slip-ups and hunger pangs

Lecture 13 Is dieting all doom and gloom?

Lecture 14 Fear #1

Lecture 15 Fear #2

Lecture 16 How the fitness industry get it all wrong

Lecture 17 Fear #3

Lecture 18 Fear #4

Lecture 19 Fear #5

Lecture 20 Key element of satiety #1: protein

Lecture 21 Protein sources

Lecture 22 Key element of satiety #2: energy density of foods

Lecture 23 Hacks for reducing calories

Lecture 24 Key element of satiety #3: the taste of foods and triggers

Lecture 25 Let's recap

Lecture 26 Homework #2

Section 3: Long-term weight loss maintenance

Lecture 27 Do I have to diet for the rest of my life?

Lecture 28 How to continue fit in socially?

Lecture 29 How to avoid the fear of changes?

Lecture 30 What if my friends and family won’t support me?

Lecture 31 How to manage a good result in a business trip / vacation?

Lecture 32 Maintaining is a real challenge or...?

Lecture 33 Habits to maintain your shape in the long run

Lecture 34 Categories of activity

Lecture 35 Boost the energy expenditure!

Lecture 36 You have two options now

Lecture 37 Why does Physical Transformation method work?

Lecture 38 Final recap

Lecture 39 Homework #3

Section 4: BONUS

Lecture 40 Thanks for watching!

Anyone who has tried losing weight many s but always gained it back and occasionally with a few extra pounds,The classic dieter (strict diet - moment of weakness - wake up with a burger in one hand and a box of donuts in the other - 10 extra pounds on the scale),Those who believe, “I'm just not meant to be thin”, “I have slow metabolism”, “I'm too old”, “I have no will power”, "I have bad genes/health issues", "I'm too busy with kids/work/travel",People who are under the false impression that weight loss is all about bland food, excruciating hunger, extraordinary willpower and long hours in the gym,People who have tried keto, veganism, raw diet, clean eating, and a dozen other fad diets, cardio on an empty stomach and magic powders,only to lose money, health and instead of extra pounds





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