Ielts Writing Task 1 Academic [Masterclass] Get Band 7+

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Get Band 7+ on Writing Task 1 with the World's Best Course on IELTS

What you'll learn

How to answer every type of Task 1 question and get Band 7+

How to avoid common traps and pitfalls

How to create coherent and organised responses to every question type

How to use to use a range of vocabulary with precision for every question type

How to choose key information and describe it easily and effectively

How to use a variety of complex grammatical structures with accuracy


You must have a basic level of English of B1 level or higher

You do not need to know anything about the IELTS exam - We will cover everything

This course is only for those who are willing to study seriously and work hard towards their goals


Welcome to this 8-hour Masterclass on the IELTS Writing Task 1 in which you will learn how to write the Task 1 essay in a detailed, step-by-step manner. By the end of this course, you will know exactly how to structure your essay, how to organize your thoughts and how to present information in the right way, so that you can get Band 7+ on your test. This course is full of practice questions and examples and contains detailed explanations with full breakdown of strats. I invite you to view the course curriculum to see what you will learn inside.This course is divided into 3 main parts. Think of it like cooking your favorite meal. First, you need the ingredients - so in Part 1, I will show you the four ingredients that you need to write a rock solid essay. Next, in Part 2, you will learn our secret recipe and strats for writing the essay step-by-step for all the different question types. And finally, in Part 3, I will show you how to combine the ingredients and the recipe and put it all together into a unified whole.Upon completing all 3 parts of this course, you will feel confident in writing a powerful Task 1 essay that will allow you to get a high score and pursue your goals of working or studying in English-speaking countries. If you're not yet sure about taking this course, then I invite you to preview our free video lessons and read the reviews from our students, so that you can make a better decision:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"Shay (the instructor) says, ‘it’s the best course of its kind’. I, at the bning, thought this sentence is nothing but a typical persuasive sentence to attract more students. Now, I am convinced that it is really the best course I have ever come across. Writing task 1 has always been the biggest nightmare for me. I don’t why I don’t understand graphs, tables and all these stuffs. My mind doesn’t work when someone gives me directions. I took IELTS course from Magoosh, Road to IELTS and enrolled in several courses on Udemy. It seems that not everyone covers every aspect of the writing task 1. This course has been the most comprehensive course so far. I felt it necessary to leave an honest review that can help others to take a right decision. I will outline the main reasons why I liked this course below. 1. The slides are extremely beautifully designed. I just feel reading them when I see the colorful slides. 2. It’s very engaging, and not boring like other courses. 3. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I was surprised that how come he didn’t leave any single aspect of the task 1. The vocabulary he provided, the sample answers he gave, and the sentence structures he taught are just perfect to achieve a band 9. 4. It’s more than a writing task 1 course. The grammar section is very concise and to the point. He made the grammar section super easy to understand with lots of useful examples. God bless you Shay. I cannot thank you enough. Much love and good wishes."—The Piercing Star"WOW!! I'm so glad to have taken this course. I learned from Youtube and some other online blogs, but this is the best course I have seen so far!"—Martin Wolski"Thanks a lot. This was one of the best IELTS courses which I have watched up to now . Thanks a million for your nice and great job. I wish you and your family the bests."—Akbar Zahiri"I did not expect such well-designed and focus lectures. It is amazing. Well done."—Elnazeer Eisa"Actually, it is the best choice for me. Although I don't intend to take IELTS now,I took advantages of the course and learned many hints and keys to IELTS exam. The teacher is really professional as he uses the best ways of explanation and especially the section of common errors. Thank you gratefully."—Sara Muhammed Abdalsalam Abdaldaym"Shay made everything about speaking crystal clear, he also included a lot of examples which are absolutely essential. I highly recommend this course. Thumbs up!"—Tri Yudha Sasmita_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome Aboard!

Lecture 2 All Slides for This Course Are Here!

Lecture 3 Fundamentals of Writing Task 1

Lecture 4 The 4 Main Types of Questions

Lecture 5 How to Get a High Score

Lecture 6 How This Course is Structured

Lecture 7 Is This Course Worth 5-Star Rating? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Section 2: Part I: Ingredients

Lecture 8 First Ingredient: Task Achievement

Lecture 9 Second Ingredient: Cohesion and Coherence

Lecture 10 Third Ingredient: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Lecture 11 Grammar: Tenses

Lecture 12 Grammar: Articles and Agreement

Lecture 13 Grammar: Active vs. Passive Voice

Lecture 14 Grammar: Simple and Compound Sentences

Lecture 15 Grammar: Complex Sentences

Lecture 16 Grammar: Correlative Conjunctions

Lecture 17 Grammar: Relative Clauses

Lecture 18 Grammar: Punctuation

Lecture 19 Grammar: Writing Numbers

Lecture 20 Fourth Ingredient: Lexical Resource

Lecture 21 Basic Vocabulary

Lecture 22 Vocabulary for Trend Graphs

Lecture 23 Vocabulary for Comparative Graphs

Lecture 24 Vocabulary for Process Diagrams

Lecture 25 Vocabulary for Maps

Lecture 26 Enjoying this course so far?

Section 3: Part 2: The Recipe

Lecture 27 Introduction to Part 2: The Recipe

Lecture 28 The Basics of Writing Introductions

Lecture 29 How to Write Introductions for Trend Graphs

Lecture 30 How to Write Introductions for Comparative Graphs

Lecture 31 How to Write Introductions for Process Diagrams

Lecture 32 How to Write Introductions for Maps

Lecture 33 Assignment: Write an Introduction

Lecture 34 The Basics of Writing Overviews

Lecture 35 How to Write Overviews for Trend Graphs

Lecture 36 How to Write Overviews for Comparative Graphs

Lecture 37 How to Write Overviews for Process Diagrams

Lecture 38 How to Write Overviews for Maps

Lecture 39 Assignment: Write an Overview

Lecture 40 The Basics of Writing Specific Details

Lecture 41 How to Write Specific Details for Trend Graphs

Lecture 42 How to Write Specific Details for Comparative Graphs

Lecture 43 How to Write Specific Details for Process Diagrams

Lecture 44 How to Write Specific Details for Maps

Lecture 45 Assignment: Write Detailed Paragraphs

Lecture 46 All Essays We Have Written So Far...

Lecture 47 Quick Note

Section 4: Part 3: Cooking

Lecture 48 Practice Question 1 in Real-

Lecture 49 Breakdown of Practice Question 1

Lecture 50 Assignment: Write An Entire Task 1 Essay (without r)

Lecture 51 Practice Question 2 in Real-

Lecture 52 Breakdown of Practice Question 2

Lecture 53 Assignment: Write An Entire Task 1 Essay (with 20 min. r)

Lecture 54 Final Tips

Lecture 55 The End!

Students and working professionals who want to study or work in an English-speaking country,Students who want to get Band 7+ on Acad IELTS Writing Task 1,This course is NOT for students who want to study for the General IELTS exam,This course only covers Acad IELTS Writing Task 1. It does NOT cover other IELTS modules (Writing Task 2, Speaking, Reading and Listening),Essay corrections are not included as part of this course





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