Smartphone Photography: Capturing Landscapes
Explore how to take compelling landscape photographs that inspire the viewer and reveal entirely new ways of seeing a place. This isn't your traditional form of landscape photography. Join photographer Tim Landis (curious2119) as he explores his home state of Arkansas, reveals how he chases light, composes amazing photos, and captures a uniquely beautiful scene. By the end, you'll be able to capture and share your own inspiring, incredible (and unconventional) landscape image.


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Posing and Interacting with Clients + Bonus Edit
 Posing and Interacting with Clients + Bonus Edit


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Small Video Productions for Beginners - How to tell your Story

After learning "How to plan your project" in class 1 of this series, this class is all about scriptwriting for small video productions. Together we will deal with the topic of narration and storytelling for your small production. This will improve the quality of your video and will enable you to get your audience interested in your topic.


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How To Get Your First Filmmaking Job - Filmmaker Pro

In this class you will learn the basics of filmmaking and how to reach out to companies so they can hire you. You gotta learn it to earn it, so first learn the basics, create content, learn from your mistakes, build a portfolio, & finally reach out to clients.


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AI for Online Content Creation: Automating Workflows for Blog Posts, Videos, and Social Media
The world of AI is rapidly expanding and the potential for using AI in content creation is immense. In this course, you will learn how to automate your workflow for blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media with the help of AI. We will cover a range of techniques and tools to help you produce high-quality content with ease.  Whether you're a blogger, YouTuber, or social media influencer, you will find something valuable in this course. We will show you how to convert videos to audio and then to text using AI, and how to make your content SEO-friendly using AI techniques. You will also learn how to develop engaging blog posts, thumbnails, and artwork with the help of AI.

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Video CinemaTography techniques loved by pro filmmakers

Creative video. Learn what pro broadcast camera ops do to grab and excite an audience. Taught by a pro broadcaster



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Be Authentic & Comfortable On Camera

Learn tips and strategies for bringing your best and most authentic self to every video you create. You'll discover new layers of who you are, how you think, and what helps you to be authentic in videos!



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Course Creation, YouTube, Tutorials, Zoom, and More with OBS

This course will give you a unique, behind-the-scenes view, with the secret formula of the software that I use to create my own courses.

In this course, we will use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio to make amazing videos that you can use to create online courses, YouTube channels, video tutorials, and more.


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Creating Video for Beginners: Creators, Businesses & Brands with Video
Video marketing is growing tremendously in popularity. YouTube has an astounding 2 billion monthly active users, and it's the second most popular platform in the world.


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Video Production 101 for Beginners

Do you have a cool idea, talent or skill to teach a broad audience? Do you wish you could showcase your ideas, create communications/marketing campaigns to your colleagues, clients or your interviewers or simply entertain your audience? Video storytelling is a great way to share your ideas, teach tutorials, and inspire others. Watch this course to learn the how-to's of video production from ideation to post-production - finally, use your smartphone and FREE editing tools to create the first-ever video on your creative journey!



After this class, you will be able to film and edit a 1-minute video introduction about yourself, who you are and what your interests are and share it with your friends on social media!


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Online Course REVOLUTION - Create an Online Course
Teach Online! Turn your expertise, knowledge, experience, or passion into an ONLINE COURSE! Filming, editing, curriculum



Do you want to find out how you can make money teaching what you know and love ONLINE?
This course will teach you how to turn your expertise, knowledge, experience, or passion into an ONLINE COURSE.


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How to Create a Smart Video Sales letters
Create a long-term conversion strategy.


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Short Videos for Social Media: 5 Tips to Create Fun Video Content

Learn how to create short videos for social media in this class by me Maja Faber. I will teach you 5 different ways to create short videos to be shared on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Do you feel that it’s exhausting trying to keep up with the current algorithms on  Instagram, constantly creating video content? Me too. So I’ve been trying to figure out ways to create short videos more easily. Because I know that at least for me sharing on social media is important to market myself as a designer and teacher.

We will specifically focus on Instagram reels, but at the end of the class, I will also teach you how to quickly repurpose your videos so that you can share them on TikTok and YouTube shorts as well.


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Stop Motion Cooking: How To Cut Anything (Even Batteries)

Stop motion cooking is an incredibly popular sub-genre of stop motion animation. One of the classic shots you see in these films are objects being cut to become ingredients.

There are many ways you can do this, and I believe there is a technique or method for every skill level - in this class I explore three of these.


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Animating STOP MOTION Paper Assets

In this class you are going to see multiple ways to easily animate paper to create your own bespoke paper  overlay assets for your videos. 

Being able to customise your videos by animating bespoke assets and overlays will help make your videos shine out above the rest. Too many creators put too little effort or thought into the smaller details of a video that can really add extra value and make it pop. 

This is much more a beginner class, however some understanding of stop motion is ideal.  

Feel free to use the concepts I have given and extend the idea according to your own capabilities, the only limit is your own imagination.

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Diy Video Production For Beginners
Teaching Pro Techniques for Amateur Videomakers


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YouTube Music: How To See If A Song or Music is Copyrighted

In this class, you will learn how to check if any Song or Music is Copyrighted to make sure you can use it in your YouTube videos.

You will also learn how to access and download thousands of Royalty Free songs and music that you can use in your YouTube videos.

I hope to see you inside!

Also, please take a look at my other YouTube Classes that will help you to skyrocket your YouTube Results!

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YouTube Success: Use the Power of Subtitles to Dominate the Search and Rank Higher
In this course, you will learn one single strategy, that you could make a huge difference in the ranking of your YouTube Videos. This is a great way to guarantee that when people go to YouTube and Google and search for your video, they actually find it. And that can help you to become an authority on your Niche, increasing the numbers of subscribers, views and likes on your videos. So join me inside the course and let's start optimizing the ranking of your YouTube videos right now!


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How to Make a VR YouTube Video
This is a beginners course, but the results will be outstanding. We’ll be using Unity and Adobe Premiere. In this class, you will learn the basics of Unity 3D, which you can also use for video game development. No coding knowledge required. I will also teach you how to use Premiere Pro to edit VR videos. By the end of this class, you’ll be set to start your own YouTube VR Channel.

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How To Come Up With Viral Youtube Video Ideas

If you struggle to come up with video ideas for your youtube channel, If you struggle with filtering-out the ones that has the potential to go viral, then this course is made For YOU ...

In this course I will show you how to come up with video ideas for your channel from scratch using 6 different methods of idea generation, and I will show you how to pick out of those ideas the ones that has the potential to go viral...

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How To Start a YouTube Channel With Your Phone... Today... Now... And Why You Should!

You have something to say.

You have a message you want to share with others.

You are passionate about an idea, topic, hobby, mission, something.

This is why you should start recording with your phone every single day.

The skill of recording will serve you in more ways than you can fathom.


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How to Become a YouTuber | Start a YouTube Channel & Grow It!

Have you always wanted to start a Youtube Channel but aren't sure how it all works? In this masterclass, I breakdown the basics of becoming a Youtuber. I have been on Youtuber for the past almost two years, and during that time feel I have learnt a lot I would like to share with others who are starting their journey. I hope that this course can help the process feel less overwhelming and more like you got this - because you absolutely do! I structured the course around my most frequently asked questions to ensure I cover the main topics which people are interested in when it comes to Youtube.

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How to Make YouTube Videos at Home

Are you ready to start making YouTube videos?  This course takes you through the fundamentals on how to start filming right now.

I started my on YouTube journey by making travel vlogs as a creative outlet and my channel has transformed into so much more.  Along the way I have learned so much about how to make videos for YouTube and I'm going to teach you how you can film them too.


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Beyond the Logo: Storytelling with an Animated Logo & Brand Video
There is nothing like seeing your logo and brand identity come to life through animation, music and motion graphics! This is where brand videos come in. Brand videos help build awareness, educate, entertain or inspire your audience towards a certain action for your brand. In a world now where everything is moving from pictures to videos, us graphic designers need to step up our animation game and bring our brands to life!


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