Learn Premiere Pro from A-Z

Whether you are a beginner or an editor with basic skills in Premiere Pro, take part in this course to level up yor editing game. The truth is, even after 10 years, I am still learning new tricks in Premiere on a daily basis. Invest in yourself and learn how to edit like a pro.


You can now color grade your video clips from directly within the Photos folders using Darkroom and as long as you are using the HEVC file format. All of the changes are none destructive and can be reverted back to the original version at anytime. The best part of all of this is that you can batch color grades across multiple videos at the same time as well as cropping and outputting specific border inserts like 1:1 for. Social Media.


I have created this course for you to leverage the power behind the Darkroom to its fullest potential allowing you to do professional color grading directly from within your iPad or iPhone...


LESSONS (39 Minutes)


  • Introduction To The Class

  • Tour of The Darkroom App

  • Using The Preset Filters

  • Color Grading Basics Part 1

  • Color Grading Basics Part 2

  • Saturation ‘Vs’ Vibrance

  • Go Hot or Cold w/ Color Temperature

  • When And When Not To Use Fade And Grain

  • Color Grading w/ Curves Panel

  • Using The Color Mixer Panel

  • Creating Your Own Filter Presets

  • Copy And Paste Settings Between Video Clips

  • Batch Processing Videos

  • Cropping Video For That Cinematic Look

  • Fine Tuning Your Color Grade

  • Adding A Border Inset For Social Media

  • Adding A Digital Watermark

  • Exporting Your Video(s)

  • Final Thoughts About Color Grading w/ Darkroom

 The Art Of Cinematic Color Grading Video

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Latest Winrar  and extract password protected files without error.

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