14 Day Video Production Challenge: Plan, Film & Edit Videos
Learn the entire videography process: storyboarding, video lighting, sound recording, cinematography, video editing+


Do you want a quick course that teaches you the entire video production process?

This video production course is jam-packed with 14 days of lessons that take you from complete videography novice to feeling confident making your own videos.

While you don't have to finish the course in 2 weeks, we've set up the course where each section teaches a new video skill.

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to operate any Video Camera

  • Learn how to capture great sound for Video!

  • Learn how to Light your Videos using Any Light

  • Learn how to adjust your camera settings for Slow Motion Capture

  • Learn how to set up and Create Videos for YouTube

  • Learn how to come up with ideas and storyboard your shots.

  • Learn how to deal with clients and create your own Team!

  • Learn how to Plan, Schedule and prep for any Video Shoot!

  • Learn How to Capture Broll and Set Up for Interviews!

  • Learn how to Plan, film and Edit Commercial Videos for Clients and More!

Daily Section Overview:

  1. Camera Basics - How to Make Videos with Any Camera

  2. Sound Basics - How to Capture Great Sound with Any Microphone

  3. Lighting Basics - How to Use Video Lights to Light Your Videos

  4. Key Cinematography Skills - How to Choose Lenses, Compose and Expose Great Shots

  5. Simple YouTube Setups - Improve Your YouTube Video Productions

  6. Storytelling and Ideas - How to Come Up With The Right Story To Tell

  7. Working with Clients & Building a Team - Expand Your Productions and Work Better With Clients

  8. Planning the Video Shoots - Learn Proper Pre-Productions to Have a Smooth Shoot

  9. On Set of Film Project 1 - Learn from the Behind-the-Scenes of a Real Film Shoot

  10. On Set of Film Project 2 - Learn from of a Video Production for a Promotional / Commercial Video

  11. Editing Basics - Learn How to Install a Video Editing App and Prepare for the Video Edit

  12. Editing a Commercial - Learn How to Edit Videos in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro

  13. Editing a Short Promo Video - Learn How to Edit a Short Video Promo Video

  14. Action! - Make Your Own Video

Who Teaches This Course:

The 14 Day Video Production Challenge is a collaboration between Phil Ebiner of Video School and Mitchell Bouchard of Red Cape Learning. Both Phil & Mitchell have years of professional experience in the filmmaking world. They've made videos that have been viewed by millions of people around the world for small and big companies. 

We are thrilled to help you to start making videos today! We understand what it's like to start making videos from scratch, and have tailored this course to complete beginners. At the same time, we share advanced techniques so even if you have some videography experience, you'll still learn.

More Course Details:

Below is a breakdown of each day of this video production course:

In Day #1 Phil will go over the The Camera Basics.

In this section you will learn about the Best Video Cameras to use for capturing Video.

We will also give you budget Video Camera options as well!

Phil will teach you How to White Balance, How to Create a Blurry Background as well as how to control your Shutter Speed so you can film quality Slow Motion Video!

In day #1 you will also learn how to Film in the dark by controlling your ISO and you will also learn the best Video Settings to use when Filming Video!

In Day #2 we will focus on Sound!

We will go over the best Budget Microphones to use for Video and we will explain the differences between Uni and Omnidirectional Pick Up patterns.

This section of the course will also include 5 tips for capturing Great Sound as well as a Live Example.

In Day #3 we will focus on Video Lighting!

We will start off by explaining the difference Light Types such as LED, Fluorescent and Tungsten.

Next we will Set Up Light Stands and go over 2 Point and 3 Point Lighting.

You will also learn how to build your own Budget friendly light kit and learn key terms like Bounce, Diffusion, Neg Fill, Key Light, Fill Light Back Light and more!

In Day #4 we will develop your cinematography skills!

First we will go over the similarities and differences between Zoom lenses and prime lenses.

We will teach you how to build a proper lens kit and how to modify lenses for shooting video.

We will also go over focus peaking, exposure, composition and perspectives.

In this section of the course we will also teach you how to record in 24 FPS, 60FPS and 120 FPS.

Recording Video in Higher frame rates allow you to record Quality Slow Motion Video!

Towards the end of this section we will also have a complete walkthru teaching you about different Support Gear you can use for filming Content.

We will show you how to use Tripods, Shoulder Rigs, Sliders, Gimbals and more!

In Day #5 we will be creating a few different YouTube set ups for Filming Videos!

This will include a White backdrop a black backdrop as well as a Standing and Sitting Desk Set Up with Screen Recording.

14 Day Video Production Challenge: Plan, Film & Edit Videos

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