20 Day Meditation Challenge

Published 1/2024
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Language: English | Size: 3.22 GB | Duration: 9h 1m

20 minutes a day fire 20 days in a row


user Gamystyle     


Good Clinical Practice For Healthcare


Ways to improve clinical trial management, fundamentals of animal testing in clinical trial, patient guide to trials etc

user LENYA     


Goal Setting: The Find Your Top Goal Treasure Hunt


Charting Your Course and Sailing Toward Your Top Goal

user Anxiety     

Communication In Negotiation
Published 1/2024
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Language: English | Size: 648.07 MB | Duration: 1h 23m

An Astonishing Agreement


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Personal Finance Masterclass - Easy Guide to Better Finances


Your complete personal finance guide to understanding finances. Save more, invest smarter, reduce loans, retire earlier!

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Remedial Measure Part - 2


Parihara Secrets using Astrology

user Anxiety     


Mental Health And Stress Management


Mental Health, Stress Management, Importance of Mental Health

user Anxiety     


The Psychology of Humor: Practical Tips for Making Jokes


Crafting Comedy: Applying Humor in Everyday Life and Communication

user Anxiety     


How To Make A To Z Diorama And Material Information


Diorama, Miniature, Model and Handmade Hobby Products Applied Production Techniques

user Anxiety     


Guided Cacao Ceremony For Couples - \


A Ceremonial Cacao Experience | Relationship Exploration and Support | Future Facilitation Inspiration

user Anxiety     


Accredited - Moon Magick


How To Harness The Energy Of The Moon & Incorporate It In Your Daily Life

user Anxiety     

Accredited Writers Workshop #3

Published 1/2024

Follow This Writer's Series, Look At Author Life, Dedication, Skills, Methods, Creativity, Marketing and Communities!

user Gamystyle     

Overcoming \'Not Good Enough\' Beliefs With Eft Tapping


Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a life filled with self-love and confidence with EFT tapping strategies

user Anxiety     


Manifestation Magic In Minutes


Instant Affirmation and Visualization Techniques for Rapid Life Transformation Using the Law of Attraction

user Anxiety     


Interview Skills For Cabin Crew, Ground Staff & Tourism Jobs


Get trained in cracking Interviews for Career as Cabin Crew, Ground staff, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Companies.

user Anxiety     

Velocity Reading Course | Speed Reading


Remove the guilt of not reading books by making Reading process Faster and Interesting

user Anxiety     


The Photon Belt


Nutrition and a Shift into the 5th Dimension

user Anxiety     

Master Goal Setting And Crush Your Objectives

Published 1/2024

Personal development: learn how to increase your productivity and time management in order to reach your goals


user Gamystyle     


Master Advanced Numerology: Karma, Timing, Name Dna, & More


Going Beyond the Psychic Numbers with Readings for Releasing Karmic Blocks, Ridding Limiting Habits, and Everyday Living

user Anxiety     

Boosting Exercise Motivation: your 3-Step Power Plan
Unlock the Blueprint for Endless Exercise Motivation: Embark on a Life-Changing Fitness Adventure Today!


user Gamystyle     

Create Word Search Puzzle Books in Minutes
Simple Steps to Self-Publish Puzzle Books on Amazon KDP


user Gamystyle     

Creating A Habit Tracker In Notion

Published 1/2024

Transform your life with Notion


user Gamystyle     


Foundations Of Writing Scenes: A Save The Cat! Course


Turn your story's beats into meaningful scenes

user LENYA     


Creating The Life You Want With Journaling


Create the life you don't need a vacation from!

user LENYA     

SermonBox - Seasonal Collection

SermonBox - The Series Pack Collection

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