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How to overcome fear of failure or humiliation

The 4 Levels of Excellence that kill off perfectionism

How to generate more internal and external motivation

What self-loving self-discipline is, and why it's far superior to forced self-discipline

How to optimize arousal levels to maximize productivity

To find the right work-rest balance

The technique that lets us speed up how we do our tasks

What a prioritized to-do list is, and why it's critical for productivity

New ways to use a calendar to stay organized

And lots more...


Would you like to be more productive?Do you want to feel more motivated and focused?Or maybe you'd like to be more organized and ensure that you get the right things done at the right - with less effort?In this course, filmed in a high-quality studio environment, top-rated Udemy instructor TJ Guttormsen will share with you how to create productive mindsets and tools that will help you do all that and more.Since 2009, TJ has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympic athletes, award-winning musicians, and other overachievers from around the world. And now he's sharing the very best productivity mindsets and tools that these high-performers use to create their results.His other courses on Udemy have all been the highest-rated courses in their categories several s, and positive feedback from students getting real-world results keeps flowing in."Amazing course on how to be productive not only at work but generally in every aspect in life. The course is very easy to follow, with a lot of examples, details, background and step-by-step techniques." - Moises Lorenzo Leon, Udemy Student"TJ Totally nailed this with Mindset + Management Tools! Exactly what I needed... I especially liked the Mindset part about 'Expectations of Self' Very Simple and yet very effective use of Management tools are great. Really liking the Mini-Sprints. My Email Inbox is 50% cleaned out since I started applying these quick tips. If you want Practical, Real-world applicable tips to help you get to your goal - Faster! This is it!!!" - Al, Udemy studentSome of the productivity mindsets and organizational tools you'll learn include:How to avoid the fear of failure or humiliation that might hold you back from trying your best.How to know exactly how much work a task needs to give you the results you want.How to generate more internal and external motivation.What a productive identity is - and the best way to create one.What self-loving self-discipline is - and how it makes it easier and more enjoyable to be disciplined.Optimal arousal levels - how you can create them and how they'll help your productivity and performance.What the best work-rest balance is, and how to achieve it.What a prioritized to-do list looks like, and how it will streamline your work (with able resources).How a calendar can improve your productivity and make you more organized (and not just track your appointments).What social outsourcing is, and how it will speed up your results.And lots more..."Seriously though TJ is one of the best instructors I've had here in Udemy." - Admor Aloysious Aguilar, Udemy student"This course is great! TJ’s delivery is very engaging, he explains each concept well, and there are plenty of practical examples. You will walk away knowing more about productivity, have a nice set of management tools, and you will be able to act immediately after you’ve finished here." - Mohamed Joffe, Udemy studentTake control of your life.Unlike most productivity courses, this course isn't just about getting more out of the minutes you spend working. Because in addition to that, this course includes organizational tools that are easy to follow and use.In fact, once they're set up, they'll only take a few seconds of your every day - and improve your overall productivity significantly. Even setting them up usually doesn't take more than a few minutes.These tools won't just help you be more productive. They'll also ensure that you don't forget about important tasks - whether you do them once a day or once a year. Thanks to these strats, you'll know exactly which task to work on next, and which tasks will give you the greatest results.Join us now and you won't just improve your productivity - but you'll become more organized and focused as well.

Anyone who wants to be more productive





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