Banish Burnout & Stress  10 Research Based Strategies !

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Research based Strats, to minimise Stress, and avoid Burnout, For Leaders, and Individuals !

What you'll learn

Understand what Stress and Burnout are, their signs and symptoms

Understand the Psychology, and Neuroscience, of Stress and Burnout

As an Individual : Learn about 5 effective Strats to minimise Stress and Avoid Burnout

As a Leader : Learn about 5 effective Strats to minimise Stress and Avoid Burnout


No pre-requisites, other than an eagerness to learn, and an open mind !


Employee well-being is very important, and not just because it is the right thing to do. It can immensely affect the motivation, productivity, and performance of your team, and organisation, thereby affecting business results.Stress and anxiety, especially in moderate doses, are not really bad for you. They serve a purpose. They keep you alert, they keep you prepared. It’s when the stress becomes chronic, and unmanageable, that it becomes a problem, often a big one !But there is good news ! There has now been a lot of research done in Psychology, and Neuroscience, on stress and burnout. And we know that, in most cases, it can be managed.With the right, research-based, lessons, and strats, we can definitely get better at managing stress, and avoiding burnout. And that’s exactly what this Course will cover ! It will look at 10 Research-based strats to minimise stress, and avoid burnout, both from an individual, and leadership point of view.I cover 10 Research-based strats, that you can effectively use, to minimise stress, and avoid burnout.The first 5 strats are Individual ones, for you to minimise your own stress and avoid burnout. The remaining 5 strats are from a Leadership point of view, to help you create a culture, and environment, which helps minimise, and manage, stress, and prevent burnout.


Section 1: Introductions and Course Structure

Lecture 1 Course Introduction, Part 1

Lecture 2 Course Introduction, Part 2, including Course Structure

Lecture 3 About me, your Instructor, what I teach, and why

Section 2: About Stress, and Burnout, the Psychology, and Neuroscience

Lecture 4 The Neuroscience of Stress, what happens in your brain, and body !

Lecture 5 More about Stress, and Burnout

Lecture 6 The Fight-Flight-Freeze-Fawn Response

Section 3: 5 INDIVIDUAL STRATS to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

Lecture 7 Strategy 01

Lecture 8 Strategy 02, Part 1

Lecture 9 Strategy 02, Part 2

Lecture 10 Strategy 03

Lecture 11 Strategy 04

Lecture 12 Strategy 05

Section 4: 5 LEADERSHIP STRATS to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

Lecture 13 Strategy 06, Part 1

Lecture 14 Strategy 06, Part 2

Lecture 15 Strategy 07, Part 1

Lecture 16 Strategy 07, Part 2

Lecture 17 Strategy 08, Part 1

Lecture 18 Strategy 08, Part 2

Lecture 19 Strategy 09, Part 1

Lecture 20 Strategy 09, Part 2

Lecture 21 Strategy 10

Section 5: Case Study and Practice Exercises

Lecture 22 Case Study - Burnout

Lecture 23 CBT Inspired Checklist/Process to deal with Stress

Lecture 24 A simple Exercise to control immediate and overwhelming Stress short-term

Lecture 25 How to your UDEMY CERTIFICATE

Employees, and Leaders, who are feeling stressed and anxious, at their workplace.,Leaders, who want to create a culture in their organisation, which minimises stress, and avoids burnout,Anyone who is feeling stressed and anxious, and likely to head towards burnout,Anyone who wants to learn about the neuroscience of Stress, and what can combat it effectively





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