Accelerate Ideas And Innovation, A Research Based Guide !

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Leadership Insights, and Lessons, to improve Ideas, Innovation, and Expertise; in yourself, your Team and Organization !

What you'll learn

Get deeper insights into the Psychology and Neuroscience, behind Ideas, Innovation, Creativity and Expertise

Learn about what you can you do, as employees, colleagues, Supervisors, Leaders, team-members and family members, to generate more, and better ideas

Learn about what makes for creative and innovative environments, that encourage and accelerate new ideas.

Understand how you can become an Expert, or Master, at what you do, thereby improving your Ideas, Innovation and Success


High school education required, no other prerequisites !


This Course is a Comprehensive Guide to accelerating Ideas, Innovation, Creative Thinking, Expertise and Mastery !With deep perspectives, and insights, from Psychology, Neuroscience, History, Evolution and even some Mathematics, you will go on a journey which will help you understand what works, and what does not, to improve creativity, innovation, expertise, and mastery.I first look at what sort of environments, and workspaces, accelerate, and enhance, Ideas and Innovation. Then I look at what enhances expertise and ideas from an individual’s point of view.Can you design your workspaces in such a way that you can increase the chances of more and better ideas ? Do ideas and innovation require privacy, or more interactions and discussions ?Are Creative and Innovative geniuses born with it, or is it something that can be developed later ? Is Intelligence important? What other factors are a good predictor of Creativity, Innovation, Expertise or Success?Does sheer hard work and practice make a difference? What does the Research in Psychology and Neuroscience say about these things ?I deal with all of this, and more, in this Course.Inn a Supplementary Section at the end, you will also get an evolutionary and historical perspective of ideas and innovation, sprinkled with examples and real life cases throughout.The deeper understanding, insights, research findings, examples, and lessons, will help you become well-informed and successful Leaders and Managers, who cultivate creativity and innovation, not just in themselves, but also in their Team and Organisations !Enroll now, into this unique and valuable Course !Some Images and Videos courtesy Pixabay, Pexels, Pressfoto and FreePik. Some Music snippets courtesy Bensound.


Section 1: Introduction to the Course, to me, your Instructor, and Leadership Psychology!

Lecture 1 Course introduction, Part 1

Lecture 2 Course introduction, Part 2

Lecture 3 Course Curriculum/Roadmap

Lecture 4 Introduction to me, your Instructor, and to Leadership Psychology

Section 2: EXTERNAL FACTORS affecting Ideas and Innovation

Lecture 5 External Factors - Introduction

Lecture 6 Workplace Design, Part 1

Lecture 7 Workplace Design, Part 2

Lecture 8 Workplace Design, Part 3

Lecture 9 Workplace Design, Part 4

Lecture 10 Theory of Exchange, Interaction, Innovation, and Scale, Part 1

Lecture 11 Scale, Part 2, Cities

Lecture 12 Scale, Part 3, Cities and Innovation

Lecture 13 External Factors, The Adjacent Possible, Part 1

Lecture 14 External Factors, The Adjacent Possible, Part 2

Lecture 15 External Factors, Socioeconomic Status

Lecture 16 External Factors, Luck

Section 3: INTERNAL/INDIVIDUAL FACTORS, Part 1: IQ and Beyond !

Lecture 17 IQ and Beyond - Introduction

Lecture 18 IQ and Beyond, Part 1

Lecture 19 IQ and Beyond, Part 2

Lecture 20 IQ and Beyond, Part 3

Lecture 21 IQ and Beyond - Part 4

Lecture 22 A Quick Recap!

Lecture 23 A Practice Exercise !


Lecture 24 The Neuroscience of Creativity

Lecture 25 Neuroplasticity

Lecture 26 Mindset - Part 1

Lecture 27 Mindset - Part 2

Lecture 28 Mindset - Part 3

Lecture 29 A few workplace examples ...

Lecture 30 Ten Thousand Hours!

Lecture 31 Flow - Focus, Joy and Creativity

Lecture 32 Recap

Lecture 33 Some Lessons

Lecture 34 A Request!

Lecture 35 A Case Study Practice Exercise for you !

Lecture 36 The Slow Hunch

Lecture 37 Serendipity

Lecture 38 Another (Mini) Case Study Practice Exercise for you !

Section 5: Recap and Lessons, and Final Quiz

Lecture 39 Final Recap and Lessons, Part 1

Lecture 40 Final Recap and Lessons, Part 2

Lecture 41 Credits and Gratitude !

Lecture 42 How to your UDEMY CERTIFICATE

Section 6: SUPPLEMENTARY SECTION : Biological and Cultural Evolution and Innovation

Lecture 43 Variety in the Gene Pool?

Lecture 44 Human Evolution, History and Innovation - Part 1

Lecture 45 Human Evolution, History and Innovation - Part 2

Leaders and Managers who want to enhance their own creativity, expertise and innovation.,Leaders and Managers who want to foster a creative and innovative environment in their teams and organizations.,Everyone else who wants to try and improve their creativity, innovation, expertise, mastery and general effectiveness.,Those who want to know the research and studies behind creativity and innovation, and get some insight into what creates success and genius!





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