Complete Guide to Successful Hand-Roll Croissant

Complete Guide to Successful Hand-Roll Croissant
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The best way to develop and create your homemade hand-roll croissant at home

What you'll learn

Learn how to choose the right ingredients in making Hand-Roll Croissant
Learn how to maintain the right condition of dough, butter, working force, and environment
Learn how to create multi-layers croissant dough that makes croissant crispy outside and moisture inside
Learn how to adjust the limited resource to the professional-way of making croissant
Learn how to assess and decide what to do and what to ignore during each steps of making croissant
Learn the most efficient way to make croissant to its best from the experienced pastry chef


No experienced needs, Just require the LOVE IN CROISSANT and want to make it by yourself at home


This course will offer you the most effective way to achieve the best croissant. Whether or not you have experiences in making this sublime viennoiserie, you can still learn the easiest way, proper understanding, and the way to avoid making not-good-enough croissant by the way. The good starts is the key to everything, so lets make croissant in the right way from the beginning, so you won't end up with loads of crap croissant !!

This course teach you;

How to prepare and choose the right ingredient from the start

How to maintain the condition of croissant dough

How to prepare the right butter block

How to lock-in and fold croissant dough in the easiest and most effective way

How to relax the dough to make sure everything is alright between each step

How to shape croissant, proof, and bake it for good

How to assess and test your baked croissant

You may have experience in making bad croissant, or you may not have any chance to try making it, but you should still have some chances to try and eat croissant, right? Perhaps you may have your favorite croissant brand, or viennoiserie shop that you visit so often to grab this pastry day and night. So why don't try making it by yourself at home and find out that "Making" croissant may give you much more funs than "Eating" it nevertheless.

From my experience of making pastry for over 15 years, I have some difficult time in making "the right" croissant at the beginning, and that's the real challenges for me, and end up with myself keep practicing many times for many years to achieve "The right" croissant, sound crazy? The perfect croissant is like the top of the Mount Everest that you want to climb up in one day.

Finally I find the way, perfect croissant that can be made by only bare hand, with just a rolling pin, rulers, kitchen's knife, 50 litre oven, and also TIME & SWEAT. You don't need extra bulk machine to make good croissant, that's a joke!!

What you need is the proper understanding of what it is, what to avoid, and what is the science and secrets behind this pastry.

Yes, I tell you ALL OF THESE in my croissant course

Many people can make croissant, but only a few make perfect croissant, and few of them make it by hand-rolled method

Chance is yours, now.


Who this course is for:

New beginners, or someone who has experienced making dull, flat, no-layers, not crispy & flaky, no honeycomb texture, anyones who want to develop their croissant product to its best

Course content
7 sections • 7 lectures • 42m total length



Complete Guide to Successful Hand-Roll Croissant

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