Udemy - How to 'Jump Start' Your Career to Get The Job You Want!
Udemy - How to 'Jump Start' Your Career to Get The Job You Want!

What if you had the power to take proactive control of your career and your future? If you had the ability to open doors to opportunities others rarely see and the skills to secure the position you really want ahead of your competition?


Welcome to this course, which is an online version of the one-to-one 'Jump Start' Programme I have been using to help people from across the to world define, find and secure the career opportunity they really want.

It can be a common frustration that despite having a wealth of skills and abilities, people struggle to get a response to their CV / resume from job boards or recruitment firms. At the outset, positive feelings and confidence about the future can quickly turn to negativity and despondency.

As one of my previous clients summed up this situation: 'I just don't know why my CV isn't working for me!'

Whether you're new to the job market or have been immersed in it for a while, this course will give you the answers to the burning questions you have and to the questions you never thought to ask.

Successful job search is much more than a well-worded CV / resume. In fact the most important thing in finding success in the job market is your own psychology – what you believe, how you think and the action you choose to take.

I'll teach you the proven Career Codex framework for defining, finding and securing the career opportunity you really want, not just the one you've seen advertised or the one presented to you by a professional recruiter.

It moves you from a state of reactive chaos to put you in proactive control of your job search every step of the way. The state of the job market and what others do is not important – what matters is what you choose to do and how you do it.

Wherever you're based in the world and whether you're looking to make a career move within sector or a career change / transition to something new, this course will teach you the skills, strategies and a proven approach that really works.

It covers the four key stages of any successful job search:

Environment – how the job market really works and how to therefore position yourself successfully to stand out. 

Psychology – how your beliefs ultimately lead to your success or failure, and that personal responsibility and self-evaluation are the real keys to success in the job market. 

Planning – how to define the job you want and your unique offering. Then how to build a personal jobseeker plan to deliver the opportunity you desire within a clearly specified period of time. 

Process – the more traditional tools to find job search success, but approached from a completely different angle. This includes CV / resume and cover letter composition, how to get in front of decision makers (recruiters, employers and 'marketmakers'), interview techniques, social media strategies, professional networking and offer negotiation.

While others simply advise that to find success in the job market you need to stand out, this course shows you how!

I look forward to working with you and helping you find the success you know you deserve.

To Your Success!

Best wishes


Simon Gray FCAFounder & CEOCareer Codex Limited

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to advance their career or move jobs.
  • Anyone looking to change career or explore new opportunities.
  • Anyone determined to take their career to the next level.

Course content

  • OVERVIEW – an introduction to the course.
    • A personal welcome and what you can expect from the course.
    • A formal letter of welcome and what to expect from the course.
    • Let's get started.
    • What's your starting point?
    • Time to review your responses.
    • Transformation is possible – Alan shares his story.
    • The four stages of successful job search.
    • Why do people sometimes fail to find the success they deserve?
    • Congratulations on completing the overview section.
  • ENVIRONMENT – how the job market really works!
    • Welcome to the environment section.
    • The key players in the job market.
    • The supporting players in the job market.
    • The three conversations employers have.
    • Marketmakers.
    • More on 'marketmakers'.
    • What standing out in the job market really means.
    • The 'hidden market' revealed.
    • How to get ahead of the market and your competition.
    • Why believing is seeing in the job market.
    • What you need to know about professional recruiters.
    • A quick summary of what we've covered.
    • Congratulations on completing the environment section.
  • PSYCHOLOGY – how to develop a winning mindset!
    • Welcome to the psychology section.
    • How do you view the job market?
    • What the psychology of success really means.
    • Key questions and the 'pinball effect''.
    • Why failure is your friend.
    • Breaking the certainty link to build a probability mindset.
    • The 'chain of success'.
    • Don't be limited by your comfort zone!
    • Breaking through your comfort zone – prison or platform of potential?
    • The five principles to change beliefs.
    • 1) Personal responsibility.
    • 2) Empowered self-talk.
    • 3) Detachment.
    • 4) Focus on process, not prize.
    • 5) Put yourself on the pedestal.
    • The power of the mind.
    • The conscious and unconscious mind.
    • What you need to know about emotional intelligence.
    • The importance of discipline and productivity.
    • The Career Codex (Productivity) Matrix.
    • Why you need a 'thinking journal'.
    • The power of the 'thinking journal'.
    • A quick summary of what we covered.
    • Congratulations on completing the psychology section.
  • PLANNING – how to define the career and job opportunity you really want!
    • Welcome to the planning section.
    • Why planning is essential to your success.
    • Five reasons you need to plan.
    • Why job search is like a business.
    • The three-legged stool of happiness, fulfilment and success.
    • Know your value.
    • Why focus always trumps flexibility and the law of attraction.
    • The three stages of planning.
    • Stage 1 – defining your destination.
    • Exercise 1 – why are you looking for a new position?
    • Exercise 2 – who do you want to work for?
    • Exercise 3 – what type of position do you really want?
    • Defining the time it will take to find your next position.
    • Defining 'calendar' time.
    • Defining 'investment' time.
    • The relationship between 'calendar' and 'investment' time.
    • It's time to put together your 'destination statement'.
    • Completing your 'destination statement'.
    • Stage 2 – setting the direction.
    • The daily action plan in action.
    • Stage 3 – maintaining discipline.
    • Creating a personal support system.
    • 1) Peer pressure.
    • 2) Measurement.
    • 3) Rewards.
    • 4) Self-evaluation.
    • Combining destination, direction and discipline in a system for success.
    • The personal jobseeker plan in action.
    • It's time to take massive action.
    • Proactively identifying targets.
    • A quick summary of what we covered.
    • Congratulations on completing the planning section.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on the importance of planning.
  • PROCESS – how to find and secure the job you really want!
    • Welcome to the process section.
    • The 8 steps to success.
  • Step 1 – how to write a super executive CV / resume.
    • Welcome to step one of the process section.
    • Is there a difference between a CV and resume?
    • Why a CV / resume is essential, but not that important.
    • The two waves – how professional recruiters and employers read them.
    • Foundations of a standout CV / resume.
    • What an employer really wants to know.
    • Does your CV / resume make sense?
    • The CV / resume template discussed.
    • Responsibilities and achievements.
    • Why you should include hobbies and interests.
    • Congratulations on completing step 1.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to construct an impactful CV (1).
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to construct an impactful CV / resume (2).
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how recruiters and employers read CVs / resumes.
  • Step 2 – how to write an impactful cover letter.
    • Welcome to step two of the process section.
    • The two questions to ask yourself before approaching an employer.
    • Why a cover letter is much more than a letter.
    • The three components of a great cover letter.
    • The cover letter in action.
    • Congratulations on completing step 2.
  • Step 3 – how to get in front of decision makers.
    • Welcome to step three of the process section.
    • The foundations of a successful approach.
    • A balanced portfolio of activity to get closer to the target.
    • The three Ps that drive success.
    • The 'jobseeker dichotomy'.
    • The three types of decision makers.
    • Why you should never rely on others.
    • Getting in front of professional recruiters.
    • Getting in front of employers.
    • Getting in front of 'marketmakers'.
    • Who are you and what do you do?
    • Refining your message with the 'tell me more' test.
    • Developing a modern marketing mindset.
    • A lesson in modern marketing.
    • The 'hire cycle': see me > like me > trust me > hire me.
    • To protect and serve.
    • The gatekeeper – friend or foe?
    • Congratulations on completing step 3.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to build a relationship with a recruiter.
  • Step 4 – how to deliver a first-class interview.
    • Welcome to step four of the process section.
    • The three stages, which drive interview success.
    • Dispelling the myths.
    • The two keys to interview success.
    • How employers really make decisions.
    • The staircase of preparation.
    • 1) The basement.
    • 2) The first floor.
    • 3) The second floor.
    • 4) The third floor.
    • 5) The roof terrace.
    • The three documents you need to prepare in advance of any interview.
    • 1) The catalyst.
    • 2) The bridge.
    • 3) The 90-day plan.
    • How to handle the interview.
    • The 'Triple A' of influence.
    • How to break the ice.
    • Take control – the higher baseline.
    • How to control the conversation – the black hole principle.
    • How to transform weaknesses – the 8 Mile strategy.
    • Why and how to fill in the gaps before you leave.
    • Why and how to ask great questions.
    • Why and how to ask for feedback.
    • Three special interview scenarios and how to handle them.
    • How to handle competency-based interviews.
    • How to handle group interviews.
    • How to handle more than one interviewer / panel interviews.
    • When you leave the interview room, the interview is far from over.
    • How to follow up on your interview properly.
    • Congratulations on completing step 4.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray – how to be confident at interview.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to prepare for interview.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on the best way to start a job interview.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to control the interview.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on what to do after the interview is over.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to handle group interviews.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to handle interview testing.
  • Step 5 – how to leverage the power of social media.
    • Welcome to step five of the process section.
    • Key principles of LinkedIn and an impactful online presence.
    • The secret key to the 'hidden market'.
    • The online 'hire cycle'.
    • Key principles of building an effective online presence.
    • LinkedIn's Social Selling Index.
    • Free or premium?
    • The delicate balance between work and personal.
    • Setting your career interests.
    • The importance of building a personal brand.
    • Personal branding explained.
    • The two principal ways to utilise LinkedIn properly.
    • 'SW' and 'PET'.
    • LinkedIn as a 'shop window' – the reactive approach.
    • Connection types and why they're important.
    • What's your policy on the platform and are you a LION?
    • The three key questions.
    • Invaluable real estate – header / photo / professional headline.
    • Creating your personalised URL and visibility settings.
    • The big difference between the summary and experience sections.
    • What to do with skills & endorsements.
    • Social proof – why and how to ask for recommendations.
    • How to make people stay a while once they've found you.
    • Your contact information and how to connect with someone you don't know.
    • LinkedIn as a 'proactive engagement tool' – the proactive approach.
    • How to search and notes / tags.
    • Like, share, comment, updates and published posts.
    • Why groups are great and what to do in them.
    • A source of salary information.
    • LinkedIn Salary.
    • Congratulations on completing step 5.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on the importance of social media and social proof.
  • Step 6 – how to leverage the power of networking.
    • Welcome to step six of the process section.
    • Key principles of successful networking.
    • The power of networking and five key principles for success.
    • Why effective networking is never about selling.
    • Building your strategy for success: Who, where, how and how often?
    • The ultimate 'TEC'hnique for building relationships.
    • Congratulations on completing step 6.
  • Step 7 – how to continually innovate to stay ahead.
    • Welcome to step seven of the process section.
    • Adapt and innovate.
    • The power of feedback and observation.
    • Congratulations on completing step 7.
  • Step 8 – how to handle the offer and negotiation stage.
    • Welcome to step eight of the process section.
    • An introduction to offer and negotiation.
    • Emotion, power shift and pressure!
    • How to receive and handle the offer.
    • How to negotiate the best offer possible.
    • How to handle leverage.
    • It's time to celebrate!
    • Congratulations on completing step 8.
    • Q&A with Simon Gray on how to secure a pay rise and promotion.
  • SUMMARY – bringing everything you've learnt together.
    • Congratulations on completing the course.
    • Look how far you've come!
    • Please let me have your feedback.
    • Thank you and what next?

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