Memory Mastery: Improve Your Everyday Memory in 30 Days
Memory Mastery: Improve Your Everyday Memory in 30 Days
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Become a memory expert and learn how to remember more!

What you'll learn

Remember more names.
Learn a new language faster.
Recall long-digits.
Learn a martial arts faster.
Memorise book notes.
Deliver presentations without notes.


No requirements! Just motivation to learn the new skills and apply them to your everyday life.
After you finish the course, please pay it forward by teaching this material to someone else.



You hate that feeling when someone meets you and they remember your name and you’ve completely forgotten theirs.

Or even worse you walk into a room and forget why you walked into the room in the first place.

Imagine if you could learn that language you’ve always wanted to speak, give public talks without notes, master that instrument you started when you were younger or simply remember more names.

You hate the feeling of feeling like you’ve forgotten something at home and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re forced to consume.

For many people they feel out of control because they were left behind by the education system.


We have all experienced the embarrassment off being introduced to someone and after 2 seconds we have forgotten their name.

Or even worse important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

It will feel great when you have a good memory and people constantly ask you ‘how do you remember so much?’.

By the end of the course you will be known amongst your friends, colleagues and family as the person who never forgets things.


Most people don’t realise you can improve your memory.

Many of us believe we either have a good or bad memory.

The truth is there is no such thing as a bad memory- just an untrained memory.

With over 1,000 books published every single day, your job is to learn skills that will help you learn anything faster.

This has resulted in higher demands on professionals and students to know more faster, highlighting the importance of differentiating between just in time information and not just in case.

You want to be the person who never forgets anyone’s names, knows multiple languages and give flawless talks but you believe you have a bad memory and that’s holding you back, however, with the right training that can change.


This course will help you improve your memory by teaching you useful strategies to comprehend more when reading and real world applications.

Whether you’re trying to remember what you just read, birthdays, to-dos and passwords this course will provide you with the best strategies for improving your everyday memory.

By the end of the 30-day course you to remember – and recall – with ease.

Don’t struggle through life with a bad memory – learn how to harness this incredible power!

24/7 access to me and the Facebook Private Mastermind ! Daily content on speed reading, learning strategies, memory training and much more to help you learn anything faster.

Lifetime access. Which includes online applications and book recommendations.

Certified Memory Certificate. Y​ou can add this to your CV and LinkedIn.


After completing the course, you will have better social interactions because you will remember important details about the people you meet, progress faster within your professional career as you recall information from every meeting and learn any skill in at least half the time it did before.

You will feel not only feel superhuman once you’ve mastered the superpower of memory but motivated to learn new subjects as you are able to absorb information at accelerated speeds.

Beyond being a memory expert

Your average day won’t be the same as you will look to become 1% better each day, constantly looking to hack new skills and finish tasks faster than those around you.

Once you become a memory expert people will not understand how you manage do so much with your time.

And what I encourage you to do is share your new skill with those around you as you will become a source of inspiration.

Something once taught is twice learned.


Jordan Harry - CEO of StudyFast | TEDx Speaker (1M+ views) | European Triple Jumper | International Keynote Speaker

When I was 10 I had a speech impediment which left me struggling to read throughout school.

After learning strategies from world leading speed readers and memory experts I dramatically enhanced my learning ability.

I can now read at 1,500 words per minute (seven times faster than the average reader) and now I help others unlock their potential to learn anything faster.

You can remember more, and I will show you how.


You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't improve your everyday memory after 30 days and completing the course just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.


This course will last for 30 days.

Only 15 minutes per day!

It won’t be easy - but if you put the work, you are guaranteed to succeed.


Week 1

Introduction to the Memory Mastery Course

Memory Techniques

Week 2

Remembering More Names

Learning a New Language

Week 3

Remembering Book Notes

Remembering Lecture Notes

Week 4

Remembering Scripts

Remembering Numbers

If you have a visual or learning disability don't feel like speed reading is impossible... it isn't!

Please contact me before enrolling in the course, so I can work with you to ensure your utmost success.

I hope you get everything you expect, and more, from the course.

- Jordan Harry

P.S.:​ This isn't your normal online course: expect humour, clear and concise content that is far from boring!

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to new a new language
Corporate professionals
Anyone who wants to new a martial arts



Memory Mastery: Improve Your Everyday Memory in 30 Days

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