Ultimate Seed Starting Guide (A Complete Reference)

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Learn what you need to know about starting seeds, including: containers, growing medium, water, heat, and light.

What you'll learn

Learn why to start plants from seed.

Find reputable seed companies to order from.

Learn what to consider when choosing plant varieties.

Decide what size and type of containers for sowing seeds.

Discover what the best growing medium is for starting seeds.

Find out how to make your own seed starting mix (and what to avoid!)

Learn about geation rate and how many seeds to sow.

Find out how deep to plant seeds (and which ones need light to sprout).

Learn how to water and ways to retain soil moisture.

Find out the ideal soil temperature for seed geation (it varies by plant!)

Discover ways to keep seed trays warm.

Learn about how to provide light for seedlings after seed sprout.

Find out when to sow seeds, when to repot, and when to transplant outdoors.

Learn about saving seeds and how to do it.


No gardening experience needed. Whether you are a complete bner, or an experienced gardener who has only grown plants from starts, you can learn something from this course.

At a minimum, you will need to make, find or buy: seeds, containers, seed starting mix, grow light, and a way to warm up the seeds and their container.


This course is perfect for bner gardeners who want to learn how to start plants from seed. However, experienced gardeners might still be able to learn a thing or two from this course! It covers everything from selecting seeds to when to transplant seedlings outdoors in the spring.In the course, we will cover various topics, including: why to start plants from seed, reputable seed companies, seed selection and seed catalog walkthrough, when to order seeds, what to consider when choosing seeds, container size, recycled seed trays, the importance of drainage, seed tray recommendations, plant labels, multisowing, growing medium recommendations, how to make your own seed starting mix, cautions about pathogens, sowing (depth and number of seeds to plant), watering methods (double tray, spray bottle), maintaining humidity and soil moisture (humidity domes, plastic wrap), ideal temperature for seed geation (and how it affects to geation), ways to keep seeds warm (heat mats, greenhouses, cold frames, humidity domes), heating a small space, light requirements (which seeds need light to geate), the importance of day length, and how to figure out when to sow, based on plant type and your last frost date.The course includes plenty of recommendations to help you get started. There are also some extras at the end, along with a troubleshooting document to help solve some of the common problems you may run into with seed starting.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Greeting From Instructor

Lecture 2 Course Outline

Lecture 3 Why To Start Plants From Seed

Section 2: Seed Selection

Lecture 4 Reputable Seed Companies

Lecture 5 Seed Catalog Walkthrough

Lecture 6 What To Consider When Buying Seeds

Lecture 7 When To Order Your Seeds

Section 3: Containers

Lecture 8 Seed Tray Size

Lecture 9 Recycled Seed Tray Ideas

Lecture 10 Drainage

Lecture 11 Multisowing

Lecture 12 Labeling Seed Trays

Section 4: Growing Medium

Lecture 13 What Is Seed Starting Mix?

Lecture 14 Growing Medium Recommendations

Lecture 15 Custom Growing Medium (Make Your Own!)

Lecture 16 Soilless Mix - Peat Moss & Perlite

Lecture 17 Soilless Mix - Adding Nutrients

Lecture 18 Cautions On Pathogens

Section 5: Sowing Seeds

Lecture 19 How Many Seeds To Plant

Lecture 20 How Deep To Plant Seeds

Lecture 21 Sowing Red Beet Seeds

Lecture 22 Multisowing Red Beet Seeds

Section 6: Moisture & Watering

Lecture 23 Backfilling & Watering Seed Trays

Lecture 24 Watering Seed Trays (Spray Or Tray?)

Lecture 25 Humidity Domes

Lecture 26 Plastic Wrap

Lecture 27 Spray Bottle Watering (Plant Mister)

Section 7: Temperature & Heat

Lecture 28 Ideal Temperature For Seed Geation

Lecture 29 Seed Starting Mat (Heat Mat)

Lecture 30 Greenhouses & Cold Frames

Lecture 31 Humidity Domes (Revisited)

Lecture 32 Heating A Small Space

Section 8: Light

Lecture 33 Light For Seeds & Seedlings

Lecture 34 Grow Light Height & Recommendations

Lecture 35 Day Length (Hours Of Light)

Section 9: Seed Starting line

Lecture 36 Geation Factors

Lecture 37 Last Frost Date

Lecture 38 Potting Up (Repotting)

Lecture 39 Transplanting Outdoors

Section 10: Extras

Lecture 40 Saving Tomato Seeds

Lecture 41 Sowing Peas (Part 1)

Lecture 42 Sowing Peas (Part 2)

Lecture 43 Sowing Presoaked Peas

Lecture 44 Paper Towel Method

Lecture 45 Peas & Beets After Geation

Section 11: Troubleshooting (Q&A)

Lecture 46 Frequently Asked Questions About Seed Starting

Bner gardeners who want to start plants from seed, or experienced gardeners who are starting plants from seed for the first .






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