The 3-Hour Garden #1 Establishing The Garden

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Learn gardening essentials in detail from land preparation, composting, irrigation, trandplanting and more!

What you'll learn

Establish the garden to grow your own vegetables in 3 hours a week, no experience needed

From planning and building the garden to Composting, Usage of tools and more

We provided documents and sheets to plan your garden efficiently

Learn all you need to start pro organic gardening


No experience needed


In the 3-HOUR Garden online course #1 and #2, you can get to know Barnabas's gardening tricks of bio-intensive vegetable cultivation in the smallest details. Thanks to the format of the courses, you can learn in an interactive interface with the help of HD quality videos, text notes and sheets.In the first half of the course, we present the work processes of the organic garden in detail, including the preparation of beds, sowing and planting, weed management, nutrient supply and plant protection. In the second half of the course, you can get to know the cultivation of vegetables and herbs down to the smallest details. You get a complete picture and instructions for successful gardening:-Use of permanent beds-One of the pillars is the use of raised beds-Composting: The most important material of a biointensive garden is high-quality compost-Crop planning-There is no well-functioning organic garden without a proper planting plan-Efficient workflows-From preparing the beds through planting to plant protection-Successful vegetable growing: Diversity, appropriate variety selection, plant care, healthy vegetables-Sustainable soil management: The most important friend of the organic gardener is the soil, and we must treat it accordingly"Our goal is to motivate and help those who would like to connect with nature through gardening at home in their free and want a more environmentally conscious and healthy life."Enjoy all the healthy food rich in vitamins you could cultivate with your own hands! See you in the course: )


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: 1st Half of Course - Design the Garden

Lecture 2 Design

Section 3: Getting Started

Lecture 3 Preparing the plot with cardboard and mulch

Lecture 4 Preparing the plot with plastic cover

Lecture 5 Preparing the plot with tillage

Section 4: Permanent beds

Lecture 6 Permanent beds

Lecture 7 Tipes of permanent beds

Lecture 8 Assembly of a simple raised bed

Section 5: Irrigation

Lecture 9 Irrigation in practice

Lecture 10 Irrigation system

Lecture 11 Irrigating transplants

Section 6: Tools and Equipment

Lecture 12 Tools

Section 7: The Greenhouse and the Nursery

Lecture 13 The greenhouse

Lecture 14 The Nursery

Lecture 15 Growing transplants indoors

Lecture 16 The inner film layer in the greenhouse

Lecture 17 Summer season in the greenhouse

Lecture 18 Heated nursery tables

Section 8: Compost

Lecture 19 The process of composting

Lecture 20 Composting in practice 1

Lecture 21 Composting in practice 2

Lecture 22 Composting in practice 3

Lecture 23 Using a shredder for better compost

Section 9: Crop Planning

Lecture 24 Basics of crop planning

Lecture 25 Seasonality

Lecture 26 Quick growing crops

Lecture 27 Crop rotation

Lecture 28 Successional plantings

Lecture 29 Companion planting and interplanting

Section 10: Resources

Lecture 30 All documents

This course is for those who would like to get into gardening,Who would like to level up and learn from a more experienced organic gardener,Who is motivated to be more self-sufficient,Who wants to live healthier





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