Strengthening Your Voice With Proper Communications Skills

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English Language Arts

What you'll learn

Enhance their self-learning, communication skills: writing, reading and listening.

Use proper grammar, which is the foundation of communication.


Desire to learn English language art skills.

Improve your English language art skills.


The 60 + videos and 80 supplements transform concepts using color-coding, animation, and story lines to enrich the learning experience. Students of all ages and in a variety learning environments can enhance their English Language Arts skills.

Four categories include: grammar, reading, writing, and write & read tips. Each video, 4 to 15 minute snts, concentrates on a specific concept or skill under the assigned category. For each video, a handout can be used for free style note taking. Under certain topics, able graphic organizers can be used for your creativity and organizing your thoughts.

Video Content


1. Nouns, Adjectives, & Adverbs

2. Basic Sentence Parts

3. Pronouns

4. Direct & Indirect Objects

5. Dialogue & Commas

6. Nouns and Clauses

7. Active & Passive Voice

8. Sentence Combination

9. Fickle Words

10. Appositives

11. Parallel Structures

12. Verb Tense

13. Verb Mood-Subjunctive

14. Verb, Participles, Gerunds

15. In-Action Verbal Phrases-Friday

16. In-Action Grammar Neighborhood

17. Misplaced Modifiers

18. Run on Sentences

19. Fragments


1. Author’s Tone & Purpose

2. Context Clues & Loaded Words

3. Mood & Sensory Details

4. Aspects of Setting

5. Author's Writing Style

6. Theme & Tone

7. Irony

8. Tone

9. Author's Purpose-Non-Fiction

10. Facts & Opinions

11. Method of Arrag Details

12. Appeal to Authority

13. Appeal to Emotion


1. Writing with P.O.W.E.R.

2. Write Tone & Purpose

3. Short Story Elements

4. Drama & Dialogue

5. Types of conflict

6. Conflict & Setting the Scene

7. Motive

8. Compare & Contrast

9. Point of View

10. Organizing Paragraphs

11. Thesis Statement

12. Support Reasons for Persuasive Essay

13. Compare & Contrast Paragraph Details

14. Writing Strong Paragraphs


1. Sequence

2. Show

Don't Tell

3. Dynamic & Static Change



5. Word

Wall 1

6. Word

Wheel 1

7. Making



Wall- We Pity

9. Word

Wheel 2

10 Persuasive


11. Why

Compare and Contrast

12, Making


BONUS Project

Digital Story Telling

2. Resources

Who this course is for

English language learners, adults and students.,Students studying English as a primary or secondary language.,Adults interested in refreshing their knowledge of communication skills,Home School, Grade School, High School, Secondary English Language Learners, All Ages





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