Sports Nutrition For Physical Fitness

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Healthy nutritional balance diet, Performance enhancement supplements, physical fitness, Protein nutrients etc.

What you'll learn

Recovery supplements

body building supplements

sports drinks


protein nutrients

How to eat as a young athlete

How to eat healthy and exercise

How to eat like an Olympian

How to eat after workout

How to have a healthy nutritional balance

How to raise nutritional -smart kids

Physical fitness


No specific requirement

Desire to ensure healthy eating for competition

Willingness to become physically fit


Healthy living or adopting healthy lifestyle is very important. Nutrition is an important part of many training regimens, being popular in strength sports and endurance sports. sports nutrition specifically focuses its studies on types, as well as the quantity of fluids and food taken by an athlete. To gain the most from diets and food, there should be a measured concentration on nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances that include carbohydrates, protein and fats. There are also obvious factors that athletes need to be taken into consideration such as gender, weight, height, body mass index, workout or activity stage and of day. All athletes must ensure that a proper diet is key to better and effective performance whilst poor diet will have negative implications on your body and performance. Vitamin D is a key micronutrient for all humans and is especially important for young athletes this essential vitamin helps the body absorb and regulate calcium and also contributes to healthy immune function.Developing a meal plan is very important, it can be very detail or just a few notes, but take some and write out your ideas of what you are to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages for the coming week. It is also essential to plan out what exercise you are going to do. it is very important to include both cardio and strength training activity each week for the overall exercise and health benefits. There should be a very clear and conscious effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle, practice consistent physical activity and set healthier goals that is achievable. Eating well provides your body with all the essential nutrients your body needs to function at an optimal level. It is very clear that as an athlete or sports person, a well balance diet can boost your immune system, support healthy development, help support a healthy weight and also help prevent chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. We all need to ensure good physical fitness because our health is our wealth.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is sport nutrition

Lecture 3 Factors influencing nutritional requirement

Lecture 4 Energy supplement

Lecture 5 Recovery supplement

Lecture 6 Performance enhancement supplement

Lecture 7 Nutritionist

Lecture 8 High protein diet

Lecture 9 Energy bar

Lecture 10 Dietition

Lecture 11 List of diet

Section 2: Protein (nutrient)

Lecture 12 Protein nutrient

Lecture 13 Protein functions in human body

Lecture 14 Protein sources

Lecture 15 Testing in foods

Lecture 16 Protein quality

Lecture 17 Digestion

Lecture 18 Dietary recommendation

Lecture 19 Special population

Lecture 20 Excess consumption

Lecture 21 Protein deficiency

Section 3: Multivitamin

Lecture 22 Multivitamin

Lecture 23 Product and component

Lecture 24 Uses

Lecture 25 Precautions

Lecture 26 Research

Section 4: Sports Drink

Lecture 27 Categories of sport drinks

Lecture 28 Purpose and effectiveness

Lecture 29 Potential harmful effects

Lecture 30 History of sports drink

Lecture 31 Commercial market

Section 5: Body Building Supplement

Lecture 32 Body building supplement

Lecture 33 History of body building supplement

Lecture 34 Protein supplement

Lecture 35 Pro hormones

Lecture 36 Creatine supplement

Lecture 37 B-hydroxy B-methylbutyrate

Lecture 38 Mislabeling and adulteration

Section 6: How To Eat As A Young Athlete

Lecture 39 Consuming the proper ratio of macro nutrients

Lecture 40 Consuming important micro nutrients

Lecture 41 Eating and drinking at the right s

Lecture 42 Planning a young athlete daily menu

Section 7: How T Eat Healthy And Exercise

Lecture 43 Improving your diet

Lecture 44 Incorporating physical activity

Lecture 45 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Section 8: How To Eat Like An Olympian

Lecture 46 Eating a balance meal

Lecture 47 Fueling up on carbohydrates

Lecture 48 Getting enough protein

Lecture 49 Making healthy decisions

Section 9: How To Eat After A Workout

Lecture 50 Calculating your daily calorie intake

Lecture 51 Planning your meals

Section 10: How To Have A Healthy Nutritional Balance Diet

Lecture 52 Understanding a well - balance diet

Lecture 53 Maintaining a well - balance diet

Section 11: How To Raise Nutrition - Smart Kids

Lecture 54 Teaching how to make healthy eating choices

Lecture 55 Adopting healthy eating habits

Lecture 56 Promoting healthy body Image

Lecture 57 Recovery supplements

Section 12: Physical Fitness

Lecture 58 Physical fitness

Lecture 59 Activity guidelines

Lecture 60 Exercise

Lecture 61 Training

Lecture 62 Effects of physical fitness

Lecture 63 History of physical training and fitness

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 64 Five questions

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