Oil Painting A Pet Portrait

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Oil Painting Breeze a Bernese Mountain Dog

What you'll learn

Artists will be able to use this course to complete a professional looking pet portrait .

Each step of the painting is discussed in detail from start to finish,

Each technique is reviewed throughout the course .

Each phase of the painting is broken down into easy to follow videos.


The course is recommended for bner to intermediate oil painters and most of the techniques will work in acrylic.


Painting portraits are an essential part of earning an income in commissions for mostly all successful artists. Painting a pet portrait can be an excellent source of additional income. These portraits still require capturing the pet's character for a more desirable result. This course is designed not just to paint the subject shown here but can work with all types of animal portraits. You can complete this type of painting from start to finish and learn the techniques and tools required to achieve a professional result. The course includes understanding a good subject image and, in some cases correcting flaws. You will learn how the importance of underpainting will go a long way in preventing your painting from looking like a photograph. When you complete the underpainting, you will move to the blocking phase, where large areas of color are added and refined through multiple passes. The course is finished by detailing specific areas to achieve an overall painting effect.Each lecture is divided into phases and split into easy-to-follow demonstration videos. These videos break each part of the painting into manageable sections, which can be done at your own pace. These sections are somes revisited during multiple sittings to go into more detail.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Getting The Most Out Of This Course

Lecture 3 Image Study

Lecture 4 Materials List

Section 2: Tools and Techniques

Lecture 5 The Limited Palette

Lecture 6 The Proportional Divider

Lecture 7 Photoshop With a Color Checker

Lecture 8 Techniques

Section 3: Lessons

Lecture 9 Canvas Preparation

Lecture 10 Creating Working Images in Photoshop

Section 4: Underpainting

Lecture 11 Underpainting a Pet Portrait 101

Lecture 12 Breeze Underpainting 1 of 5

Lecture 13 Breeze Underpainting 2 of 5

Lecture 14 Breeze Underpainting 3 of 5

Lecture 15 Breeze Underpainting 4 of 5

Lecture 16 Breeze Underpainting 5 of 5

Section 5: Blocking

Lecture 17 Blocking a Pet Portrait 101

Lecture 18 Breeze Blocking 1 of 11

Lecture 19 Breeze Blocking 2 of 11

Lecture 20 Breeze Blocking 3 of 11

Lecture 21 Breeze Blocking 4 of 11

Lecture 22 Breeze Blocking 5 of 11

Lecture 23 Breeze Blocking 6 of 11

Lecture 24 Breeze Blocking 7 of 11

Lecture 25 Breeze Blocking 8 of 11

Lecture 26 Breeze Blocking 9 of 11

Lecture 27 Breeze Blocking 10 of 11

Lecture 28 Breeze Blocking 11 of 11

Section 6: Details

Lecture 29 Detailing a Pet Portrait 101

Lecture 30 Breeze Detailing 1 of 20

Lecture 31 Breeze Detailing 2 of 20

Lecture 32 Breeze Detailing 3 of 20

Lecture 33 Breeze Detailing 4 of 20

Lecture 34 Breeze Detailing 5 of 20

Lecture 35 Breeze Detailing 6 of 20

Lecture 36 Breeze Detailing 7 of 20

Lecture 37 Breeze Detailing 8 of 20

Lecture 38 Breeze Detailing 9 of 20

Lecture 39 Breeze Detailing 10 of 20

Lecture 40 Breeze Detailing 11 of 20

Lecture 41 Breeze Detailing 12 of 20

Lecture 42 Breeze Detailing 13 of 20

Lecture 43 Breeze Detailing 14 of 20

Lecture 44 Breeze Detailing 15 of 20

Lecture 45 Breeze Detailing 16 of 20

Lecture 46 Breeze Detailing 17 of 20

Lecture 47 Breeze Detailing 18 of 20

Lecture 48 Breeze Detailing 19 of 20

Lecture 49 Breeze Detailing 20 of 20

Section 7: Outro

Lecture 50 Extra Resource Videos

Lecture 51 Make a Glass Palette

This course is for all artists who want to produce professional looking oil paintings of animals.






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