Chatgpt Masterclass: Navigating Ai And Prompt Engineering
Published 8/2023
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Dive into the Future: ChatGPT's Universe and Beyond - Google Bard, Bing Chat, DALL-E Artistry, Voice Integration, & More

What you'll learn
Transform your ideas into captivating content with ChatGPT's potent prompt engineering techniques.
Elevate your marketing game by generating targeted content, capitalizing on trends, and crafting compelling ads.
Harness ChatGPT to revolutionize your productivity, managing time and tasks with precision.
Develop a strong brand identity, design logos, and establish an impactful online presence.
Unlock the power of AI Voice Tools to effortlessly create speech for any purpose and even clone your own voice.
Optimize workflows, make data-driven decisions, and automate business processes with ChatGPT.
Dive into AI Video Tools, crafting AI avatars and swiftly generating social media-worthy content.
Enhance your visuals using AI Photo Tools, breathing life into images and curating batches of custom visuals.
Refine soft skills like communication, leadership, and problem-solving through personalized ChatGPT feedback.
Craft compelling resumes, cover letters, and engaging website content using ChatGPT.
Mastering email marketing, generating ad copies, and honing prompt engineering skills.
Navigating the realms of digital marketing, financial planning, and health & fitness with ChatGPT.
Automating AI workflows with AutoGPT and LangChain to enhance efficiency.
Leverage ChatGPT for SEO optimization, E-commerce, translation, and Amazon sales copy.
Swiftly produce long-form content like podcasts with ChatGPT's prowess.
Exploring innovative applications being built with ChatGPT, GPT-4, and DALL-E 2.
Discover a multitude of skills including using OpenAI's APIs to code and build applications.
Unleash the potential of DALL-E 2 to craft astounding images from prompts, employing advanced techniques.
Code with the synergy of ChatGPT and programming fundamentals.
Harness ChatGPT to bypass information limits and access up-to-date data from 2023.
Learning ChatGPT essentials, designing optimal prompts, and utilizing key tips for unparalleled productivity.
Unlocking the art of AI-generated images without the need for Midjourney.

Dive into this AI journey with ease - no previous AI or programming background required!
Curiosity and an open mind are your best companions - a genuine desire to learn and embrace new technology is a definite plus.
All you need is a computer or mobile phone with an internet connection to embark on this transformative adventure!

Have you been captivated by the awe-inspiring AI feats but find yourself at a crossroads on where to embark?Imagine a world where crafting compelling video scripts, captivating presentations, captivating social media posts, and curating personalized emails becomes a seamless reality. Envision transforming abstract ideas into tangible projects, composing engaging podcasts, and outlining E-books that resonate with your audience. Welcome to the gateway of possibilities, where AI empowers you to weave your creativity across domains like project outlines, job proposals, SEO keywords, language translations, and beyond!Congratulations! You've arrived at the pinnacle - Udemy's most sought-after ChatGPT course!Step into the AI Revolution: Master ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Beyond!Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will reshape your productivity and unleash your creative potential? Buckle up for the illuminating 2023 edition of our renowned ChatGPT course![ FRESH FOR 2023: Immerse yourself in 6 hours of groundbreaking content, wield the comprehensive "Prompt Engineering Guide," unlock new ChatGPT Chrome extensions, explore an entire ChatGPT Plugins section, and dive into 100+ new video lessons! ]Embark on an empowering voyage that uncovers the capabilities of ChatGPT 3.5, GPT-4, AI Plugins, Google Bard, Bing Chat, DALL-E 2, and an impressive array of 20+ other revolutionary AI tools. Supercharge your skills, redefine your methods, and ascend to unprecedented levels of efficiency.By the time you conquer this course, you'll have achieved mastery in:ChatGPT Insights: From Core Concepts to BrillianceDemystify ChatGPT's fundamentals and harness the power of over 200+ ingenious prompts.Effortlessly navigate the ChatGPT landscape with precision and confidence.Open doors to collaborative possibilities as you team up with your new AI companion.Crafting Content with Precision: Unleash 10x EfficiencyCraft captivating content, condense intricate text, and amplify your ideas.Elevate your content strategy with insights powered by AI's brilliance.Boost your productivity by generating bulk content seamlessly.AI in Business: Amplify Communication and CreativityRedefine your business communication with AI-enhanced emails that resonate.Utilize AI insights to innovate business strategies and ignite ventures.Elevate your brand identity with AI-fueled creative excellence.Mastering Generative Art with DALL-E 2Immerse yourself in the realm of creative exploration with DALL-E 2.Elevate, remix, and reimagine your artistic horizons.Infuse your imagination into generative art with prompts guided by AI's ingenuity.Pioneering AI Horizons: Accelerate Your EndeavorsAmplify coding efficiency with ChatGPT mastery, revolutionizing your approach.Craft captivating videos and avatars, putting AI's magic to work for you.Transform your photos into dynamic storytellers, create music, and clone voices with AI's brilliance.Revamping Algorithms and Codes: Code Generation, Debugging, and DocumentationImmerse yourself in the AI-powered realm of code generation, algorithms, debugging, and documentation.Embark on hands-on learning journeys, refining your programming prowess alongside ChatGPT.Creating Revenue Streams with AI: From Side Hustles to Notion AIHarness the transformative power of AI for innovative side hustles, freelancing, online selling, and the strategic use of Chatgpt.Explore a spectrum of revenue streams and set new standards with AI-driven ventures.AI Crafting Dynamic Videos: Avatars, TikToks, Reels, and ShortsEmbrace a spectrum of AI video tools, creating avatars and producing captivating TikToks, Reels, and Shorts in bulk.Unleash your creative vision and captivate audiences through AI-powered video wizardry.AI Enriching Visuals: Voice-Infused Photos, Photoshop Alternatives, and Watermark RemovalPlunge into the world of AI image manipulation, where voices breathe life into photos, elements are replaced seamlessly, and visuals are enhanced with AI's magic touch.AI Revolutionizing Writing: Google Sheets, Automated Messaging, and Data ExtractionNavigate the landscape of AI writing tools, revolutionizing Google Sheets, automated messaging, and data extraction.Elevate your writing precision and communication efficiency with AI's strategic guidance.Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering: Precision and FinesseUnveil the secrets of effective prompt engineering, the cornerstone of AI interactions.Craft prompts that yield optimal results and steer AI toward your desired outcomes.Elevate your AI interactions with finesse, turning the AI into a powerful collaborator.Unleash AI-Powered Excellence Today! From crafting captivating content to reshaping creativity, this course propels you into an AI-driven future where boundaries cease to exist. Lifetime access to 100+ lessons, a comprehensive 6-hour curriculum, and exclusive resources empower you to infuse AI's transformative prowess into your skills, revolutionizing efficiency.Enroll now and be the harbinger of AI-driven success! Your future awaits, powered by the brilliance of AI."

Section 1: Welcome to the ChatGPT Masterclass: Your Journey Begins!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 comparison of ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard

Lecture 3 How to start using Bing Chat (Free Gpt-4)

Section 2: Building a Strong Foundation: The Basics of ChatGPT

Lecture 4 ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Lecture 5 Basics of Prompt Engineering

Lecture 6 Demystifying Modifiers: Your Quick Introduction

Section 3: Crafting Conversations: The Art of ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

Lecture 7 AI Prompt Engineering Unleashed!

Lecture 8 Straightforward Prompt

Lecture 9 Tabular Format Prompting

Lecture 10 Missing Word Prompting

Lecture 11 Preceding Question Prompting

Lecture 12 Comparative Analysis Prompt

Lecture 13 Experiential Perspective Prompt

Lecture 14 Developmental Critique Prompt

Lecture 15 Everyday Functioning Prompts

Lecture 16 I Want You To Act As prompting

Lecture 17 Universal Prompt Structures

Lecture 18 Prompt Refinements

Lecture 19 Mastering Prompt Priming

Lecture 20 Zero, One, and Few Shot Prompting!

Lecture 21 Reverse-Engineered Prompt Generation

Lecture 22 Chain of Thought Prompting

Section 4: Weaving Ideas: Mastering Information Synthesis with ChatGPT

Lecture 23 Intro: Unlock Enhanced Writing and Data Skills with ChatGPT Mastery

Lecture 24 Effortless Text Summaries

Lecture 25 Tailoring Text for Your Audience: A Simple Guide

Lecture 26 Breaking Barriers: Language Translation Made Simple

Lecture 27 Summarizing Videos Easily

Lecture 28 Mastering Proofreading

Lecture 29 Basic Data Reorganization

Lecture 30 Organizing Data with NER: Simplified

Lecture 31 Advanced Text Classification for Data Reorganization

Lecture 32 Building Charts

Lecture 33 Crafting Assessments: Essays, Multiple Choice, True or False

Lecture 34 ChatGPT with Internet Access

Lecture 35 Outro: Your Journey, Your Words.

Section 5: Creative Content and Copywriting with ChatGPT: Your Expressive Edge!

Lecture 36 Social Media Success with ChatGPT: Let's Begin!

Lecture 37 Blog and Article Writing with ChatGPT

Lecture 38 Essay Writing and Rephrasing with ChatGPT

Lecture 39 Create Compelling Facebook Ads

Lecture 40 Social Media Script Writing with ChatGPT

Lecture 41 Video Description, Title, and Tag Writing with ChatGPT

Lecture 42 Product Descriptions with ChatGPT

Lecture 43 SEO and Keywords with ChatGPT

Lecture 44 Podcast Scriptwriting Made Easy with ChatGPT

Lecture 45 Compose a Song with ChatGPT

Lecture 46 Craft Your Perfect Resume with ChatGPT

Lecture 47 Crafting a Standout LinkdedIn Bio with ChatGPT

Lecture 48 Speech Generation with ChatGPT

Lecture 49 Use ChatGPT To Write A Book

Lecture 50 Your Social Media Posts with ChatGPT!

Lecture 51 Content Creation for Specific Niches with ChatGPT

Lecture 52 Project

Section 6: Exploring with ChatGPT: Learning and Research Made Dynamic!

Lecture 53 ChatGPT Discovery: Unveiling Study and Exploration

Lecture 54 Ask the Right Questions

Lecture 55 Questions for Growing Your Business

Lecture 56 Advanced Job Search

Lecture 57 Prepare for a Job Interview

Lecture 58 Email Potential Employer

Lecture 59 Learn From Past World Events

Lecture 60 Social Dynamics

Lecture 61 Learn About Family and Friends-1

Lecture 62 Learn Software and Other Tools

Lecture 63 Simplify Complex Math Problems with ChatGPT

Lecture 64 Compare and Contrast

Lecture 65 Compare and Contrast then Re-Write

Lecture 66 DIY and Home Improvement

Lecture 67 Travel Guide

Lecture 68 Schedule Creation

Lecture 69 Reorganize and Improve a Spreadsheet

Lecture 70 The Ultimate AI Meal Plan

Lecture 71 Elevate Your Skills in Real-World Scenarios

Section 7: DALL-E 2: Crafting the Extraordinary with AI Artistry!

Lecture 72 DALL·E 2 Explained part 1

Lecture 73 DALL·E 2 Explained part 2

Section 8: Essential Coding with ChatGPT: Unveiling AI Magic!

Lecture 74 Chat GPT Built My App in Minutes-1

Lecture 75 Craft a To-Do List App in Just 1 Minute with ChatGPT!

Lecture 76 Code Documentation useing chatgpt

Lecture 77 Debugging Codes with Chat GPT

Lecture 78 Web Scraping any website with ChatGPT New

Section 9: Photo AI Tools: Elevate Your Images, Effortlessly Integrated!

Lecture 79 Remove Watermarks with a Single Click using AI!

Lecture 80 2D Image Convert into 3D Image

Lecture 81 Free Image Generations!

Lecture 82 Create Your Own AI Animated Avatar

Lecture 83 Getting Started With Playground AI + Stable Diffusion

Lecture 84 Bing Image Creator

Section 10: Video AI Tools: Transform Your Content through Seamless Integration

Lecture 85 Make short videos from long ones

Section 11: Music AI Tools: Elevate Your Sound, Seamless Integration!

Lecture 86 AIVA -- A.I Powered Music Creation Tool

Section 12: Voices AI Tools: Your Voice, Upgraded and Integrated!

Lecture 87 Play.HT AI Voice Generator

Lecture 88 Best Text to Speech Comparison!

Lecture 89 ElevenLabs Voice AI

Section 13: Mind-Blowing AI Tools: Unleashing the Extraordinary!

Lecture 90 Tome AI - Powerful Presentations in Minutes!

Lecture 91 Ai Tools Better Than ChatGPT

Content Creators: Elevate your creations with AI-infused ingenuity, from captivating blog posts to compelling social media updates.,Digital Marketers: Open new horizons with AI-driven strategies, crafting campaigns that truly resonate with your audience.,Entrepreneurs: Revolutionize your operations, harnessing AI to streamline tasks, spark innovation, and drive growth.,Professional Writers: Refine your craft, let AI amplify your writing, and explore fresh perspectives.,Lifelong Learners: Stay ahead by mastering AI skills that shape the future of creativity and innovation.,Curious Minds: If you're eager to unlock AI's limitless possibilities and embark on an inspiring educational journey.,Research Scholars: Supercharge your analysis with AI, diving deeper and extracting insights more efficiently.,Tech-Savvy Visionaries: Entrepreneurs, strategists, and career switchers seeking to conquer the AI landscape.,Students of Technology: Those curious to explore the synergy of AI and their chosen fields, gaining a competitive edge.,App Developers: Unleash AI's power to craft user-friendly applications, even with limited programming knowledge.


Chatgpt Masterclass: Navigating Ai And Prompt Engineering

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