Blender Masterclass Learn 3D Modeling From A-Z

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Get to know Blender completely and practically: 3D modelling, shading, lighting, rendering, animation, VFX, ...

What you'll learn

All Basics/Navigation through Blender

3D Modeling


Lighting & Advanced Modeling

Rendering & Compositing

Advanced Animation / Simulation

Motion Tracking + VFX

And much more!


You don't need any previous knowledge!

The free software Blender


Want to create cool 3D models and fully understand Blender?Then the Blender Masterclass is for you!In this course Vincent will show you everything about the basics/navigation of Blender, modelling, shading, lighting & advanced modelling, rendering & compositing, advanced animation / simulation, motion tracking + VFX and much more...But what exactly will you learn in detail in this course?Basics: In the first section of the Blender Masterclass you will learn the basics so that you can navigate through the software with confidence. You will learn the basic shortcuts to add objects, delete objects, move objects and also how to set the keyframes for an animation.Modeling: Since the course is very practical, you start in the second section with modeling. Here you don't have to talk for a long , but you get to know the tools in practice. At the end of this section you will have modelled a McDonald's cup. Shading: You will learn how to create a UV map and how to "print" a texture onto your object. After you have mastered the UV maps, Vincent will show you how to add details to your cup and how to adjust the surface of your object. Watch a few free preview videos to see the quality of the course for yourself. Lighting & Advanced Modeling: In this section you will learn the difference between realistic light and artificial light, from a softbox for example. You will learn how to add a background and adjust the exposure to the environment of your scene. You will also gain quite a bit of modelling experience as our McDonalds branch project continues! The course is very much designed for hands-on learning.Rendering & Compositing: You are now at the point where you have created a finished 3D scene and want to create a 2D image from it. In this section you will learn which settings are best suited for which case and how you can even edit your image in Blender. Advanced Animation/Simulation: You can now create cool 3D scenes, but how do you create realistic animation and make a person do a backflip, for example? That's what you'll learn in this section. You will also learn how to use the different simulation types and Dynamic Paint. For example, you can use it to animate realistic water!Motion Tracking + VFX: You will learn how to free objects in a video with the help of masks - the topic is rotoscoping. If you use green screen footage, the whole thing is even easier! After that, we go into detail about motion tracking so that you can realistically integrate objects into your scene.Stylistic basics: In the stylistic basics section you will learn a few useful tools to get the most out of your scene. You learn how to create a dark atmosphere and how to work with the alpha channel. Nice to know: Blender has almost infinite possibilities to create a scene or animation. Everything that didn't fit into one of the upper sections, but is still very fun and useful, we have packed into this section. Feel free to click through and see what's interesting for you. The stereoscopy function, for example, is very cool!Helpful addons, apps and websites: In the last section of the Blender Masterclass Vincent shows you a lot of useful addons for your work with the software. Addons can speed up your work with Blender many s over and are very useful. For example, you will learn how to automatically create a 3D model from a portrait image. This course is for everyone who wants to have fun with 3D modelling and wants to master the topic from A-Z step by step.So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Blender Masterclass today and we'll see you in the first video.We look forward to seeing you!Vincent & Marius


Section 1: Basics

Lecture 1 Course Teaser

Lecture 2 IMPRTANT: Watch this before starting

Lecture 3 Intro: Basics

Lecture 4 Viewport Navigation

Lecture 5 Basic Operations: Selecting, Adding, Deleting

Lecture 6 The 3 Basic Transformations

Lecture 7 The Basics of Animation

Lecture 8 Parenting

Section 2: Modeling

Lecture 9 Intro: Modeling

Lecture 10 Modeling Basics

Lecture 11 The most important modeling tools

Lecture 12 Modeling tips & tricks

Lecture 13 Array- & Curve Modifier

Lecture 14 Modeling tips & tricks #2

Lecture 15 Save Files & Automatically Pack Resources

Lecture 16 Runde Faces Unterteilen -> Triangulation

Lecture 17 Proportional Editing

Lecture 18 Der Boolean Modifier

Lecture 19 Modeling Tips und Tricks #3

Lecture 20 Transform Orientation und Pivot Points

Section 3: Shading

Lecture 21 Intro: Shading

Lecture 22 Basic Texturing & UV Maps

Lecture 23 Texture Painting

Lecture 24 Create your own UV Maps

Lecture 25 Multiple UV maps on one object

Lecture 26 Shader Editor tips & tricks

Lecture 27 Roughness

Lecture 28 Normal Maps vs. Displacement

Lecture 29 PBR Textures Workflow

Lecture 30 Shading with multiple shaders

Lecture 31 Index of Refraction

Lecture 32 Alpha Channel Shading

Lecture 33 Multiple materials on one object

Lecture 34 Procedural Texturing

Lecture 35 Shading with videos

Section 4: Lighting & Advanced Modeling

Lecture 36 Intro: Lighting & Advanced Modeling

Lecture 37 Realistic Lighting with HDRIs

Lecture 38 Create your own HDRIs wiht your phone

Lecture 39 Create HDRIs in Blender

Lecture 40 Camera Settings & Interior Basics

Lecture 41 Interior Basics & size ratios

Lecture 42 Modeling of a sofa with Subsurface- and Ramesh Modifier

Lecture 43 Glass door Archimesh Addon

Lecture 44 Modeling with references

Lecture 45 Procedural Shading Example: office

Lecture 46 Interior Design with references

Lecture 47 Text Modeling

Lecture 48 Modeling with Array and Boolean Modifier

Lecture 49 Curve Modeling / Curve Modifier

Lecture 50 Displacement Modifier

Lecture 51 Wireframe Modeling

Lecture 52 Sculpting

Lecture 53 Why shit textures are powerful

Section 5: Rendering & Compositing

Lecture 54 Intro: Rendering & Compositing

Lecture 55 Rendering

Lecture 56 Denoising im Compositor

Lecture 57 Compositing wiht Render Passes (Mist, Depth & Co)

Lecture 58 Photo Editing in Blender Compositor

Section 6: Advanced Animation / Simulation

Lecture 59 Intro: Advanced Animation / Simulation

Lecture 60 Character Rigging and Animation

Lecture 61 Motion Capture Data

Lecture 62 Rigid Body Simulation

Lecture 63 Cloth Simulation

Lecture 64 Soft body simulation

Lecture 65 ter Particle systems

Lecture 66 Hair Partice Systems

Lecture 67 Liquid Simulation

Lecture 68 Smoke and Fire Simulation

Lecture 69 Dynamic Paint Waves

Lecture 70 Dynamic Paint Displace

Lecture 71 Dynamic Paint

Section 7: Motion Tracking + VFX

Lecture 72 Intro: Motion Tracking + VFX

Lecture 73 Rotoscoping in Blender

Lecture 74 Greenscreen keying

Lecture 75 Tracking Basics

Lecture 76 Camera Solving

Lecture 77 Lighting & Shadow Catcher

Lecture 78 Holdout & Compositing

Lecture 79 Post Production

Lecture 80 Add 3D objects to photos with Blender & fSpy

Section 8: Stilistic Basics

Lecture 81 Intro: Stilistic Basics

Lecture 82 Dust particles

Lecture 83 Atmospheric haze with Volumetrics

Lecture 84 Atmospheric haze with Mist Pass

Lecture 85 Pictures with alpha channel

Lecture 86 Pixel Art

Lecture 87 VHS Look

Section 9: Nice to knows

Lecture 88 Intro: Nice to knows

Lecture 89 Camera Animation with Curves

Lecture 90 Handheld Camera animation

Lecture 91 Blender Video Editer

Lecture 92 Geometry Nodes

Lecture 93 2D Animation

Lecture 94 Freestyle Rendering

Lecture 95 Tour Visuals

Lecture 96 Stereoscopy

Lecture 97 Backrooms (Found Footage)

Lecture 98 Shade your own sky fo stars

Lecture 99 Making Of: 5 star animation

Section 10: Helpful Addons, Apps and Websites

Lecture 100 Intro: Helpful Addons, Apps and Websites

Lecture 101 Extra Objects

Lecture 102 A.N.T Landscape

Lecture 103 Saplin Tree Generator

Lecture 104 Ivy Generator

Lecture 105 Botaniq

Lecture 106 Discombobulator

Lecture 107 Avatar SDK

Lecture 108 Polycam

Lecture 109 OUTRO

Bners who are just getting started with Blender AND can cope with a fast course pace,Advanced learners who want to learn from a professional





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