Portrait Drawing- Drawing an Old Man with Colored Pencils
Portrait Drawing- Drawing an Old Man with Colored Pencils
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Comprehensive Hyper-real Portrait Drawing and Sketching, Art of Portrait Drawing & Shading step by step


What you'll learn

Learn how to draw and painting an old man
Learn how to perform the wrinkles on the face around the eyes and also forehead
Learn how to show the feelings of the model to audience
Learn how to implementation of mustache and model stubbles
Learn how to create very recessed skin texture


Faber Castell 36 Classic Color Pencils
Skin color tones of polychrome colored pencils
Mechanical eraser
Rechargeable eraser
Normal eraser
Normal pencil
Esteinbach cardboard
Paper glue


Do you know that the colored pencil technique is the mother of all painting techniques ??

Most students consider the pencil technique to be the most difficult technique for painting !! Because in pencil it is not possible to combine colors in liquid form such as acrylic, watercolor and oil paint !! The student can not make the colors in the palette and use them after ensuring the correct color!!

In the pencil technique, all the colors are obtained in the painting itself during the execution of the steps, We will teach you all these points in full details, dear students.

We will teach you all these points in full details, dear students.

In these tutorials, we face many challenges in drawing the face of an old male model.

In the following, before starting the trainings, we will examine the challenges ahead.

In the painting of old models, one of the most striking parts is the wrinkles on the face and around the eyes and forehead of the model, which is very attractive and dazzling in the eyes of the audience !!

In the following tutorials, we will teach you students how to professionally apply the look of old eyes with all the wrinkles and details in the form of skin color.

We teach you how to perform the wrinkles you draw in a natural way and do not have lines on the face. It's very important to bring out the hidden feelings in the old face, which also requires professional training, because the audience while watching painting ,in addition to losing in the artist skill, must have a sensory connection with the work and the hidden feelings, and easily receive the hidden feelings of model's face.

So you should keep in mind that apart from performance and face painting, you can also implement the feelings and moods of the model (sadness, happiness, fatigue, etc.)

In most of the faces that are drawn from old models, color combinations are more difficult than young and child faces, because in old faces, we have bumpy parts and freckles and wrinkles, which is why there are many color differences, and it is a little difficult to get this great variety of colors, of course, this difficulty will be easier for you dear ones with our basic teachings and the rules of color that will be said.

The interesting part that you will see in these tutorials is the implementation of mustache and model stubbles which is a very challenging and attractive part. We will tell you how to perform mustache and stubbles professionally and naturally.

Keep in mind that good contrast in the performance of older models will greatly enhance the quality of your work.

One of the parts that is very important in this model and we teach it is the creation of very recessed skin textures, which is very different from the skin texture of young and child models.

There is a lot of detail in these old models and in the end the result will be very impressive and beautiful.

follow our tutorials for professional learning and excellent performance of this beautiful model.

Who this course is for:

Anyone wanting to learn to draw beauty portrait with colored pencils
Students looking for shortcut to getting super high levels of details easily
All artists
This course is designed for students interested in drawing

Course content
22 sections • 23 lectures • 6h 26m total length


Homepage: https://www.udemy.com/course/portrait-drawing-drawing-an-old-man-with-colored-pencils/

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