Zero To Hero In Salesforce Functions

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A step by step guide from concept to implementation of Salesforce Functions from Basics to Advance

What you'll learn

What is Salesforce Functions

What are the use cases of Salesforce Function and When to Go for it Over an Apex Solution

Architecture of Salesforce Functions and How it runs within the same salesforce Boundaries

Create Functions in Industry Standard Language Such as Java, javascript and TypeScript

Understanding What a Function or Compute Space is

Creating Compute Space and Connect it With Salesforce Org

Deploy Functions to Compute space and Invoke it from Apex Class

Utilizing Salesforce SDK to work with Salesforce Data from Functions

Utilizing Rich Libraries of Different Languages to Solve Different Problems

Security in Salesforce Functions

Salesforce CLI commands to Work with Function Space

Function Limits and Best Practices


Basic Understanding of Apex Development

Salesforce CLI and VS code Knowledge is Good to have but we will learn all the commands in this course


Welcome to The Salesforce Functions Course where we will learn the Power Of Elastic Computing using Salesforce Functions. With Salesforce functions you can Create Scalable Solutions using industry Standard languages such as java, javascript, and TypeScript on the Salesforce Platform.This course is designed to learn Functions from the very bning and then advanced level. In this course, you will be able to learn every basic information about Salesforce Salesforce Functions.Salesforce Functions is a cloud-based platform for building and deploying custom business applications. It provides a range of tools and features to help businesses automate their processes.In This Course We will create Functions, we will Create Compute Space and Deploy the Function To Compute Space so that it can be invoked From the Apex class On Demand.We will understand The Architecture of Salesforce functions. we will understand the Security of Salesforce functions. We will also learn various Invocation patterns and will implement them. we will also Utilize The salesforce SDK to work with Salesforce Data from Functions. we will create Functions that use Different Libraries of these Industry standard languages to solve a Problem.Note:- You will get the PPT of each lectureCode related to each lectureNew Videos will be added in the coming future with other Functions Topic


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Agenda of this Course

Lecture 2 Important Note

Lecture 3 Introduction to Salesforce Functions

Section 2: Understanding Functions Use Cases and Architecture of Salesforce Function

Lecture 4 Deciding When To use Salesforce Functions vs Core apex Solution

Lecture 5 Different Use Cases of Salesforce Functions

Lecture 6 Architecture of Salesforce Functions

Section 3: Set Up All Required Tools and Org to Work with Functions

Lecture 7 Step by Step ing and installing All the Required Tools

Lecture 8 Creating and Exploring New Salesforce Trial Org with Functions Enabled

Section 4: Functions Deep Dive

Lecture 9 The Compute/Function Space

Lecture 10 Mysterious yet Special Platform Integration User in your Org

Section 5: Creating Compute Space , Creating , Deploying and Invoking Functions

Lecture 11 Creating and Deploying Functions to a connected Compute Space

Lecture 12 Invoking Function From Apex Classes and Accessing Functions Logs from Teal

Lecture 13 Creating javascript Function and understanding Functions Deployment Process

Lecture 14 Understanding Salesforce Data Security and Sharing Settings for Functions

Lecture 15 Synchronous and Asynchronous Functions Invocation

Lecture 16 Salesforce SDK to Work With Salesforce Data

Lecture 17 Salesforce SDK - Interfaces and methods to Process Large Salesforce Org Data

Lecture 18 Working With DataAPI

Lecture 19 UnitofWork to Perform Bulkify DML Operations

Lecture 20 Working with Java Library to Solve Complex Solutions with Functions

Section 6: Working With SF Commands , Understanding Functions Limits and Best Practices

Lecture 21 Unit Testing of Functions and SF Namespace Commands

Lecture 22 Function Limits and The Best Practices while working with Functions

Lecture 23 Notes Used in this course

All Salesforce Developer,Developers Eager to Build Elastic computing Solutions that are Scalable,Developers who want to Write Solutions in Industry Standard language with Higher Processing powers





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