Build A Chatgpt Supercharged Product Innovation Machine 2023
Create a ChatGPT innovation machine to generate, implement, and advertise hundreds of product ideas

Product Innovation is critical in today's world. But it usually takes time, expertise, and demanding work by a large group of people. This course disrupts that assumption. It allows anyone to create an ultra-fast and super-productive innovation machine by leveraging the newly unleashed powers of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has stirred the imagination of many of us. It opens up a lot of opportunities, and some concerns, about how humans will work alongside Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT has made Artificial Intelligence accessible to all.

In this course I will show you how humans and ChatGPT can work side by side, to create a powerful innovation team. You'll learn how to make ChatGPT your ultra-fast, super-focused, and surprisingly original innovation co-pilot. We will do it by harnessing the power of several proven innovation methodologies, and guiding ChatGPT to use these methodologies in order to define the most promising directions for product innovation, and then to come up with dozens of high-quality product innovation ideas. You will then learn how to turn ChatGPT into a sophisticated technological innovator solving the toughest innovation problems, and even to serve as your creative team for advertising campaigns that will make your new products grab the attention of customers.

You don't need any prior knowledge in working with ChatGPT, or in product innovation. This course will take through all the required steps, and within just a couple of hours, you can have your own innovation machine set up and ready to accelerate your product innovation and value. Along the way, I will show you some best practices and tips on how to work best with ChatGPT, as well as provide you with an overview of the innovation methods you'll have ChatGPT deploy for you. These include Jobs To Be Done, Systematic Inventive Thinking, TRIZ for technological problem solving, and creative advertising templates.

Here are the key things I will provide you inside this course:

  • Overview of the powerful innovation methodologies we will be using

  • Demonstration of how to set up the right conversations with ChatGPT

  • Downloadable prompts that you can reuse and tweak in your own chats

  • Tip and best practices on working with ChatGPT and the product innovation techniques

I created this course for both professional product managers or innovators, and at for anyone else who wants to innovate in their products, services, or solutions.

The time for Human and AI collaboration is here! You need to learn how to make that part of your product innovation practice. This course will show you how.

Build A Chatgpt Supercharged Product Innovation Machine 2023

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