Kitchen Design Principles and Standards
Kitchen Design standards


This course will help you to develop standards and principles in designer your kitchens the same from beginning throughout the process to finish.  The most important issue in kitchen designing seems like it is communication.  Since customers vary in all types of people and they may misunderstand what you are trying to communicate to them.  Communicating with them is major, communicating with the installer is also critical so that the end result is what the customer expected.  The better you are able to do this, the more likely you are to succeed as a Kitchen Designer.  I have developed standards in Island design, sink design and the cooking area design, also crown molding and other areas. 

Once you have developed these and show the customer, they will either like what you have or suggest another design.  At least from doing this you prevent the project from going a hundred different directions.  Customers without meaning too will lead you all over the place and I found that if you have clear directions in which to lead them then you prevent this from occurring.  The winning formula is them understanding you, you understanding them, and the installer and all your team understanding as well.  Some customers will have you redo your work if this is not clear, and they expected something else.  How many times have we heard, "That is not what I expected.  None of us want to have that or have a reason for a bad review, bad relationship, or having the project turn out to be a disaster.  Attention to detail is key. 

This is important so the designer is clear to the customer and installer so that the finished product is amazing.  Then end result will be referrals, happy customers,  satisfied customers mean we made money, planned it right, and peace of mind for us the cabinet designer. 

Kitchen Design Principles and Standards

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