Employee Engagement Performance Management Coach Certificate

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Manager essentials business communication skills training, human resource, employee talent management (2023 Accredited)

What you'll learn

Re-engage employees

Become proficient at motivating your team

Inspire results

Conduct influential coaching conversations

Be an empathetic, take-charge, in-tune leader

Gain clarity in your communication

Redirect employees while maintain good relationships

Fully accredited 12 CPD Continuing Education (CE) Professional Hours - provider #776727

Free customizable employee coaching handouts

Superb student reviews!

CPD/CE Continuing Education Hours available

Professional employee coaching certificate available


Accredited for (12) Continuing Professional Development credit hours. Full certification please anticipate 3-4 hours of workplace practice


Upon completion of this course and with approval by the CSA Application Review Team, students are eligible to apply for a complimentary Accredited CSA Employee Engagement Coach Certificate (12-B.4 Teaching Member in Good Standing). Provider Number: 776727about: Coaching Studies Academy Marketplace Division, was established to offer democratized access to online education, regardless of financial ability.We make select Coaching Studies Academy courses available to everyone worldwide.Coaching Studies Academy Marketplace Division adheres to Udemy's established guidelines. As such, the following CSA services are NOT peted to be made available to our Udemy Students; Live One-On-One & Group Coaching Calls Weekly Webinar TrainingsCSA Success Team Email SupportAccess to Coaching Studies Masted Group*We DO however offer Udemy-Specific students fantastic value at an affordable entry;World-class training programsAccess to Q&A with the instructional team (Via the Q&A tab)Udemy Community - 80,000 Udemy StudentsUdemy Quality Program - 9,000 5-star reviewsOur Udemy courses are Globally Accredited and come with an opportunity to apply for optional Continued Professional Development / Continued Education Credit Hours (CPD/CE).Udemy's marketplace allows you quick and easy access to Success Education on your schedule without needing a dedicated coach or teaching assistant.You get video-based lectures created for Udemy, and your Instructor responds to private messages and Q&A promptly.What You'll Learn . . . Motivate your team and re-engage employees to achieve desired results: Practice the drivers of employee engagementClear up "muddy thinking" and get the results you desireInspire your team to better results: Intended Workplace Reputation exerciseHave confident, smooth, comfortable coaching conversations with your team: Grow Coaching ModelAddress and bring performance issues to a resolution: DESC Communication TechniqueInstill a positive workplace feel: Appreciate Inquiry Positive Organizational ScholarshipBe viewed as an empathetic, take-charge, in-tune leader: Listening LevelsHave the conversation just once: Paraphrasing for ClarityMaintain good relationships while re-directing employees away from -waster conversations: Acknowledge and TransitionsThis coach certification training is accredited for 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and 12 Continuing Education (CPD) (CEU) Credit Hours. Please note that the successful completion of this course requires students to submit all course assignments. You should anticipate spending approximately 8-12 additional hours in the practice of skills taught. Details regarding how to request your official certification and 12 CPD/CEU credit hours will be provided at the end of the course.New managers who put the effort into acquiring professional coaching skills are 130% more likely to realize better business results, through enhanced engagement, increased productivity, and more satisfying customer service.*BACKGROUND:The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their life - that is a lot of “life energy”.As a new manager, supervisor, training specialist, or coaching professional, you want to make a difference. You aim lead the PEOPLE on your team to higher levels of performance. You aim to empower high-potential and well-being. You aim to guide others in tapping-into their greatest ability.Yes you’re already skilled at what you do. You’re trained and effective in the processes and formalities.However . . .When you accepted this new role THEY never told you how complicated people really are. They never told you that in order to lead people how self-aware you’d need to become. They never told you how many moving parts are involved in generating sustainable high performance year after year.I know the difficulties of coaching employees to high-performance first-hand! When I ran my first team, I had zero idea how to motivate, inspire or coach others. I was lost and our results suffered.Now after 25+ years of leading others in the role of manager, coach, and business executive, I fortunately have figured a few things out. And, in this Employee Performance Coach Certification course I share those things with you.This certification is rooted in research/experience-based person-centric approaches. The course is informed by; Positive Organizational Scholarship, Management Coaching Best-Practices, and Global Research on Employee Performance.DETAILS ABOUT THIS COURSE:Who is the target audience for this training?This course is well-suited for; ➤ New managers, supervisors, team leads, HR staff, and training professionals➤ Coaching professionals who want to teach these skills to corporate clients➤ High-potential employees➤ Managers in training➤ Undergraduate and Graduate school students ➤ Seasoned managers working in a field requiring proof of continuing education hours➤ For professional use or as a personal reflective tool Students who complete the course requirements are eligible to receive a Management Coaching Diploma Certificate. The certificate is valid for a two years from the date of issuance ,and may be renewed with proof of continuing education within three months of expiration. This course is fully accredited by the internationally recognized agency CPD Accreditation (Accredited Provider No: 776727), and 12 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits are available. In order to promote best coaching practices, please note that you are advised to use this training program within the boundaries of your expertise. The course author or the representatives of this training are not responsible for unauthorized usage of this training program. *Maximizing Performance Coaching, 2011, Bersin


Lecture 1 Promotional Video

Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 2 How this Course is Facilitated

Lecture 3 Employee Engagement Coaching - an exciting framework

Lecture 4 About Course Assignments

Section 2: Self-Aware Personal Leadership - Exercises

Lecture 5 Self Aware Leadership Exercise...part 1

Lecture 6 Self Aware Leadership Exercise...part 2

Lecture 7 Personal Leadership & Clarity

Lecture 8 Intended Reputation Exercise Instructions

Section 3: Defining Employee Engagement

Lecture 9 Introduction: Employee Engagement...a definition

Lecture 10 Employee Engagement Definition Workbook Review

Lecture 11 Behaviors of Engaged Employees

Section 4: Three (3) Drivers of Engagement

Lecture 12 Section Introduction

Lecture 13 The 3 Drivers of Employee Engagement

Lecture 14 Employee Engagement...ticket to the ball game

Lecture 15 Recap of What We Learned in this Section

Section 5: Developing Employee Engagement Strats

Lecture 16 Employee Engagement Strats - Introduction

Lecture 17 Employee Engagement-Develop Strats Based on These Statements

Lecture 18 Self-Study: Actions for Engagement

Section 6: Grow Coaching Model

Lecture 19 Section Introduction

Lecture 20 GROW Coaching Model

Lecture 21 GROW Coaching Model part 2

Section 7: Models for Effective Workplace Coaching

Lecture 22 Strength-Based Feedback

Lecture 23 Character Strengths Feedback Worksheet Practice

Lecture 24 DESC Model - Coaching for Performance Issues

Lecture 25 SBI Model - Giving Corrective Feedback

Lecture 26 Feedback to Your Boss

Section 8: Qualities of Excellent Coaches

Lecture 27 Life Coaching Qualities - part 1

Lecture 28 Life Coaching Qualities -part 2

Lecture 29 Life Coaching Qualities -part 3

Section 9: Employee Coaching Basics

Lecture 30 Employee Coaching Mistakes

Lecture 31 Assessments: Identify a Starting Point for Behavioral Coaching

Lecture 32 Establishing the Employee Coaching Relationship

Lecture 33 Employee Coaching vs. Directing or Telling

Section 10: Coaching Employees: Skills

Lecture 34 Appreciative Inquiry

Lecture 35 Generating Management Clarity - Paraphrasing Skill

Lecture 36 Acknowledge and Transition

Section 11: Complimentary Material Section

Lecture 37 All Course Documents in One Place!

Lecture 38 Performance Improvement Plans

Lecture 39 Building Rapport & Trust

Lecture 40 Bonus

New leader/managers responsible for one or more direct reports,Business professionals wanting to maximize the performance of individuals, teams, or their entire organization,Team leads responsible for project success,Entrepreneurs are or will be managing one or more employees,HR and Training professionals with an affinity for working with people,Those preparing for future managerial roles,Undergraduate and Graduate business/international business students






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