Blender for Complete and Total Beginners

Blender for Complete and Total Beginners

The absolute best starting point for learning 3D Modeling and Rendering in Blender, a completely free 3D application.



Blender is perfect for anyone interested in learning 3D, because it's incredibly powerful and free. This full creation suite offers a complete range of artistic possibilities, including modeling, animation, rendering, compositing, video editing, and a lot more. So whether you're interested in creating games, producing animations, 3D printing, or anything else related to 3D, Blender has you covered with it's complete production toolkit.

Learning such an advanced piece of software can be intimidating though! There are a crazy amount of tools and it can be tricky to figure out where to start. That's what this course is for. This curriculum was designed to give you a clear understanding of the most fundamental concepts and tools, even if you have zero experience.

Learn Fast with the Quick Start Sections

The course starts off with a few Quick Start sections which walk you through the basics of the software step-by-step. These sections make it super easy to quickly get up to speed with the most essential tools. They also act as a handy reference guide to refer back to if you forget any of the fundamentals.

Create a Full 3D Scene from Start to Finish

Then we'll take things further and apply everything we learned in a step-by-step project where we create a fun Pirate Raft scene. We'll also learn about a lot of new tools in this project, and I'll explain everything clearly along the way so that you're confident in knowing what's happening and what you're doing. You'll learn both how to do things, and why things should be done certain ways.

What Topics are Covered?

This course covers a wide range of topics designed to get you up to speed with fundamentals of each step of the creation pipeline so that in the end you're actually capable of creating full 3D scenes yourself from start to finish. Here's a list of some of the main topics that you'll learn about throughout the course:

  • 3D Modeling and the most common tools such as subdividing, extruding, and creating new geometry.

  • Learn about something called Modifiers, which are special modeling effects that you can use for complex modeling tasks.

  • Fundamentals of creating Materials(also referred to as Shaders), including using different kinds of Textures to create more complexity.

  • How to illuminate your scene using multiple kinds of Lights, as well as how to add ambient environment lighting.

  • Learn how to position your Camera in your scene to frame the perfect final shot of your scene.

  • Get introduced to two different Render Engines, Cycles and Eevee, which are used to process your scene into a final image.

Blender for Complete and Total Beginners


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