More than 'Mostly Happy': Build your HAPPYness Practise and become a HAPPYness Magnet!

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About This Class



It’s time you gifted yourself the happiest version of YOU!

You are SO WORTHY of that. 


This is the sign you’re looking for that HAPPYness, and by extension miracles, are easily accessible to you at any time.


All you need to tap into them, is a HAPPYness Practice that’ll guide you back to love and faith every time fear takes over in the form of anxiety, stress, control, sadness, jealousy or disappointment.

Each time you turn to, and rely on, your HAPPYness Practise, the Universe steps in and helps make HAPPYness and miracles your default state.


Sounds great, doesn’t it? But what is a ‘HAPPYness Practice’?


A HAPPYness Practice is a set of tools and techniques that you can fall back on each time you’re in a fear spiral to help bring you relief, and gently lead you back to feeling good.


Where are the miracles in this?


All you need for miracles to pour in, is to feel good. Dr. Wayne Dyer, said: I'll see it when I believe it.

So if you want to invite good feelings and great things into your life, first you need to feel good.


But why is feeling good so important?


Feeling good aligns you to the energy of the Universe and it responds by unleashing love and miracles upon you.

So by making the tools I’ll teach a part of your daily practice, you’ll be able to feel good more often, which in turn will make miracles coming into your life a daily occurrence!


Remember that miracles aren’t just the ‘big things’, they’re actually the small shifts you make daily.

Like choosing to use the HAPPYness tools to feel better, and get out of that fear spiral, instead of letting fear take over completely.


It takes courage to be happy, and I honor your bravery.


Being happy isn’t for the faint hearted I’m afraid.

Why? Because to be truly happy we need to look at what’s standing in the way of it, and that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Or coffee.

But what I can promise is that it’s absolutely worth it.

And I’ll be supporting you every step of the way!




If you’re ready to let me guide you to HAPPYness and miracles, and to be brave, here’s what I have in store for you:


- Across 7 videos, or ‘sessions’, I teach 7 simple, effective and fun tools.


- Each session has a corresponding downloadable, fillable worksheet which has a  journaling exercise that I take you through as I teach the tool in the session.

This will help you do some deep healing work and help you deploy the tool and watch it in practice.


- After each session is a beautiful guided meditation which I have created and then recorded just for you. There are different styles to choose from and each of them will help you invite inspiration and intuitive guidance in.


How to do the class? And who is this class for?


First time around I’d do the sessions and meditations in order.

But let your intuition guide you and do whichever session and meditation and journaling worksheet that calls to you.


The worksheets I’ve made are super detailed and will solve most of the questions you’ll have regarding the tools!


Please be kind to yourself as you do this class.

Healing is a process and I want you to feel supported through it.





Reach out to me and share your progress with me in the project section or discussion section so I can serve you better. You can also ask me your doubts there.

It's essentially like one-on-one coaching so take advantage of that please!


The project and discussion sections are a safe, non-judgmental space but if you still feel nervous sharing there in the beginning, then you can reach me on my instagram (@TheHAPPYnessAddict) as well.

My Instagram account is full of uplifting, colorful and happy Spiritual Art (yes, I’m an artist as well), lots of quick HAPPYness Hacks and lots and lots of virtual hugs! 

Basically it's your one-stop-shop for regular HAPPYness Content to supplement your HAPPYness Journey with.


As for who this class is for, then maybe you’ve tried various self-help books but they didn’t quite work for you, or maybe you had a HAPPYness practice and fell off the HAPPYness wagon, or maybe you’ve never tried anything before and just want to feel good. Whichever slot you nodded "ah, yes" to, this class is for you. It’ll meet you where you are and help you make feeling good and miracles flowing in a default state.


It starts with you being more happy than unhappy each day.


That’s the whole point. The sole goal, actually.

No one is fully happy, but everyone can start to be ‘mostly happy’.

It’s all about being more happy than unhappy any given day by using these tools.

That in itself sets in motion miraculous shifts.

And the more you use these tools, you’ll have more happy moments than unhappy ones on more and more days, and that’s when you’ll have made HAPPYness and Miracles your default mode and become MORE than ‘mostly happy’!

And I hold that space for you and wish that for you.


These aren’t all the tools I know and use, of course, but think of this as a starter pack to grow your HAPPYness Tool Arsenal! 


Before we start, let’s acknowledge the biggest miracle in this moment, and that’s you choosing to feel good, feel better and take care of your side of the street so the Universe can respond in kind.


I cannot wait to see the miracles waiting to unfold for you.


Welcome to my HAPPYness Movement! 


See you in class!


More than 'Mostly Happy': Build your HAPPYness Practise and become a HAPPYness Magnet!

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