Grants Management 101
Grants Management 101


A High-Level Overview of the Grants Management Process




What you'll learn: 

Learn the federal grant award lifecycle

Understand key laws and regulations governing federal financial assistance

Learn the roles and responsibilities of grant award recipients

Obtain tools to properly manage federal grant funds


There are no pre-requisities for this course.


This course is designed to be a high-level overview and prerequisite for in-depth grants management topics. This is also the perfect course for grants managers who need to brush up on some skills and areas of concern.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of each of the following areas:

The federal grant award process (not state or local award processes)

Grant recipient responsibilities in each grant award phase

Programmatic and Financial Grant Management concepts

Federal laws and regulations guiding the federal grant awards

Best practices for grants management from the pre-award phase to the closeout phase

The goal of this course is to help you confidently manage your grant funds and grant-funded projects. This course will help you create an efficient management system; understand federal expectations for grant fund recipients; use downloadable templates that will make your life easy; and improve your existing grant management practices. Everything that is required for the prime award recipient (or direct recipient of the grant award) is also required for the sub-recipient of the grant award (or indirect recipient) per the applicable federal guidance which is 2 CFR 200 (also known as Uniform Guidance).

In this course, we will review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), the Notice of Award (NOA), the required financial reporting forms (SF-425s), the federal guidance over federal financial assistance (including grant awards) - 2 CFR 200 "Uniform Guidance", and discuss the Single Audit and other compliance matters.  We will also discuss key registrations and federal government databases, such as SAM, Grants, and FAPIIS. I will walk through several templates so that you know what they look like and provide them in the resources section to the corresponding lesson


Who this course is for:

Non-federal entity leadership and staff (non-profit, private sector, state, local, tribal, etc.)

New federal grant applicants or awardees

Anyone with an interest in applying for federal financial assistance

Anyone looking for an affordable grants management course. Most grants management courses range from about $600 to about $1,300 per course.


Grants Management 101


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