Liquidverve Portrait Retouching Tutorial

Liquidverve Portrait Retouching Tutorial
English | Video: 1080p | RAW File | PS Action | PS Brush
In this in-depth retouching tutorial, I will discuss and explain exactly how dodge and burn (local and global) works, and show two complete retouch walkthroughs using these techniques! You can follow along with the attached RAW file. I will show and discuss all the techniques used to edit this shot, and explain my thought process as I go!


We will cover:

    What is Local Dodge & Burn?
    What is Global Dodge & Burn?
    How do we balance skin tones?
    How do we add depth to the hair?
    How do we retouch eyes simply?
    How do we retouch and soften lips?
    How do we add our own style to a simple retouch?
    How do we troubleshoot Dodge & Burn issues?

We will be working in Adobe Photoshop! Some prior knowledge of Photoshop is recommended, however you can still follow along if you are a beginner as every step is explained.

There is no prior knowledge of dodge & burn required. The tutorial is split into chapters for your convenience, but it is easiest to watch in chronological order.

The techniques taught can be applied to any portrait shot! Retouching is universal to all types (daytime / nighttime / neon / etc.) of portrait photography. I hope this tutorial will help you build a firm grip on dodge & burn, and take your retouching game to the next level!

Liquidverve Portrait Retouching Tutorial


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