Big Fish Audio Hot Fuzz Vintage Cop Show Kits MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Big Fish Audio Hot Fuzz Vintage Cop Show Kits MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 3.21GB

Funk/Soul Productions present a killer collection of loops inspired by the classic soundtracks of 1970s "blaxploitation" films such as Shaft and Super-Fly, and 70's TV cop shows like Baretta and Starsky & Hutch. Funky, sexy, and cool, the sound of that era had an unmistakeable vibe that is still popular today. And now you can add that sound to your own productions.

user GonBi     

Big Fish Audio Dubstep Impact MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Big Fish Audio Dubstep Impact MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 803MB

Prepare for an all out assault on your speakers with Dubstep Impact. Big Fish Audio and producer Jack D. Elliot have created 10 blazing construction kits with the distinctive dubstep style that has taken over electronic music. Massive synths, vicious drums, and huge wobbles are packed into this 1.38 GB library. With over 250 original loops you'll have everything you need to stand with Dubstep powerhouses such as Skrillex, Dastik, Borgore, Gemini and more!

user GonBi     

Big Fish Audio Dancetronic MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Big Fish Audio Dancetronic MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 921MB

Dancetronic is your one stop library for the newest and hottest dance music. 1.6+ GB of high energy dance music paired with 16 construction kits allowing you to keep the dance floor packed! Also included are the Drum Tracks and the Hits allowing you full control over all aspects of your music. Don't take our word for it, listen to them demo and try and stop yourself from dancing all over the place.

user GonBi     

Big Fish Audio Cerebral Techno Loop Pak MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Big Fish Audio Cerebral Techno Loop Pak MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 443MB

If you know techno, then you know Steve Stoll, one of the originators of the "minimal" techno sound. This is the second installment from the world-renowned techno producer and DJ. Here's your chance to draw from the same pool of loops that Steve Stoll uses to create his monster productions and remixes. The Blunted Boy Wonder is among the best when it comes to producing and remixing techno, house, and trance tracks. This set brings you over 350 loops, plus additional sounds and drum machine hits that nail that packed house sound you're looking for. In WAV, REX, ACID, RMX and Apple Loop formats, these loops and sounds are ready to be chopped up, layered, transformed, and manipulated into your next groove.

user GonBi     

Big Fish Audio Circuit Breaker 2 Electro House Pak MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Big Fish Audio Circuit Breaker 2 Electro House Pak MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 600MB

Following the success of the first volume of Circuit Breaker comes this new installment of electro house construction kits. The product is comprised of six killer kits plus additional drum loops, synth arps and drum hits. Pulsing synths, pumping drums, pounding bass, and cool sound fx will fill your musical pallet with the perfect elements to create your musical house masterpiece. You will notice the attention to details when listening to each element; from the sound design to the perfect use of effects to make a radio ready hit!

user GonBi     

Big Fish Audio Ambient Skyline 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
Big Fish Audio Ambient Skyline 2 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 3.16GB

Ambient Skyline 2 is the second in a series of ambient & cinematic chill-out loops, rhythm beds and samples created by Funk/Soul Productions. Ambient Skyline 2 contains 6 GB of 24-bit original content, 796 loops and 892 one-shots, all formatted for acidized WAVs, REX, RMX, Apple Loops and Kontakt 4. Quickly create the perfect musical bed and ambient masterpiece with these beautifully crafted loops and sounds.

user GonBi     

8Dio Liberis KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE | 8.08GB

LIBERIS is our next-generation choir library featuring a professional 45-piece multi-award winning Piedmont Children’s Choir lead by conductor, Bob Geary. The library represents the most detailed sampling ever done of a high-end symphonic children’s choir and the most ambitious release in the history of 8dio. LIBERIS allows you to create realistic sounding choir by using a variety of next-generation features, including true ensemble legato with speed control and legato for our poly-sustained chants. In addition the contains sustains from piano to forte, staccato with repetitions, marcato with sustains, BPM (host-synced) latin chants recorded at different speeds and velocity layers and a uncompromising effects section with +1000 effects ranging from basic consonant/vowels, clusters, sweeps, whispers, shouts, chirps, childrens songs, claps, snaps etc. In addition the library is recorded in 24 bit / 44.1khz with 3 (5.1) microphone positions, three different solo singers with poly-sustains and a gorgeous ambient section by Steve Tavaglione.

user GonBi     

Audiogrocery Vox De Bulgaria SAGE Xpander for Stylus RMX WiN DVDR-KRock
Audiogrocery Vox De Bulgaria SAGE Xpander for Stylus RMX WiN DVDR-KRock | 906MB

Vox De Bulgaria S.A.G.E. bundle is the very first massive (1.2Gb) vocal pack containing solo, duo, trio and choir grooves turning the standard Stylus RMX rhythm machine into an impressive musical instrument. The bundle is remarkable fore its brilliant high quality performances of a third generation young professional female folk singers. The well-known Bulgarian Voices included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing. An awesome variety of up to 25 natively recorded elements per suite (E2-E4) are available for some choir grooves, giving the users the unique possibility to compose live harmony choir tracks using the RMX "Groove Menu" mode in a musical way.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Synth Pop ELASTiK
Ueberschall Synth Pop ELASTiK | 1.04GB

'Synth Pop' from Ueberschall grants you access to the full range of modern chart music. The 20 Construction Kits included deliver everything which is needed to create chart-topping, modern Pop music. 'Synth Pop' is characterised by an emphasised electronic sound and is packed with harmonies, catchy melodies, basslines and club-based drum programming.

user GonBi     

realsamples English Spinet MULTiFORMAT
realsamples English Spinet MULTiFORMAT | 2.06GB

'English Spinet: Beurmann Edition' is an amazing library that features an instrument built by Thomas Hitchcock in London in 1718. Hitchcock's instruments are widely known as the best-sounding spinets ever built and pointed the way ahead for all spinets to come. Only about 36 of his masterpieces are preserved to this day.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Metal ELASTiK
Ueberschall Metal ELASTiK | 2.48GB

'Metal' - No Headroom - from Ueberschall provides you with 20 Construction Kits that are technically and production-wise on the highest level. Whether you are a vocalist without a band, a band without a drummer, guitarist, or bassist, or an Electro act that wishes to enhance his tracks with additonal toughness, this product has got it all.

user GonBi     

The Music of Islam 17xCD

[01]. Al-Qahirah, Classical Music Of Cairo, Egypt 
[02]. Music Of The South Sinai Bedouins 
[03]. Music Of The Nubians 
[04]. Music Of The Arabian Peninsula 
[05]. Aissaoua Sufi Ceremony (Doppel-CD) 
[06]. Al-Maghrib, Gnawa Music 
[07]. Al-Andalus, Andalusian Music 
[08]. Folkloric Music Of Tunisia 
[09]. Mawlawiyah Music Of The Whirling Dervishes 
[10]. Qur’an Recitation 
[11]. Music Of Yemen 
[12]. Music Of Iran 
[13]. Music Of Pakistan 
[14]. Mystic Music Trough The Ages 
[15]. Muslim Music Of Indonesia (Doppel-CD)

user ReUploader     

Soundiron Rust Vol 3 KONTAKT DVDR-KRock
Soundiron Rust Vol 3 KONTAKT DVDR-KRock | 2.03GB

Welcome to Rust 3, a true paradigm shift in metallic tuned and kit percussion. This long-awaited third installment in our legendary Rust series explores a brand new way of bending this classic genre of found-sound percussion into ever more musical directions. Our first Rust library focused on tight nuanced hand, mallet and stick percussion in a mostly dry environment, from paint cans to dumpsters. Rust II leaped into big cinematic and unique environmental sounds, with army bunker blast shields, prison door slams, huge bronze sculptures. With this grand 3rd volume, we set out to conquer powerful bass and rich musical tone, recording a massive variety of surfaces, objects, oddities, apparatuses and custom contraptions very up-close in wide stereo to capture even the most subtle of resonances and overtones.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels ELASTiK
Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels ELASTiK | 1.06GB

'Funky Tonewheels' from Ueberschall delivers a sample library full of organ loops. A dirty-played old tube Hammond Organ slightly overdriven is the perfect spice for any production where an authentic organ is needed. This loop library contains solo organ licks, many funky rhythm grooves and various chord and bass grooves.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Essentials Of The Order ELASTiK
Ueberschall Essentials Of The Order ELASTiK | 1.46GB

'Essentials of the Order' from Ueberschall has only one misson - total satisfaction - kicking things off with Doug Laurent's award-winning Essentials samples, released exclusively for Ueberschall. This pack marked the foundation for the new era of Tectonic Electronic productions.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Jazz Colors ELASTiK
Ueberschall Jazz Colors ELASTiK | 2.02GB

'Jazz Colors' from Ueberschall presents a huge color spectrum of Jazz in this one sample library. Including Swing, Bebop, Hardbop, LatinJazz, SmoothJazz, Fusion and BalladJazz. The focus lays on modern Jazz music but is strongly influenced by great musicians such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, George Benson and many more.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Looptool 2 ELASTiK
Ueberschall Looptool 2 ELASTiK | 2.09GB

'Looptool 2' from Ueberschall includes loops and samples from 50 different soundbanks. This well-thought-out and comprehensive compilation is the ultimate collection for musicians and producers. With over 2188 loops from more than 30 different genres, it offers everthing that is needed in the modern multimedia world of today.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Retro Action Score ELASTiK
Ueberschall Retro Action Score ELASTiK | 2.37GB

'Retro Action Score' stands for authentic Action Movie/Retro sounds as heard in numerous classics of the genre. This soundbank links a wide variety of elements from Rock, Jazz and Soul, together with distorted organs and Rhodes, distortion FX and fat drum beats, as well as upright and electric bass to create an inspiring vintage sound.

user GonBi     

Mystery Islands Access Virus Revealed Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT
Mystery Islands Access Virus Revealed Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT | 1.28GB

'Access Virus Revealed Vol 1' brings you 128 sizzling electronic dance music patches for your Virus! This essential bank contains basses, acid sounds, leads, pads and plucks to cover all your production needs.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Horn Section ELASTiK
Ueberschall Horn Section ELASTiK | 638MB

'Horn Section' from Ueberschall makes it possible for the first time to change a single voice within a brass section and adjust it to the individual composer's needs. Unbelievable but true: no other plug-in lets you create such a flexible, authentic-sounding brass section as easily as this.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall 8-Bit Stylez ELASTiK
Ueberschall 8-Bit Stylez ELASTiK | 1.06GB

'8-Bit Stylez' by Ueberschall is for serious gamers, DJs and producers only. The C64 legend is back to consume your desires and take your feelings to the edge with fresh steps and tricks for your next mega mix. Ueberschall captured all the fire and modulations in the heart of SID's sonic arsenal. These sounds explode from the disk and gel onto your tracks.

user GonBi     

Ueberschall Caribbean Flavors ELASTiK
Ueberschall Caribbean Flavors ELASTiK | 1.93GB

'Caribbean Flavours' from the Nouvelle series is a versatile and very colourful production tool with a pristine sound which is focused on 32 live-recorded Construction Kits from the Caribbean.

user GonBi     

Best Service Black Pearl MULTiFORMAT
Best Service Black Pearl MULTiFORMAT | 1.08GB

Inspired by hip hop luminaries like Timbaland and Kanye West, Black Pearl features a staggering 35 floor-ready construction kits (1.9GB) designed for the contemporary hip hop or RnB producer looking for a slick, authentic urban flavour.

user GonBi     

Dirtisounds Twisted Soundscapes REPLACEMENT WAV
Dirtisounds Twisted Soundscapes REPLACEMENT WAV | 2.79GB

Twisted Soundscapes Vol. 01, is a sample collection by Carlos "Dirticow" Vasquez. It contains 3.5 GB of 24bit 44.1 samples, consisting of Textures, Drones, Soundscapes, Rhythmic Pulses, Impacts and Gated Synths. The loops are between 4 and 64 measures long, at 070, 100, 120, 130, and 140 BPM.

user GonBi     

SermonBox - Seasonal Collection

SermonBox - The Series Pack Collection

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