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  • ARTIST: Brand X Music is widely known as the creator of the music for the movie and entertainment advertising. Launched in 2002, the project, under the name X was one of the first bands specifically designed to create a unique music for films, video games, television promos, etc. Known for its unique formulations and high-quality, Brand X captures the emotional, cinematic sound. K Brand X Music clients seek entertainment from major film studios, television networks, video game developers. "We continually strive to be among the best in the creation of good music to meet the highest demands of our creative customers. Our first album" Volume One: Compilation "consisted of just of the 25 tracks, but despite the fact that our start was modest in quantity, it was very high quality. Editors and executives from around the world to "hear" us. Today, Brand X catalog consists of more than 1,000 songs, and became one of the most popular libraries in the film and television industry.




  • John Sponsler was born May 22, 1965 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. With 5 years started to play the piano. In his youth, took part in a rock band THE LIGHT (1980), keyboardist. Originally there were four musicians: guitarist Jeff Paterson, drummer Eric Houmann, keyboardist Chris Elvis and Ken Balani on bass.
    "Mr. X: Whose idea was it to use a sort floydovskie sound effects that are scattered throughout the album, and how about the track in 1971, called - "The Musical Box"? " 
    Balagna Ken: Actually, I do not think we used it. But if you mean wonderful barrel organ melody that runs through all of the intro to "Journey Home" ... it - the creation of our keyboards. I had the idea to compare life to the theme park, the circus, and John (John Sponsler, keyboardist THE LIGHT) had this great melody barrel organ, which laid the foundation for the construction of the whole concept. John has played an important role in creating a great sound on this disc "
    Later John worked as a composer, arranger and producer of independent artists and those skills eventually led him to the movies and television. Now John Sponsler left an imprint in the movie, as a composer. His talent he showed in films: Lay It Down, Rogue, All Hands on Deck (2003), Love Thy Neighbor (2003), 2000: Moment of the Apocalypse (1999) Tom Gire Gire Tom began his career traveling the world as a musical director for a luxury line cruise. Tom visited many places, and penetrated the global culture. Leaving "life adventures" behind, he came to Los Angeles to devote himself to his dream - composing music for film and TV. Tom developed his skills MIDI output pop songs and was presented to John Sponsleru in 1998. Their working relationship and friendship grew into what is now called the Magic Box Music (Brand X Music). Chris Garcia His DJ CHRIS GARCIA project began in Arlease, southern France, after which he mad Sawhney passion for Techno. Chris Garcia in 2000 created the group "S7 DIFFUSION", in which students played Nima and Montpeliera. After that Chris was spotted and hired by a resident of one of the most famous nightclubs in Avignon: THE RED ZONE. Due to his success in THE RED ZONE and to his very specific style of music, he is regularly invited as a guest DJ in Tunisia and Spain for events such as NOKIA FISE etc.. Later, in 2002, in search of new products and promotions, Chris Garcia, along with di- DJ GETDOWN created a new project "FIGHTCLUB". This was a great success with over fifty club events that year! seen again during one of his legendary sets, he was hired TOTO LOCO Béziers, to give a new face to this club pop. Continuing the journey across Europe, he signed a contract subsidy CINDEZ, becoming sponsored demonstrator for the world renowned manufacturer of DJ equipment: GEMINI! Chris remains in school DJs UCPA. Later that year, CHRIS GARCIA got a new residency at PALMA. There he met Fred PELLIKERO. Animated same love for electronic music, they released their first project called "Devil Expression ep". in 2004, CHRIS GARCIA arrived in Las Vegas for a two-week vacation. Chris was enthralled by the glitz and glamor of bustling city. CHRIS GARCIA fleeing from Las Vegas to France, he realized that he could not live without the city, and in October 2004, returned to Las Vegas for good. in Las Vegas, Chris met Brian Lorenzo, who invited him to take part in the collective group of Di- Jay called "". After first year in Las Vegas, Chris offered to play in major cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago, In 2006 Chris's career to the next level, taking two prestigious new residence in Las Vegas: Three hundred and TAO, and one new residence in Mexico at the famous Nikki Beach. Chris Garcia played with both of eminent DJ Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez, STEVE Angell, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Deep Dish, KASKADE, and t . on. Having learned many aspects of the production of music in different genres, including bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, vocal production and a sense of humor, Chris continued his work in the creation of commercial music. Josh Lynch In early 2007, Josh Lynch began working as a engineers and technicians as assistant John Sponsler and Tom Gire. After several years of teaching Josh began creating sounds for the library. He became a new creative force within the studio. In addition to co-writing plays for Brand X catalog, he also plays guitar and drums. Josh manages and supports composers studio.


  • 2003/BXM000/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 1/mp3 192
  • 2003/BXM000/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 2/mp3 192
  • 2003/BXM000/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 3/mp3 192
  • 2003/BXM000/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 4/mp3 192
  • 2004/BXM000/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 5/mp3 320
  • 2005/BXM000/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 6/mp3 320
  • 2006/BXM006/Beginnings, Odds & Ends - Vol. 1/mp3 320
  • 2006/BXM007/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 7/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM001a/Action & Techno Compilation Disc 1/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM001b/Action & Techno Compilation Disc 2/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM002a/Drama Compilation Disc 1/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM002b/Drama Compilation Disc 2/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM003a/Epic Compilation Disc 1/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM003b/Epic Compilation Disc 2/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM004a/Horror & Suspense Compilation Disc 1/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM004b/Horror & Suspense Compilation Disc 2/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM005/Family, Adventure & Comedy Compilation - Vol. 1/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM008/Pop, Rock & Urban Compilation - Vol. 1/mp3 256
  • 2007/BXM009/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 8/mp3 320
  • 2007/BXM010/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 9/mp3 320
  • 2008/BXM011/Brand X Music Catalogue - Editor's Essentials/mp3 320
  • 2008/BXM012/Brand X Music Catalogue - Single Acts Vol. 1/mp3 320
  • 2008/BXM013/Drums - Vol. 1/mp3 320
  • 2009/BXM014/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 10/mp3 320
  • 2009/BXM015/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 11/mp3 320
  • 2009/BXM016/Pop, Rock & Urban Compilation - Vol. 2/mp3 128
  • 2009/BXM017/Family, Adventure & Comedy Compilation - Vol. 2/mp3 320
  • 2010/BXM018/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 12/mp3 320
  • 2010/BXM019/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 13/mp3 320
  • 2011/BXM020/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 14/mp3 320
  • 2011/BXM021/Family, Adventure & Comedy - Vol. 3/mp3 320
  • 2012/BXM022/Pop, Rock & Urban Compilation - Vol. 3/mp3 320
  • 2012/BXM023/Brand X Music Catalogue - Vol. 15/mp3 320
  • Magic Box Music/mp3 192,128
  • Unknown Brand X Music/mp3 320

Brand X Music Discography 2003-2012 (MP3 / 192kbps-320k BPS)


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