FotoJet Photo Editor 1.0.2

FotoJet Photo Editor 1.0.2 Portable | 95 Mb
Need to add a blaze of color on your personal photos? You should try this powerful photo editor immediately, with which you can easily add watermarks, adjust brightness and contrast, resize a photo as wallpaper, or enhance a photo for printing and sharing. 50+ different effects and tons of resources can be applied to touch up your photos and make them look more fascinating.

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Adobe  InDesign 2020 v15.0.2.323 (x64)  Multilingual

Adobe InDesign 2020 v15.1.1.103 (x64) Multilingual Portable | 727 MB

Standout layouts. Only with InDesign. InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media. Create beautiful graphic designs with typography from the world՚s top foundries and imagery from Adobe Stock. Quickly share content and feedback in PDF. Easily manage production with Adobe Experience Manager. InDesign has everything you need to create and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters, interactive PDFs, and more.

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Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.6.0 Multilingual Portable

Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.6.0 Multilingual Portable | 17.4 Mb

Anything wrapped in a pretty package sells quickly, and this does not only apply to palpable items. This is where Insofta 3D Text Commander comes to offer aid in creating 3D animated text which you can use to enhance presentations or various web projects.

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Polarr Photo Editor Pro 5.10.21 (x64) Multilingual Portable

Polarr Photo Editor Pro 5.10.21 (x64) Multilingual Portable | 339 Mb

It doesn't matter if you're new to photography or a pro, Polarr has it all. Novices will appreciate that Polarr offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit all the details of your photo. Pro photographers will look forward to our layer support, curve tools, local adjustments and so much more.

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proDAD Erazr Multilingual Portable | 123 Mb

  Delete unwanted objects from video - quick and easy! Erazr can do magic – all done automatically within the shortest time without any manual effort! Erazr is an ideal tool equally suited for professional and holiday shooters, for YouTubers as well as sophisticated cinematographers.

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MakeMusic Finale (x64) Portable


MakeMusic Finale (x64) Portable | 248 Mb

Capture musical inspiration. Engrave a beautiful score. Share your artistic vision with others. Just as every musician is unique, so are the reasons each uses Finale software to write music. Finale supports you, making it easy to create whatever music notation you can imagine and to work in the manner that best supports your creativity. No matter where your inspiration leads you, from a simple lead sheet to preparing your Hollywood film score, Finale is the trusted route to the very best output available.

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CorelCAD 2020.5 Build (x64) Multilingual Portable

CorelCAD 2020.5 Build (x64) Multilingual Portable | 275 Mb

   Enhance your visual communication expertise with the precision of superior 2D drafting and 3D design tools available in CorelCAD™ 2020. It’s the smart, affordable solution for drawing detailed elements in technical design. With native .DWG file support, and optimization for Windows and macOS, this computer aided design software can increase productivity and performance.

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Windows    Movie Maker 2020 v8.0.6.2    Multilingual

Windows Movie Maker 2020 v8.0.7.5 (x64) Multilingual Portable | 282 Mb

Make your own movie using Windows Movie Maker. Turn your photos and videos into polished movies. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story.

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Business WS 17.16.12 (x64) Portable


Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Business WS 17.16.12 (x64) Portable | 131 MB

Hard Disk Manager™ for Business - Disaster Recovery from the bottom up for business and organizations of all sizes. Hard Disk Manager™ for Business helps organizations build a reliable Disaster Recovery framework, from storage management to system integrity and data protection.

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JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.10 (x64) Portable

JixiPix PuzziPix Pro 1.0.10 (x64) Portable | 109 mb


Look how easy it is to turn any photo into a jigsaw puzzle! If you’re looking to add dimension to your photo creation, PuzziPix Pro will leave a lasting impression. PuzziPix Pro combines photos with perfectly fitting puzzle components for great composition and storytelling. In Advertising, contexts and connotations can be in high demand for designers, so having puzzles, as a visual technique can be invaluable. PuzziPix Pro turns any photograph into an eye-catching jigsaw puzzle with creative control over the final outcome.

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JixiPix Photo Formation 1.0.12

JixiPix Photo Formation 1.0.12 (x64) Portable | 116.5 Mb

Photo Formation is a photo effect that auto-transforms images into super creative paper formations then uses a 3D light engine to cast ultra cool shadows. Use it to fragment, join, weave, slice and fold photos into fascinating eye-catching pieces, with all the subtle creases, curls and bends as if painstakingly assembled by hand.

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JixiPix Hand Tint Pro 1.0.13 (x64) Portable | 116.7 Mb

Hand Tint Pro supplies everything you need - color palettes, paper and smart brushes - for creating beautiful and timeless hand painted photography. Like all art forms, preparing a good base for hand coloring is like stretching a canvas for painting, so every image placed in the app is stripped of color and transformed into a classic Black & White, a dreamy Luminescent or an aged Vintage photo we call a Background Effect. To keep your painting organized and in control, we give you Layers and a handy Selective Color tool to define areas for accurate brushing. Both pro features are designed to keep color where you want them.

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JixiPix Spektrel Art 1.1.5 (x64) Portable

JixiPix Spektrel Art 1.1.5 (x64) Portable | 34.8 Mb

Spektrel Art is an extravagant otherworldly display of undulating movement that glimmers and gleams with intersecting lines of tapered light. Applied to photos, this medium of imaginative and magical art form transcends the ordinary to extraordinary creating something wild, sparkling with life and colorful spaces.

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JixiPix Pastello 1.1.12

JixiPix Pastello 1.1.12 (x64) Portable | 218.9 Mb

Introducing Pastello, a brand-new companion app to JixiPix’s Impresso Pro. Pastello takes you back in time to the 15th century. Away from brushes and large strokes and into the realm of dry media with color that is both brilliant and subtle. The “Dry color method” made famous by Leonardo da Vinci is so powerful in its simplicity and beauty with its black and red chalk and yellow pastel highlights.

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JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro 1.8.12

JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro 1.8.12 (x64) Portable | 111.8 Mb

For professionals who like creative control we give them Layers for blending multiple paint styles and brushes to paint on and off the impressionism strokes. We have also included an ultra-impressionism effect called 'Tache' to cover the painting with broken brush strokes or dabs of color that literally stand out, apply them sparsely or cover the entire painting, the choice is yours.


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Jixipix  Watercolor Studio 1.4.7  (x64)

 Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1.4.7 (x64) Portable | 470 Mb

Watercolor Studio creates fluid, liquidy, translucent watercolors with paint that flows naturally. Built on-top of an incredible rendering system that uses real-world techniques, this application does the initial work, producing a watercolor instantly, then allows you to customize your paintings using an array of Sliders, Layers, Brushes, Color Washes and Artistic finishes. The end result—print quality watercolors filled with transparent luminosity and sheer beauty.

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JixiPix Rip Studio 1.1.10 (x64) Portable | 152.3 Mb

2 years in development, 3 years prototyping, and thousands of hours in the art department, Rip Studio redefines everything you know about a collaging app. It offers super realistic ripped and cut borders, tape, creased and folded images, and curled edges with full 3D shadowing. All with an incredible interface that seamlessly handles layers while maintaining an easy-to-use workflow.

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Multilingual Portable | 12 Mb

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the perfect tool for uninstalling programs, speeding up your PC, protecting your privacy and removing all the obnoxious toolbars and browser hijackers that other cleaning tools don’t detect and remove.

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DoYourData Super Eraser 6.3 Portable | 33.6 Mb

DoYourData Super Eraser - powerful data erasure software to permanently erase files/folders, wipe hard drive data, wipe unused disk space or erase data on storage media. DoYourData Super Eraser, easy-to-use yet powerful data erase software, is designed for permanent data erasure. It provides easy and secure solution to permanently wipe hard drive data, erase selected files/folders and wipe unused hard disk space. It also can permanently wipe data on storage media like USB drive, memory card, digital camera, SD card, external hard drive etc.

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TweakBit Driver Updater Multilingual Portable | 23.8 Mb

Driver Updater will scan your computer for outdated or missing drivers and provide you with an easy way to download and install the latest driver versions, which effectively resolves driver-related system errors and device malfunctions. With access to a comprehensive database of over 200,000 drivers, you can be sure you will always have the latest updates and enjoy uninterrupted device operation.

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Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter Multilingual Portable | 39 Mb

This powerful Video Downloader supports downloading movies, music videos, playlist, sport videos, lectures and more from free video sharing website like Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and more than 100 video sharing sites.

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JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.13 (x64) Portable

JixiPix Premium Pack 1.1.13 (x64) Portable | 739 MB

For maximum savings and convenience, the Premium Pack bundles 18 incredible creative apps into one powerful package: Aquarella, Artista Haiku, Artista Oil, Artista Sketch, Artoon, Chalkspiration, Dramatic Black&White, Grungetastic, Kyoobik Photo, Moku Hanga, NIR Color, Pop Dot Comics, Portrait Painter, Rainy Daze, Romantic Photo, Simply HDR, Snow Daze and Vintage Scene. The Premium Pack comes wrapped together for convenience - one application, one installer, one interface, and a plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro.

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TeraByte Drive Image Backup & Restore Suite 3.40 (x64) Portable

TeraByte Drive Image Backup & Restore Suite v3.40 (x64) Portable | 150 MB

Image for Windows provides an easy and convenient way to completely backup all your hard drive's data, programs and operating systems. Your backups can be saved directly to external USB and FireWire™ drives, to internal or network drives, and even directly to CD, DVD, or BD. The suite includes an easy-to-use MakeDisk wizard for creating a recovery boot disk. To restore your data, programs and operating systems back to the way they were when the backup was created, simply boot the recovery disk and restore the partition(s) or drive(s) you need to recover. It's that easy.

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Topaz Video Enhance AI 1.1.0


Topaz Video Enhance AI 1.2.3 (x64) Portable | 1.37 GB

Beautiful video enlargements using machine learning. Trained on thousands of videos and combining information from multiple input video frames, Topaz Video Enhance AI enlarges your video up to 8K resolution with true details and motion consistency.

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