Strata Design 3D CX v7.0.4 x86/x64
Strata Design 3D CX v7.0.4 x86/x64 | 1.24GB

Strata Design 3D CX is our professional-level 3D modeling and animation software that delivers end-to-end power for the entire 3D design workflow. Quickly bring your creative ideas to life with a simplified learning curve, plugins to the Adobe Create Suite and award-winning rendering quality rivaling any software at any price.

Top New Features
- Native UV Mapping for Perfect Textures
Design 3D CX7 introduces a powerful new UV Mapping environment that makes exact placement of textures easier and faster than ever. UV texture mapping is a technique used to accurately wrap a 2D image texture onto a 3D model, where the image texture can then be stretched, squeezed, and rotated to fit correctly. UV coordinates maintain the relationship between the texture and 3D model, even when the model is further manipulated.
- A New Standard in Rendering Perfection
Design 3D CX7 establishes rendering superiority with an array of updates that advance overall output quality and speed. Added support for blurry transparency and reflectivity produces stunningly lifelike realism. Instance Rendering Properties offer control over how an individual object's shadows, caustics, reflections and transparencies are rendered, or whether an object is even displayed at all. Version 7 handles higher oversampling settings, and lower block and threshold settings without loss of speed.
- Modeling Evolved with Polygon Editing Enhancements
Ample improvements to the polygon modeling toolset and workflow include new Flatten, Weld, Unweld, Flip and Save Subset features. When combined with more intuitive mouse interactions and visual feedback, hard edge handling, selection options and new customizable keyboard shortcuts for common modeling tasks, Design 3D CX7 takes one giant step towards modeling bliss.
- Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts Let You Define Your Workflow
All graphic designers rely on at least a few keyboard shortcuts in their favourite design programs. Others can tell you every shortcut that's available. We all have our own preferences and opinions on what key combinations make sense for certain tasks, so who are we to decide what's right or wrong? Design 3D CX7 allows you to take control and create your own Keyboard Shortcut Sets to match your favourite design programs or you own personal preferences.
- Boolean Modeling Refined
Boolean Modeling allows you to add, subtract, intersect, and cut 2 different objects to create a new 3D object. It is not new to Design 3D, but version 7 unveils an entirely new Boolean engine that utilizes the same workflow, but produces cleaner, more accurate and reliable results.
- New Texturing Options with Normal Maps
In addition to grayscale Bump Maps, Design 3D CX7 ushers in the ability to use Normal Maps for creating realistic surfaces details through the use of an RGB image. Normal Maps can also be used to "fake" lighting details of an object instead of modelling all of the details. It's just one more way that texturing in Design 3D CX7 makes your life easier.
- Time Saving Project Templates
New 3D scene templates offer designers an easy way to jump start their 3D projects, without beginning in the vacuum of a New Empty Project. Scene templates include advanced lighting with soft shadows, environments, backgrounds and more, which can all be edited to suit your needs. Working with templates is also a great way to learn how to formulate your own 3D scenes.
- Unique Surface Realism Through Anisotropy
Anisotropy is an advanced surface property that yields subtle, yet realistic effects to surfaces and reflections. An example of Anisotropy is a surface that blurs in a vertical direction, but not in a horizontal direction, such as brushed metals. Anisotropy settings are a new addition to the Image Texture controls.
- Grid Templates Make Modeling Easier
To aid in certain modeling processes, images can now be applied to X,Y, and Z Grids for use as a template. The opacity of the grids can be adjusted to behave similar to tracing paper, which allows you to quickly model to proper proportions and accurately locate the components that make up your 3D model.
- Match Motion Brings the Real World and CG World Closer Together
Visual effects artists often use a combination of live action and 3D action, which visually match up to create a realistic scene. Match Motion imports camera data from Pixel Farm's PFHoe to create a 3D scene, which matches the motion of a live camera scene.
- Sun and Sky Backgrounds add More Reality to Your Environments
A new background type is available in Design 3D CX7 that will give your projects a real world feel. Sun and Sky backgrounds change colors to mimic a real sky and horizon as you move your light source. Features like haze and turbidity provide additional realism. If you want your scenes to change from sunup to sundown this is your feature.
- That's Not All
Design 3D CX7 offers too many new features to list here, but you will also benefit from numerous productivity enhancements, support for new file formats, long file names, view persistency, and a new Collect and Save function that gathers your model file and linked files all in one location. Buy Design 3D CX7 today and see for yourself why this is our most important release to date.

What's Been Fixed! (7.0.4 release)
Collada Improvements
- Model hierarchy is exported
- Cameras are exported
- UV texture export improved
- Multi-texture export improved
- Models now load in Preview app on Lion
- Fix for selected bezier points being deleted when pressing the +/- (grid toggle) hot keys in the Bezier Surface Edit mode.
- Fix for View manipulation tool overlays not updating when switching between multiple windows.
- Fix for Group windows not saving their view configuration.


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