Sound Grinder Pro 3.2.2


Sound Grinder Pro 3.2.2 macOS | 22 Mb

Backed by the power of Sound Grinder, Sound Grinder Pro is the Studio Monkey's secret weapon. Not only does Sound Grinder Pro make quick work of batch processing, but also does nifty tricks like editing waveforms, extracting audio regions and Portion Control™ without leaving the application.

Oh, and this Pro also batch processes with the AU and VST plugins...clever little monkey.

Version 3 now includes:
• Support for 64-bit
• List view audio overview
• New Watermark plug-in
• Compatibility with MacOS 10.10 or greater
• Additional performance and stability enhancements

Asset Processing
Tackle your conversion operations with ease and excellent stability. Need to convert an entire hard drive into a new format keeping the entire folder hierarchy? That is no problem for Sound Grinder Pro! Even simple repetitive tasks are simplified with the use of Droplets. Create a preset, save it as a Droplet, and now, with a simple drag-n-drop, you can repeat the same process over and over again. Imagine being able to convert and upload to a server with a single step.

Dithering Support
Keep your audio assets sounding great after bit-conversion using the musical and low-noise POW-r dithering algorithm. Now available in Sound Grinder Pro and Library Monkey Pro, choose from three types of algorithms to meet your conversion needs.

Selective Processing
Export user-defined portions of a file in a single batch process. Take sections of audio from the beginning, end or anywhere in-between, and apply fades based on type and duration. You can even perform an auto region and export the new regions in a single pass complete with custom naming. If you have ever needed to create demos of your work or export countless regions and loops, Portion Control is the feature you have been dreaming of.

Plug-in Processing
Batch-process your audio files through your favorite AU, VST and Monkey Tools plug-ins including the new Watermark plugin. Create a custom pipeline, preview your results before processing and create presets or Droplets to process your files with simple drag-n-drop.

Metadata Processing
Todays content producer needs the ability to edit metadata data quickly and in large batches. To meet that need, we have included several powerful metadata tools including: Setting specific tags to be applied to all assets on export, mapping of metadata from one tag to another, importing and viewing of MPEG 4 and ID3 artwork, and batch import using a CSV file.

Waveform Editing
With its efficient design, you will quickly find your way around the editor, saving time in your editing tasks. Work with fades, loops and markers with an intuitive interface. Edit multi-channel audio and customize the editing environment to your liking. Use the unique waveform overview to quickly navigate the audio and locate edits. Create and name regions for easy separation and exporting. Perform actions such as Normalize, Auto-Region, Auto-Trim, Apply Plugins, Change Sample Rate and much more.

Spot to DAW
Quickly search and spot your assets to Pro Tools™ or Logic Audio™ using the integrated spotting features. Import and select your assets and send them to your DAW software with a simple click. We take it one step further by providing conversion options during the spot to ensure that the assets match your session settings.


• 64-bit processing
• Sophisticated processing engine for speed and stability
• One window design
• Customizable list view
• Resizable control section
• Rapid Convert providing in-Finder file conversion
• Unattended processing mode
• Customer Feedback System
• Multiple error logging levels
• Unicode support

• Processing
• Comprehensive conversion engine
• Droplets for drag-n-drop processing
• Portion Control for unparalleled export options
• Spotting to Pro Tools™ and Logic Audio™
• AU and VST plug-in support
• Monkey Tools plug-in support
• Multi-channel file support
• RMS and Peak normalizing
• Advanced naming options
• User presets
• "Retain Folder Structure" option
• Naming options for Pro Tools™ compatibility with split audio files
• Pull-up/pull-down sample rates
• Custom sample rates
• 31 character name limit support

Waveform Editing
• Mutli-channel editing
• Movie Preview while editing
• Waveform overview with advanced selection options
• Sample-level editing
• Resizable channel waveform view
• Support for fades/loops/markers/regions
• Auto-trimming
• Auto-regioning with naming
• Region exporting
• Comprehensive edit actions

• Metadata batch-processing
• Import metadata via CSV file
• Copy metadata from selection
• Support for Finder/Spotlight comments
• Support for ID3 tags, Vorbis Comments, FLAC Comments, and MPEG user data
• Support for importing and viewing MPEG 4 and ID3 Artwork
• All metadata viewable in the list view

• Preview process settings
• Full playback control including scrubbing
• Playback slider with scrubbing
• Volume control slider with mute
• Loop playback


Supported Operation System:
• OS X 10.10 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


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Sound Grinder Pro 3.2.2

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